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Quiz Finals (on Ramayana and Mahabharata) @ Kalakriti 2014


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Quiz Finals (on Ramayana and Mahabharata) @ Kalakriti 2014

  1. 1. GENERAL RULES • Direct questions carry 20 points • Passed question carry 10 points • POUNCE – Gives you a chance to score even if the question is not direct. Register your answer for pounce before the question is made open to all. You get +20 if your answer is right and -10 if your answer is wrong
  2. 2. RULES • Participants will be given 3 clues one after another. • First clue is displayed for you. Subsequent clues will be displayed on request. • 20, 15 and 10 points for answering on the first, second and third clues respectively. •Pounce is open only for the first clue.
  7. 7. IDENTIFY X • Robert Oppenheimer quoted “now I have become death, the destroyer of worlds” after witnessing the first nuclear explosion. Later , he said that he took the inspiration for the above statement from x. • X inspired the Indian freedom movement to a large extent • X refers to particular group of 700 verses in the Bhisma parva
  9. 9. IDENTIFY X • They are a group of 5 men who are called by a collective name in the Mahabharata (not the Pandavas) • They were mistaken for their fathers by their killer • They were killed in the Sauptika Parva
  10. 10. UPAPANDAVAS • Shrutavindhya, • Sutasoma, • Srutakirti, • Satanika • Srutakarma The sons of Draupadi born from each of the Pandavas
  11. 11. IDENTIFY THE BOOK • The book talks about the origin of cosmos, lineage of the kings of solar and lunar dynasties. It contains the story of Yayaati, Puru, Kuru, and also talks about Janamejaya and his Sarpayaaga • It contains 2 major sub- divisions • It is often considered to be an extension(khila) to the Mahabharatam
  12. 12. HARIVAMSA
  13. 13. • Name of yogic power used by Sanjaya to narrate the happening in Kurukshetra to Dhrithirashtra. • Valmiki was blessed with the same power • It is a common word in Indian entertainment
  15. 15. CONNECT
  16. 16. CONNECT
  17. 17. CONNECT
  18. 18. CONNECT
  19. 19. Characters common to both Ramayana and Mahabharata
  20. 20. CONNECT
  22. 22. CONNECT
  24. 24. 1) Yudhisthira’s chariot was always 4 inches above the ground. This was because in spite of being a mere mortal, he always followed the dharma. But after a certain incident it touched the ground. On account of what mistake on the part of Yudhisthira did this occur? Explain fully. No part points.
  25. 25. During the battle , he lied to Dronacharya that Ashvattama (the elephant) had died. Drona as a result sat in meditation and was slain by Dhristadveemana.
  26. 26. 2) The word Danda in Samskrtam means punishment. Incidentally Rama spent a considerable time of his exile in the Dandaka vana which literal translation gives the meaning “The cursed jungle”. Why was this jungle called Dandaka and explain the incident behind it.
  27. 27. Dandan, a king molested the daughter of Sukracharya. In anger, Sukracharya gave a curse that the kingdom would be reduced to ashes. The place destroyed by Sukracharya's curse was the Dandaka vana. When Rama went to Dandaka vana during his period of exile, the curse of thse jungle was completely removed.
  28. 28. 3) During the end of the 13th year of incognito, the Kauravas attacked the kingdom of Virata suspecting that Pandavas were in incognito in that kingdom. Which incident made them suspect Pandava presence in the kingdom of Virata?
  29. 29. The news of the death of Kichaka, brother- in- law of the Virata king supposedly killed by a gandharva for misbehaving with his wife reached the Kauravas. They rightly suspected that the woman in question was Draupadi and it was Bhima who had killed Kichaka
  30. 30. 4) Why did Janamejaya perform the snake- sacrifice?
  31. 31. Parikshit, father of Janamejaya was killed by the snake- chieftain , Takshak. Janamejaya thus bore a deep grudge toward serpents and decided to conduct a serpent sacrifice which would wipe out all the living serpents.
  32. 32. 5) Why did Ganges drown seven of her sons?
  33. 33. The eight vasus led by Prabhas stole the cow Kamadhenu from Vasistha on the insistence of their wives. As a result Vasistha cursed them to be born in the world of men. Upon appealing to the sage, their curse was mitigated. Seven of them would die as soon as they would be born but Prabhas would lead a long life. As a result of the curse, Ganges drowned her seven sons . Prabhas became Bhisma.
  34. 34. 6) The four sons of Dasaratha were very close and affectionate towards each other another. Interestingly, though Lakshmana and Shathrugna were twins, Lakshmana was more attached to Rama and similarly Shatrugna to Bharatha. What was the reason for this?
  35. 35. Kausalya and Kaikeyi gave one portion of their divine Payasam each to Sumitra . Lakshmana was born out of the part given by Kausalya and thus was a part of the atma of Rama. Similarly, Shatrugna was a part of atma of Bharatha. Hence the special closeness between the two sets of brothers.
  36. 36. 1) This is a one- act play written by Bhasa which depicts Duryodhana in good light . It violates many rules of a drama laid down in the Natyasastra yet it is considered to be a master piece. Its story has also been adopted by modern theatre with modifications.
  37. 37. URUBHANGA
  38. 38. 2) This play in 6 acts by Bhatta- Narayana describes Bhima outrage at the insult meted out to the Pandavas and the vow he takes to dip his hand in Dushasana’s blood and then tie Draupadi’s hair.
  39. 39. VENI- SAMHARA
  40. 40. 3) The Mahabharata and Ramayana are great epics. It is often very difficult to even read and understand both these epics completely. But this genius from Kashmir not only mastered both these epics but also wrote manjaris (condensed versions of both these epics). Name the person.
  41. 41. KSHEMENDRA
  42. 42. ) Kalidasa is known for his poems but 4 he was also a playwright. He wrote 2 plays based on Mahabharata which bought him international acclaim. Name the 2 plays.
  43. 43. Abhijñānaśākuntala Vikramorvaśīya
  44. 44. 5) This king was a polymath of medieval India, who ruled the kingdom of Malwa in central India from the early 11th century to 1055 CE. He belonged to the Paramara dynasty. He wrote a beautiful champu of Ramayana which widely read even today. Name this king who also wrote many books on a variety of subjects including chemistry, civil engineering and law. Who is he?
  45. 45. BHOJA
  46. 46. 6) X has done a television show on CNBC-TV18 with host Maneka Doshi called Business Sutra. The shows draws business lessons from Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. X is a doctor by profession but he has written a best- seller based on Mahabharata.
  48. 48. RULES FOR THIS ROUND • 2 questions will be displayed out of which the team is required to answer one. • Pounce is applicable only on the first question. • Second question will be displayed after the interval for pounce.
  49. 49. 1) Name the 3 stages of Mahabharatam. 2) Identify the verse.
  50. 50. Jayam, Bharatham and Mahabharatham
  51. 51. 1) List the 7 Khandas of Ramayana in order. 2) Many versions of Ramayana exist, among them this version is very popular in a particular region. The first half of this Ramayana is almost an exact rendition from Bhatti-kavya but the second half is very different from the Sanskrit version of Ramayana. Name this version of Ramayana which is famous in a small group of islands in the Pacific Ocean.
  52. 52. 1) Bala Khanda, Ayodhya Khanda, Aranya Khanda, Kishkindha Khanda, Sundara Khanda, Yuddha Khanda And Uttara Khanda 2) JAVANESE RAMAYANA/Kakawin Ramayana
  53. 53. 1) In which parva of the Mahabharata does the incident of “YAKSHAPRASNA” take place? 2)Few characters are common to both the epics. Sometimes the same names are used for 2 different characters in both the epics altogether. X and Y are 2 such characters. X in Mahabharata was the king of Nishada. He lost his kingdom, wife and even lost his physical form due to the influence of Lord Shani. He eventually regained everything. Y in Ramayana was a great engineer who was instrumental in constructing the Sethusamudram. ID X and Y.
  54. 54. 1)VANA PARVA 2)NALA- The story of Nala is recited to Yudhisthira in the Vana parva of Mahabharata
  55. 55. 1)Which Parva narrates the story of the destruction of the Yadu Kula? 2)X and Y were 2 Yadava warriors who fought on opposite sides of the Mahabharata war. X fought for the Kauravas and was also the head of the Narayana Sena. Y naturally fought for the Pandavas. In the above parva of Mahabharata, Y attacks and kills X . This results in infighting among the Yadavas and their ultimate destruction. ID X and Y.
  56. 56. 1)Mausala Parva 2) X - Kritvarma; Y - Satyaki
  57. 57. 1)Tulasidas composed the Ramcharitha manas in which language? Please be specific about the dialect. 2)A very popular maidan in Delhi is named after the tradition derived from Tulsidas Ramcharitamanas . This tradition takes place at this maidan every year. Name the tradition and the maidan.
  58. 58. 1)Awadhi 2) Ramlila. Ramcharitamanas spread the popularity of Ramayana in the northern part of our country and most of the ramalilas staged today are inspired form this version of the Ramayana.
  59. 59. 1) Explain the significance of the verse – “tapaH svaadhyaaya nirataam tapasvii vaagvidaam varam | naaradam paripapracCha vaalmiikiH muni pumgavam” 2)Give two reasons why the Bala Khanda and Uttara Khanda are considered to later additions to the main story of Ramayana
  60. 60. 1) First verse of Ramayana 2) Traditional recitation of the Ramayana ends with the Rama pattabhisheka. In other 5 khandas Rama spoken of a human being, while in Bala and Uttara Khanda he is spoken as a divine incarnation. Few inconsistencies are there between the Bala and Uttara khanda and the rest of the work.
  61. 61. RULES FOR RAPID FIRE • 7 questions will be asked to each team. • Time limit – 45 seconds • The team can pass questions. Passed questions will be asked after the end of the seventh question. • No negatives.
  62. 62. TEAM 1 1) Who was the brother in law of the kauravas? 2) Name the grandson of lord Krishna? 3) Name Vali’s son. 4) Name a neutral king in the kurushetra war? 5) Who was the father of Jatayu? 6) Name the village from which Bharatha ruled for 14 years in place of Rama. 7) What was the original name of Ved Vyasa?
  63. 63. 1) Jayadrath 2) Aniruddh 3) Angada 4) Rukma, the brother of Rukmani 5) Aruna, the dawn- god 6) Nandigramam 7) Krishna- Dwaipayana
  64. 64. TEAM 2 1) Who shot the first arrow in the kurushetra war? 2) Name the cow of Sage Vasishta? 3) Which sage was the foster father of Shakunthala? 4) Give the name which Draupadi adopted when she was working as a maid – servant in the Virata kingdom. 5) Name the wife of Indrajit. 6) Name the tribal women who devotedly served Rama in the forest and thus gained Moksham. 7)Name the consort of Shatrugna
  65. 65. 1)Dushasana 2)Nandini 3) Sage Kanva 4) Sairandhri 5) Sulochana 6) Shabari 7)Sruthakeerthi
  66. 66. TEAM 3 1)Name the son born of Satyaki and sage Parasara? 2)Name the son of Abhimanyu. 3)Name the prince of Virata kingdom. 4)Name the rakshasi who had a dream about the destruction of Lanka. She was also a good companion to Sita. 5) Name the virtuous Kaurava who condemned his brothers for their behaviour towards Draupadi after the game of dice. 6)Name the conch of Arjuna. 7)Name the ruler of Trigatha
  67. 67. 1) Ved Vyasa- the author of Ramayana 2) Parikshit 3)Uttar 4)Trijata 5) Vikarna 6) Devadatta 7) Susharma
  68. 68. TEAM 4 1) Which sage supervised the Putra- Kaamesthi yaaga for Dasaratha? 2) Name Prahalada’s son 3) Who was King Brihadraatha’s son? 4) Name sage Vishvamitra’s sister. 5) Who was Ekalavya’s father? 6) Name Sukracharya’s father . 7) Name vessel given to Yudhisthira by Sun- God during the beginning of the exile of the Pandavas.
  69. 69. 1) Rishya- shringa 2) Virochana 3) Jarasandha 4) Satyavati 5) Hiranyadhanu 6) Bhrigu 7)Akshayapatra
  70. 70. TEAM 5 1) Name the priest who was constantly with the Pandavas during their 12 years of exile. 2) Name the father of Dronacharya. 3) Name the flower that Bhima went in search of (for Draupadi’s sake ) when the Pandavas were in exile. 4) Name Kumbhakarna’s sons. 5) Who was sage Atri’s son? 6)Name the rakshasi who guarded Lanka. 7) Name the last parva of Mahabharatha
  71. 71. 1) Dhaumaya 2) Bharadwaja 3) Saughandika 4) Kumbha and Nikumbha 5) Durvasa 6) Lankini 7) Svargarohana parva (Ascent to heaven)
  72. 72. TEAM 6 1)Who was Kaikeyi’s father? 2) Name Vasishta’s son. 3)Which sage cursed Pandu that he would die if he had physical relationship with his wives? 4)Who gave Arjuna the Gandiva bow? 5)How many divisions of army fought in the great war? 6) Who killed the maximum number of warriors in the Mahabharatha war? 7) Which princess of Kashi was born again as Sikhandi to kill Bhishma?
  73. 73. 1) Ashvapati 2) Sugayana 3) Sage Kindam 4) Lord Varuna 5)18 6) Karna 7) Amba
  74. 74. THANK YOU