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Ashutosh presentation of


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information flow in big bazar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Ashutosh presentation of

  1. 1. Step 3 • Project on Step 2 data • Instructure- management Mr.Vinit • 27.12.2011Step 1 Kumar • Contact info-• At BIG 9889489556 BAZAR• KANPUR
  2. 2. Information inflow• Using software tool-SAP(system app. Procedure).• Big bazar has three floor market infrastructure.• First floor is of all food market and grocery market• All FMCG products also arrange at here.
  3. 3. • Second floor is of all about fashion clothes.• Having all branded clothes likes RAYMOND’S, LEWIS’,SIGNATURE,DENIM,LEE,KUTON’S,ARM ANIS’, etc.• Divide into two segments-1. All men’s wear2. All women’s wear
  4. 4. • Third floor is divide into three segments• First segment is of jewelry market• Second is of fashion market like pendent, make up kits etc.• Third segment is all about mobile and electronic market with recent technologies products on efficient market prices.
  5. 5. • Every floor having four cash counters• Where every buying item is checked by a bar code machine• This machine send the information of the product to the computer.• Now computer work on their application and generate the bill of the buying product with discounts if having.
  6. 6. • Every floors cash counter is running on a special software.• All selling data is stored in POS software• This data is further converted in to the SAP data• This SAP software is controls by a central computerized inventory management system
  7. 7. First floor cash counter- Second floor cash counter- Third floor cash counter-11 1Cc-2 Cc-2 Cc-2Cc-3 Cc-3 Cc-3Cc-4 Cc-4 Cc-4 Central computerized information system
  8. 8. • Every selling product’s barcode generate a sell report(billing slip)• So all c.c.of every floor all time generate a selling report• This information of selling report is checked by central system• C.S. check the stock quantity and generate purchasing order on every selling report( generate demand).
  9. 9. • For forecasting of demand on special occasion like 26th Jan. ,deewali,holi,etc. the central system check last year’s selling information and all purchasing order of one week.• Management assume that current year the selling will grow by 25%• This assumption is depend on growing rate of population of the city and country
  10. 10. • If forecasting goes wrong C.S. generate a stop articles on P.O.(supply order)• Every P.O. is dew to 15 days payment• If product was not sold with in one week then management return the certain quantity of items• Then payment will be done to the vendors
  11. 11. • In this way the information of demand and supply flow in BIG BAZAAR INFORMATI INFORMATIO O N FLOW N FLOW IN IN SAP POS at cc In c.s. INFORMATION FLOW
  12. 12. • PROJECT WAS DONE BY-GROUP NO.3• SUBMITTED TO-MRS.DEBJANI BATTACHARYA(course coordinator)• Date:-31/01/2012 thank you Anurag Jha(2011022) Aryadeep (2011025) Ashutosh Singh(2011028)