Secrets of Effective Online Display Advertising


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How to leverage User Experience and Visual Design principles to create richer, high impact, memorable Advertising experiences for better yielding ROI for Advertisers.

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  • Stretch. Use HTML5 or similar technology to dynamically adjust the size of a creative asset to fit the space available. Swap. Assemble the ad dynamically selecting creative assets from a package of components to suit the ad opportunity.
  • Secrets of Effective Online Display Advertising

    1. 1. Secrets of Effective Display Advertising Ashutosh K. & Arunima S. | Y! DESIGN
    2. 2. We will talk about...Current Trends in Display AdvertisingChanging Device Usage PatternImpact of Emerging TechnologiesCross-Device Advertising RequirementsWhat Advertisers NeedBest practices for Effective Display Advertising•Applying UX Principles•Engaging Users•Integrating with Social Media•Leveraging Device Capabilities•Beyond Display Advertising
    3. 3. $8.72 billion US Ad spend in Q2 201220 billion       Daily Ad Impressions by Yahoo!
    4. 4. Online Advertising vs TraditionalAdvertising Better results through wider AND instant coverage Measurable and easiness to track the conversion Easier reach to Multiple Geographies HIGHLY Targeted audiences for profitable and relevant leads Better ROI - Pay for only qualified leads, clicks or impressions. 81% users don’t mind clicking relevant ADs when they get free content. -Research
    5. 5. Trends in Display Ad Spend (USA) For the first time ONLINE spend is taking over the PRINT spend It is projected to increase steadily Static display ads will be passé Rich media AND Video ads will grow consistently
    6. 6. Changing Device Usage Pattern Smart phone and tablet users are increasing ~50+% of internet users App downloaders and users are growing steadily ~80+% of internet users
    7. 7. Changing Device Usage Pattern Smart Phones and tablet are being used increasingly as companion devices.
    8. 8. Across Devices - the responsiveneeds Responsive creatives need a different perspective of ad designer Need to think more in terms of resizable modular components
    9. 9. The Responsive Ad Creative A responsive Ad optimizes the Size and look and feel to fit the targeted screen size. Displays responsive Behavior suited for device capability - touch, swipe , shake, tilt.
    10. 10. Emerging Technologies and Display Advertising HTML5 - Cross device support and....Canvas for handling Media instead of 3rd party plug-insGeolocation for location based targeting Acceptance for accelerometer/ webcam/ audio inputs CSS3 Transitions, Transforms and Animations
    11. 11. What Advertisers Want?First, understand the goal of a specific Advertising....-To build product awareness-- To build brand’s image-To sell products directly-- To generate sales leads
    12. 12. How to Make Effective Display Ads Provide rich visual and interactive experience Create Dynamic Ads instead of static creative Engage with | countdown timer | targeted offers | day-parting Leverage social media features Innovate with Device capabilities
    13. 13. Provide rich visuals and interactivity Make a Clutter free composition Provide Clear call to action Let users feel good aesthetically Use suggestive symbolism Communicating the superlative aspects
    14. 14. Static vs Dynamic Ad Creatives Static Creative All targeted users will see same Ad Users will see Ads matching with their search Intent Occasion based Messages Products based on SEARCH Re-Targeting Localized Address
    15. 15. Engage with Customers Act now on Lead Timed & Free Offer! Generation Participatory Know more ! Advertising
    16. 16. Leverage social media featuresSocial Validation“ Microsoft says the ads delivered a 6.3 percent lift in purchase intent and 13.5percent lift in unaided brand awareness. “Connect
    17. 17. Leverage social media features Pin it !Friend endorsement Tweet it !
    18. 18. Design with ( and for ) Device Capabilities Multi-touch and gestural inputs Precise user location detection Device positioning & motion Audio: input from a microphone Video & image: capture/input via camera Device connections: between devices Proximity: closeness to physical objects Ambient Light: light/dark awareness Gyroscope: 360 degrees of motion Dual cameras: front & back facing
    19. 19. Design with Device Capabilities
    20. 20. Beyond Display Ads Social catalog Social engagementBrowse through latest collectionon your iphone - share / tweet /buy ! As the number of likes increase - the new coffee is revealed
    21. 21. Beyond Display Ads – Converse shoe tryoutapp
    22. 22. Next Gen Advertising Formats – find at IAB
    23. 23. Design is not only how it looks - but how itworks ! LETS