Stranger than Fiction Part 2


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Stranger than Fiction Part 2

  1. 1. December 13th, 2010 Stranger than Fiction Part 2 Ashten Blain Stranger than Fiction Part 2 Ashten BlainRomance:Protagonist – Raymond Novahugh • Male, young, worldly focus, stereotypical college boy • A “player” with no intention of falling in love, until he meets an unremarkable college student named Joy and cannot stop thinking about her • Raymond: meaning protector; when he falls in love with Joy, he decides to protect and provide for Joy • Novahugh: nova meaning new, and hugh meaning heart, mind, and spirit; the name Nova symbolizes the change of heart Raymond goes through, and Hugh shows the unity Raymond finds after falling in love with Joy • PictureAntagonist – Tristan Williams • Male, young, secretly in love with Joy, determined to have Joy no matter what • Has always loved Joy, and cannot stand that she is falling for Raymond, so he sets out to make sure Joy cannot be with him anymore • Tristan: meaning sadness; because he is lonely and wants Joy to be with him • Williams: meaning will or desire; if he had his way he would be with Joy rather than Raymond; could also be related in that he is willing to do what it takes to have her • PictureWestern:
  2. 2. December 13th, 2010 Stranger than Fiction Part 2 Ashten BlainProtagonist – Emmerich Consus • Male, late forties, farmer, cowboy • Working hard daily to keep his land, fighting the bank and struggling with a bad year of crops • Emmerich: means work or labor; as a farmer, Emmerich is in a constant struggle to produce and assist life in developing, whether it be crops or livestock • Consus : means to plant or sow • Picture:Antagonist – Roderick Desislav • Male, in his sixties, bank owner • Consumed with the desire to shut down Emmerich’s farm at any cost to himself • Roderick: famous power; Roderick is well known throughout the area, and has power over much of the land and business in the town. • Desislav: seek glory; Roderick is constantly trying to find ways to bring down Emmerich, and in doing so, would glorify himself in his own mind • PictureDetective/Mystery:Protagonist – Sheridan Bahman
  3. 3. December 13th, 2010 Stranger than Fiction Part 2 Ashten Blain • Female, thirties, detective, clever, and street smart • Continually seeks justice and sees the good in people no matter what; picks cases that involve the underdog and extreme innocents • Sheridan: searcher; Sheridan does everything within her power to solve her case, and seeks resolution to issues that plague her • Bahman: good mind; Sheridan is clever and sharp, and always thinking • PictureAntagonist – Najwa Senka • Male, crime ring leader, cunning and evil • Runs an international black market jewelry operation; Sheridan is his arch enemy • Najwa: secret, whisper; every dealing Najwa participates in is shady and under the table, so secretive is a good description • Senka: shadow; another poke at the point that Najwa hides his business under the cover of dark • PictureCrime:Protagonist – Justice Vytautas
  4. 4. December 13th, 2010 Stranger than Fiction Part 2 Ashten Blain • Female, twenty five, rookie police officer, passionate and sometimes hasty • Witnessed the murder of her father as a young girl, and is now thirsty for vengeance on all criminals • Justice: judge, officer of justice; as if predestined for her, Justice’s name means exactly what it sounds like – fair treatment for all people • Vytautas: chase, drive away; as part of her job, and her passion, Justice chases the “bad guys” out of town or into prison • PictureAntagonist – Dougal Phobos • Male, fifty, professional criminal, dangerous and invincible • Murdered Justice’s father along with many other cops, and is now being hunted by Justive herself • Dougal: dark stranger; Although he wont do any of his own dirty work, Dougal ensures that his jobs are done sneakily and without any indication of his involvement • Phobos: fear, panic; Without any fear for anything himself, Dougal strikes fear into the heart of his enemies when they hear of his reputation • PictureComedy:Protagonist – Isaac Mallory • Forgetful, fun loving, great dad, loves his family
  5. 5. December 13th, 2010 Stranger than Fiction Part 2 Ashten Blain • Forgets his baby at the mall, so tries to return to retrieve him, but his car breaks down, he gets lost walking on the subway, he can’t catch the right bus, etc. • Isaac: he laughs; No matter the situation, Isaac can laugh it off and get through it because he can make fun of himself and doesn’t get worked up. • Mallory: unlucky; Exactly as the name means, Isaac is one of those accident prone people who are always unlucky. • PictureAntagonist – Adva Stamatios • ‘Blonde’, ambitious, easily enamored, sweet • Has a crush on Isaac, even though he is married, and follows him everywhere (almost in a stalker-ish manner) and prevents him from getting back to his son fast enough • Adva: small wave, ripple; She doesn’t think she is causing much trouble for Isaac, but like a ripple she does make a bump in his schedule; could also be that she doesn’t have much effect on Isaac except for skewing his plans like a wave skews your image in a lake • Stamatios: stop; Adva definitely slows the process of getting Isaac’s son back, whether she stops it or not • Picture:Fantasy:Protagonist – Bellatrix Alannah • Female, warrior, sixteen, brave, headstrong
  6. 6. December 13th, 2010 Stranger than Fiction Part 2 Ashten Blain • Lives in a society where the women are superior and are the warriors and the providers, she must prove she is mature enough to join the rest of the women as warriors by slaying one of the many dragons that live in the area • Bellatrix: female warrior; Pretty much self explanatory, Bellatrix is a female warrior, a common occupation of the women of her society • Dagny: new day; This name symbolizes the changes that Bellatrix goes through, and her transition from child to woman • PictureAntagonist – Akakios (evil) Ryuu (Dragon) • Dragon, age unknown, devious, angry, spiteful to all humans • Has lived in peace for many years, but becomes the target of Bellatrix after he threatens the safety of her home • Akakios: evil; Changes into a bad dragon after he feels he is being pushed from his home and attacks the village that Bellatrix lives in • Ryuu: dragon; The last name of all dragons of the realm because it means dragon in Japanese • PictureTragedy :Protagonist – Atlas Zedekiah • Male, generally unemotional, family man, spiritual, completely loves his wife and kids
  7. 7. December 13th, 2010 Stranger than Fiction Part 2 Ashten Blain • Loses his entire family in an emotional house fire after the story follows them throughout a year of trials • Atlas: endure; Through all the terrible events in his life Atlas pushes on and doesn’t let things keep him down forever • Zedekiah: justice of YAHWEH; Atlas trusts God to bring justice to whoever caused him such pain and loss • PictureAntagonist – Cináed Aiolos • Lonely, angry, jealous of Atlas, wanting a family of his own • Burned down Atlas’ house out of jealousy towards him and his happiness • Cináed: born of fire; His actions toward Atlas are born of his hatred for people who have family and love • Aiolos: quick moving, nimble; Cináed is quick to jump to conclusions and to jump into action whether it is necessary or not, and this leads to trouble for others • PictureHistorical Fiction:Protagonist – Lady Phoebe Frideswide • Sweet, innocent wife of Lord Frideswide, typical lady of the court
  8. 8. December 13th, 2010 Stranger than Fiction Part 2 Ashten Blain • Faithfully serves her husband until she finds out he is being unfaithful, and then turns against him and plots his demise • Phoebe: pure; sweet, innocent, faithful, honest, loving, caring and quiet make Pheobe the perfect wife • Frideswide: strong, peace; Phoebe does not let her husband walk all over her when she finds out he’s hiding things from her, and her strength pushes through the outer shell of societal expectations • PictureAntagonist – Jezebel Terrel • Female, temptress, beautiful, disrespectful towards authority and relationships • The other woman in this situation, she is having an affair with Lord Frideswide, and has no notion that she might be hurting Phoebe • Jezebel: not exalted, Biblical promiscuous woman with no morals; A well known term, Jezebel is the best way to describe this woman who completely disregards the sanctity of marriage and becomes the worst nightmare of Lady Phoebe • Terrel: pull; Jezebel has a pulling effect on Lord Frideswide, although Lord Frideswide had as much to do with the whole problem, if not more. • PictureSuperhero:Protagonist – Captain Pontius Heron • Brave, exciting, male, pirate, Robin-Hood-type character
  9. 9. December 13th, 2010 Stranger than Fiction Part 2 Ashten Blain • Plunders other ships and pirate treasures and gives most of the money to those in need • Pontius: of the sea; the Captain would rather be on the open sea than anywhere else in the world, and that is where he can do his best work • Heron: hero; Pontius is a hero to those he gives his time, money and effort to and he lives up to his name • PictureAntagonist – Judas Fallon • Male, young, impressionable, officer of the local police, misled to hate Pontius • Life goal is to bring down Pontius and bring him to justice, even though Pontius’ motives are pure • Judas: famous Biblical betrayer of Jesus; Judas betrays the cause he works for by trying to shut down Pontius and stop the illegal acts he does which actually help the greater good • Fallon: leader; This is meant to represent Judas’ authoritative position and his place as an example to his community • PictureAdventure:Protagonist – Asha Felix • Female, climbing Everest, over ambitious, loves the outdoors
  10. 10. December 13th, 2010 Stranger than Fiction Part 2 Ashten Blain • Her goal is to conquer Everest after her father perished while on the mountain • Asha: wish, desire, hope; All Asha has ever wanted to do is make it to the summit of Mount Everest, and now that she has done the best she can to prepare for such a trip, she can only hope that she will make it to the top before her competition does. • Felix: lucky, successful; Asha has the right attitude and disposition to be successful in anything she does, and this angers Zhong more and more • PictureAntagonist – Zhong Masaru • Jealous, female, hates Asha, need to win • Is only interested in climbing Everest to beat Asha, her enemy since childhood, because she always feels that Asha has something over her • Zhong: middle; Zhong is driven by the amount of attention she can receive for her deeds, and she enjoys being in the middle of any situation • Masaru: victory; Zhong craves victory and is desperate to do anything she can to overshadow Asha. • Picture