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Quota Sales Performance System is holding a 2 days workshop in Cairo Oct 10,11

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Quota sales performance system info mada

  1. 1. Quota and Professional Sales Practices Workshop Cairo, October 10,11 2012
  2. 2. Introduction “I just wanted to send a little note, as I continue toAcquisition and retention of knowledge and attitudinal change lead to get feedback from the training session provided abehavioral changes and improved performance. The more the learner is couple of weeks ago.engaged, the higher the retention/usage of skills taught. The booking process and delivery were flawless, andResearch has proven that learners whose knowledge acquisition was the course content washigher at a training event were more likely to transfer this learned fantastic! The first two stages we could probablymaterial to the marketplace hence Quota®s emphasis on experiential do every couple oflearning. months. I was unsure how the full day course would go over, but the contentGamification has proven itself to be the leading method for involving and the format kept everyone engaged downthe student in the learning material. Quota® is the worlds leading to the final second win bysales training organization that uses Gamification as its core training our most unlikely of teamsmethodology to create an experiential learning environment. (they were down all day!). Since the session, some feedback has come in asLearning originates from the materials provided, the peer-learning and follows:coach generated ‘connections’ to the Quota® content. “10 times better than previous trainer.... It wasnt about the trainer, it was about the training!” “Best training Ive ever been through” “When I heard it was going to 4:30 I thought it would be draining. It not only flew by, but I left energized and pumped!” “Impactful” Thanks again for the excellent experience and program! We are certainly excited for more Quota learning (and fun!). Adam Wills Sales Manager Redmond Williams
  3. 3. Quota® has been tailored to meet the different approaches to trainingand incorporates the individual approach, through the use ofpersonalized workbooks and link-back exercises but also theorganizational approach emphasizing group activities and teamworkthroughout.Further outcomesclients experience post-Quota® training are:• Increased sales volume “This course has proven• Improved customer relations to be a great benefit to• Increased salesperson commitment leading to lower levels of staff me as a National Sales Manager. I have beenturnover able to implement the• Decreasing selling costs practices with the sales force across Canada• Improved control of the sales force and I believe it is a big• Better time management reason why we are prospering during this recessionary time. We have been able to increase our sales by 30% YTD and we areInstructional Methodology currently the best performing divisionThe core content is the same material taught at the University of globally.”Toronto, School of Continuing Studiesandthe Schulich Executive Frank MaltaInstitute. In particular, competencies taught will provide the National Sales Managerparticipants with HandicareA clear understanding of their roles & responsibilities and how they canpositively impact their business development resultsEssential field business development skill sets. Various competenciesand practices ensure contemporary Partnership Selling effectiveness. “The contents of this course is essential . It isTraining in the use of strategic selling to improve senior level well structured and rich ininteractions detail.It was a great pleasure to attend this course and I would recommend it very enthusiastically. To be Involvement = Retention! honest, I’m already missing it!. Jane Lima
  4. 4. Modules in the Quota® process use:Learning ObjectivesGroup and Individual learning activitiesHandouts and exercises “I feel that I haveCoaching and presentation practice sessions effectively acquired the tools to help me step upTemplates for written work that can be used immediately post- to the plate as I am nowworkshop confident in my abilities to recruit, to train and toSkill Review Guide Cards to ensure Sales Representatives can review hold an effective andkey Quota® Business Development practices interesting sales meeting. I have more confidence in myPSP Workshop Module Content abilities....as well as, confidence in the tools that I have acquired toThe workshop will focus on a combination of primary sales skill and successfully progress in my career in Salesadvanced strategic selling skills to ensure the participants have the Management.”competencies required to increase their organization business andmarket share. CalumNicol Therapist’s ChoiceCore Program: 40 competencies reviewed in the 10-stage B2B businessdevelopment process. This 1-day program will be tailored to the SalesRepresentatives process and client situations. “This course, with its focus STAGE 5 - Product/Service on geographical fieldPartnership Selling – The Evolution of Selling Demonstration sales...gave much more · I.B.O.A.T. insight and knowledgeThe Sales Cycle · Committee Interview about day to day· Key Events of the Business Development Cycle · Presentation Preparation and Agenda challenges of sales· Securing a Next Key Event managers. Especially STAGE 6 - Presenting a Proposal with respect to peopleSTAGE 1 - Prospecting · Seven Basic Rules to Proposal management and· Building a daily prospecting plan Presentation personnel issues.”· Introductory Script· Getting Through ‘Screens’ STAGE 7 – Gaining Influencer Support FarhadHajkazemian· Leaving Messages · Triangulation Ziggurat Development· Handling Prospecting Obstacles · Securing a Commitment Corp. · 6 Core Closing skillsSTAGE 2 - Qualifying · Appropriate Closes per Buying Style· Writing Email, Target Letters and Direct Mail· Multiple Business Development Cycles STAGE 8 – Gaining Key Decision-Maker· Qualifying (B.P.O.U.T.) or Committee Commitment · Competitive Selling PracticesSTAGE 3 - The Initial Meeting· Meeting your client STAGE 9 – Purchasing Approves, P.O.· Confidence Builders Issued· 6 Steps to a Professional Greeting · Handling Purchasing obstacles· Individual Motivators · Negotiating· Organization Motivators STAGE 10 – Product/Service Delivered,STAGE 4 - Conducting a Needs Analysis Payment Received· Needs Identification Selling · Post-sales service· Conducting the Needs Analysis · Written Communication · Thank your client!
  5. 5. Deliverables & OutcomesEach participant will receive: “We embarked on the creation of a custom sales training program based onQuota® Player Workbook our desire to have an in-Full-day of Quota® training in B2B 10-stage, 40 competency training company program that completely reflected ourmodules. sales process; companyQuota® Binder culture and unique selling proposition. AfterQuota® Skill Review Guide Cards reviewing variousQuota® Pen programs in the marketplace,we chose theQuota® Graduation Certificate Quota@ System as it hadA subscription to Q NEWS™ (monthly email newsletter with 4 unique capabilities: itcontemporary business development tips & techniques) was the most contemporary in the marketplace; the game teaching methodology wasOUTCOMES unique and engaging; the system allowed us to expand into other salesEach participant will have increased ability & skills sets to increase development areas;client penetration and market share. In particular, they will leave the The Quota@team wasworkshop with a myriad of contemporary business development absolutely outstanding inpractices they can immediately apply to their day-to-day tasks and their responsiveness; sensitivity and reliability.responsibilities. The final product was exactly as promised and we are now in process of rolling it out to our dealers and reps across Canada. We give the Quota@team our highest recommendation and welcome a call from any party interested in working with Quota@ on their own custom sales training program.” Gabriel Nicoletti Director, Dealer & Residential Sales Reliance Protectron SecurityServices
  6. 6. What is the Quota® SystemThe Quota® System is a unique sales training program that providesoutstanding skill development in contemporary sales situations. Theprocess of creating elite sales performers involves a variety of stepsincluding: “This is probably the bestCore Training in eitherQuota®B2B or B2C sales stages course I have ever taken.Quota® COACH™Sales Management field sales coaching that reinforces Most of the materials and ideas are what is mostand enhances sales representative effectiveness useful to me. I amSales Meeting training and reinforcement of competencies learned in confident this will help me tremendously in my career.the core Quota® program. TheQuota® Q’ube™ provides the Q Master Overall, I think this is a(Sales Manager) with 7 fun and dynamic games (10-15 minutes each) great course and I will definitely recommend mythat make each sales meeting an opportunity to further develop the friends to take a look at it!”skills of each manager’s team.Quota® CRM™ is a sales tracking tool designed by sales executives for James Wang Mackenzie Financialsales professionals. The Quota® CRM™ provides information on 30 Servicesdifferent sales performance indicators and helps Sales Managers knowwhere/how to coach their team to higher performance. Input time isless than 5 minutes per account and less than 2 minutes per update!Q NEWS™ is a newsletter (free to all Quota® clients) that is deliveredmonthly via email to each sales representative. Q NEWS™ is written byNorth America’s top sales gurus and provides outstanding advice toyour sales team on contemporary sales stage practices.