Reality tv show concept


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Reality TV show concept- Truth Behind the Boxes.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reality tv show concept

  1. 1. Presentation on RealityGame Show that will testLuck and knowledge. Truth behind the BoxesMADE BY:- ASHUTOSH SHARMA
  2. 2. Concept of the GAME It’s a unique reality TV game that can help you earn Rs.1 crore on the basis of your knowledge and Fate. People play this game in a team of two members. Game includes seven questions . To answer the questions you have to choose from the given 7 categories namely:
  3. 3. Categories1. Sports2. Books & Authors3. Indian History4. G.K5. Politics6. Indian Constitution7. Miscellaneous
  4. 4. Pattern to play Rs. 1crore is given in advance at the starting of the game to the participants. And 4 boxes will appear on the stage with options first appearing on them. Then question will appear on the big screen . Every team has only 60 seconds to allocate rs. 1 crore (cash with them) to put in the most appropriate option which they think is the answer.
  5. 5.  Uniqueness of the game is that if the players think that chosen option is not correct then they can even allocate the money in two or even all options. Out of the two players playing as a team one player will answer the questions and other will put the money in the boxes . Say players don’t know the exact answer and they allocated 25 lakh in front of each box and option A is the correct one then all the other 3 boxes will absorb your money and players now will be left with 25 lakh.
  6. 6. RULES
  7. 7.  Team gets 20 seconds to choose from the seven categories. One team can choose each category only once. Team gets only 60 seconds to answer everyQuestion & to allocate money.And only once in the gameteam can get 30 sec extensionto answer the question.
  8. 8.  Team has to allocate whole of their money every time they play. LAST RULE IS THAT TEAM CANNOT QUIT AT ANY TIME OF THE GAME.
  9. 9. Selection of Participants. Participants are selected randomly by the computer on the basis of the Questions asked by the show host at the end of every show as this concept is new therefore a series of questions will be asked by every day up to 15 days shown in TV commercials.The chances of selection gets higher with the number of individual sms one does.
  10. 10. Can a Box help you win ……..????