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  1. 1. iPod Nano Computers Picnik Playstation 3 Video Camera Digital Camera Facebook TV Nintendo DS
  2. 2. Click an image to go to a slide describing the site and to get a hyperlink to it. When you’re done, you can click here to move on…
  3. 3. Picnik is a website where you can edit digital photos. You can add things like text and clipart, and you can touch up the color, the clarity, or even a pimply face or yellow teeth. I find this tool useful because not only can I use it to improve personal photos, but I can alter photos that I can use for projects at school to give them a desired effect or message. Click the logo to go to the site Click to go back
  4. 4. Ning is a social network site that can also be used to share information like school assignments. I can receive assignments and projects from teachers, and I can communicate with group members about ideas. Handing in assignments is super easy, and I can work from home because I can get assignments on and off the Ning. Click the logo to go to the site Click to go back
  5. 5. Facebook is a website mostly for social networking, but you can use it to communicate with peers and classmates on ideas for school or getting together for projects. You can also share projects like videos or written projects by copying and pasting them or uploading the file. I mostly use Facebook to stay in touch with my friends. Click the logo to go to the site Click to go back
  6. 6. YouTube can be used to look for videos that are useful to you in class or just for fun. More often than not, I use it just for fun, but in the past I have used it for information for Humanities and Science 10. Click the logo to go to the site Click to go back
  7. 7. Google is my favorite search engine. I use it all the time at school for every subject, because it will find just about anything for you. I also use it for fun, when I’m looking for a new game site or I’m trying to buy something I can’t find anywhere else online. Click the logo to go to the site Click to go back
  8. 8. Digital citizenship means having access to technology, using it and interacting and participating in a responsible manner. Being able to use the technology we have access to, whether it be computers, laptops, cell phones or whatever else there is out there, is also a part of digital citizenship. In practicing good digital citizenship, I never give out personal information such as a telephone number or address, and I do not put things online that I would not want others to read. I try to read articles and take information with a grain of salt. In the future I think I will be more careful about who I sign up for emails from, and I will also make sure a website is safe before I join their membership.
  9. 9. In a perfect class where technology was used a lot, I see it being efficient. Note taking would take a fraction of the time, regular assignments would be simpler to complete with word processers and fast access to research, and it would be easy to keep in contact with your teacher or your classmates. The teacher might have an easier time keeping assignments together and arranged. But I also know that there would be issues. Students would have access to internet constantly, which could make it easier to plagiarize rather than do the work yourself. The technology could be a distraction, especially if students had access to whatever sites they want or if the technology were to be a cell phone. People would become more reliant on their technology and it could make it seem more difficult to create projects from other materials. The teacher would need to be constantly monitoring the students to ensure that they were doing their work and that they were not on any inappropriate websites. Having technology in a classroom could be both a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.
  10. 10. In an environment where the use of technology is encouraged, many problems could arise. These are only a few: Problem Solution There is the opportunity for cyber-bullying to Limit student’s access to particular websites begin or increase. and educate students about ways to avoid being harrassed. Students are distracted from lesson plans Make rules so that students may only work because they are able to use technology while with their chosen technology at certain times teachers are speaking. during the class. Teachers may need to monitor students more Set up firewalls and authorization systems so closely to ensure they are on task and not on that student’s access is limited to school inappropriate web pages. appropriate websites.