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According to Garner 40% of Fortune 1000 will adopt Gamification in their corporate training. Quota knew that 8 years ago, and that is why Quota is the global leader of Gamification in sales training. A lot has happened in 2012 and now we start 2013 with the strongest line of Gamified sales training service. please download and enjoy

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Quota Catalog 2013

  1. 1. welcome to theworld ofwww.quotagame.com4056 Rolling Valley Drive, Mississauga, ON L5L 2K8Phone: (905) 601-2880 / Fax: 905-828-7890www.quotagame.com / inquiry@quotagame.comThe Quota®System isunlike any other saleslearning experience onthe market today.The Quota®System helpsorganizations developtheir sales people intoelite sales performers.Meet your quota anddiscover valuable salestools that will change theway you do business.THE GLOBAL LEADER IN SALES GAMIFICATION
  2. 2. welcome to the world of Quota®The Global Leader in Sales GamificationThe Quota®System provides tools/training that cover every aspect of sales developmentfrom: sales management coaching; sales conference delivery; reinforcement and follow-up;CRM tracking of sales metrics; and sales training.Quota®has combined a unique blend of over 30 years of research; practical experienceand academic instruction to create an outstanding learning experience that, simply put,produces results!what are the consequences ofcreating elite sales performers?Question - what other function in yourbusiness is as critical to your futureprosperity?Although every function is important to thesuccess of the organization, without the‘life blood’ of sales, every other corporateorgan will cease to function.Developing elite sales performers requiresa combination of factors:• Recruiting talent• Training• Coaching for ongoing improvement• Motivating for maximum output• Reward and recognition• Retaining the talentThe Quota®system addresses each of thesefactors using our unique and proprietaryteaching methodologies.In combination with our work at variousinternational academic institutions,Quota®maintains a contemporary fingeron the pulse of what it takes to succeedin sales today.CONTENTSIntroductionQuota®SystemProgramsCSP DesignationAcademic PartnersExecutive RetreatCoach CertificationPublic SeminarsTranslationCustomizationLeadership DistributorsCoaches OperationsQUOTA®Productsand ServicesQUOTA®The SalesPerformance Game™QUOTA®B2C™QUOTA®Q’ube™QUOTA®Coach™Q News™QUOTA®Online™QUOTA®CRM™QIS™QSRP™QUOTA®Time& TerritoryManagement™QUOTA®ProfessionalServices™QUOTA®FinancialServices™QUOTA®Sales SelfLeadership™QUOTA®Retail™
  3. 3. the Quota®SystemIncreased sales performance and resultsThe Quota®System begins with Quota®- The Sales Performance Game or any of the other coresales training programs (Quota®B2C™; Quota®Professional Services™; Quota®FinancialServices™; or Quota®RETAIL™). Programs are delivered in 1/2 day to 2 day sessions and arepowerful team-building and learning experiences.The game is closely followed by Quota®COACH™ - Training for your Sales Managers in criticalSales Management concepts and coaching skills. The sales team then plays Quota®Q’ube™ atmonthly in-house sales meetings to reinforce concepts learned at the core experience. Theperformance and metrics of the sales team are tracked using the proprietary Quota®CRM™program. Participants may also receive critical training in the Quota®Time & TerritoryManagement™ program and Sales Managers receive advanced leadership training in ourQuota®Sales Self Leadership™ program.Review sessions and advanced skills are taught in the QSRP™ (Quota®System ReinforcementProgram) and QIS™ (Quota Issue Selling - Advanced Strategic Selling). Finally, every memberof your sales team receive Q NEWS™ - the monthly email Quota®newsletter high-lightingcontemporary sales tips & techniques from North America’s top sales experts!3“Enjoyed the dayand learned plenty ...the content wasgreat...”David Bartolini,Category Manager,Loblaw CompaniesLimited“I found the sessionextremely usefulvery interactive andfun...After onemonth I can alreadysee significantchanges in the waymy sales peopleconduct business! ”Mr. Len Bosgoed,Corporate VicePresident,Kruger Products Ltd.© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.
  4. 4. Quota®System programsQuota®The Sales Performance GameTMQuota®- The Sales Performance Game is afun, interactive and team-building experiencethat teaches players about Business-to-Business (B2B) sales cycles and competencies.Each player develops critical sales skills andknowledge while playing the game andhaving fun! 40 critical competencies aretaught over the duration of the game(4-7 hours depending on format).Typical improvements are found in:• Essential Selling Skills• Prospecting for New Business• Presentation Skills• Forecasting Accuracy• Selling to Committees• Competitive Selling Practices• Major Account Development Practices• Teamwork and MotivationEach player (participant) receives: Quota®Player Workbook; Quota Binder; Quota®Pen;Quota®Skill Review Guide Cards; Certificateand Quota®prize for the winning team.Quota®B2B Stages/CompetenciesSTAGE 1 - Prospecting• Building a Daily Prospecting Plan• Introductory Script• Getting Through ‘Screens’• Leaving Messages• Handling Prospecting ObstaclesSTAGE 2 - Qualifying• Writing Email, Target Letters and Direct Mail• Multiple Sales Cycles• Qualifying (B.P.O.U.T.)STAGE 3 - The Initial Meeting• Meeting Your Client• Confidence Builders• 6 Steps to a Professional Greeting• Individual Motivators• Organization MotivatorsSTAGE 4 - Conducting a Needs Analysis• Needs Identification Selling• Conducting the Needs AnalysisSTAGE 5 - Product/Service Demonstration• I.B.O.A.T.• Committee Interview• Presentation Preparation and AgendaSTAGE 6 - Presenting a Quotation• Seven Basic Rules to Quotation PresentationSTAGE 7 – Gaining Influencer Support• Triangulation• Securing a Commitment• 6 Core Closing skills• Appropriate Closes per Buying StyleSTAGE 8 – Gaining KDM or Committee Commitment• Competitive Selling PracticesSTAGE 9 – Purchasing Approves, P.O. Issued• Handling Purchasing Obstacles• NegotiatingSTAGE 10 – Product/Service Delivered,Payment Received• Post-Sales Service• Written CommunicationQUOTA®feedback62% felt that theygained a betterunderstanding oftheir teammates72% felt the gameprovided bettertools than othersales trainingprograms82% felt the gameexceeded theirexpectations83% surveyed saidthe game kept theirinterest92% had more funthan other trainingexperiences!100% felt thegame met orexceeded theirobjectives!100% wouldrecommend thegame to theircolleagues!
  5. 5. Quota®System programsQuota®B2CTMstages/competencies5“This programreceived a veryhigh rating...it was competitive,educational andindeed fun. It istough to beat thosethree... we are abetter groupbecause of theQuota experience.”Mr. Roger Keeley,Corporate Directorof Marketing,Atlantic PackagingGroup© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.Quota®B2CTM- The Sales PerformanceGame is a fun, interactive and competitiveexperience that teaches players aboutbusiness-to-consumer (B2C) sales cycles.Each player develops critical sales skills andknowledge while playing the game... andhaving fun! Salespeople that have playedQuota®have realized:• Increased acquisition of newprospects/clients• Improved retention andcross-selling to client base• Higher closing ratios andcompetitive wins• Shortened sales cycles andincreased productivityQuota®teams of Players compete againsteach other learning key events of the B2Csales process under the guidance of aQuota®Coach. Each participant receives aQuota®Portfolio, Player Workbook, QuotaPen and Quota Certificate upon completionof the game. Played in a 4-5 hour format,Quota B2CTMis an excellent method toprovide sales people with critical sellingskills and knowledge in a dynamic newlearning experience.Quota®B2C Stages/CompetenciesSTAGE 1 - Prospecting• Building a Daily Prospecting Plan• Writing Email, Target Letters and Direct Mail• Introductory Script• How to Leave a Compelling Message• Handling Prospecting ObstaclesSTAGE 2 - The Customer Meeting & Qualifying• Meeting Your Customer• Confidence Builders/Breakers• Potential Buying Opportunities• Qualifying Questions (B.P.O.U.T.)• 6 Steps to a Professional Greeting• Individual & Family MotivatorsSTAGE 3 - Conducting a Needs Analysis• Needs Identification Selling• Conducting the Needs Analysis• Probing Skills• Sales Communication ExchangeSTAGE 4 - Product/Service Demo &Agreement Presentation• 6 Rules for Presenting an Agreement• Purchasing Criteria• Competitive Selling PracticesSTAGE 5 - Getting Customer Commitment• Decision Ladder• Triangulation• Securing a Commitment• Closing Styles• Appropriate Closes per Buying Style• Handling Purchasing Agreement Objections• NegotiatingSTAGE 6 – Product/Service Delivered,Payment Received• Post-Sales Service• Checkpoint Follow-Up• Referrals for New Business• Thank Your Client!Quota®- The Sales Performance Game B2C version is an applied program that teachesplayers about business-to-consumer sales cycles. Quota B2C is the second of our core salestraining programs and like the Quota B2B program, each player develops the critical skillsand competencies needed to successfully sell into their market while playing the game andhaving fun. The Quota Business to Consumer program teaches your sales team all of thecore principles they need to know to master the Business to Customer selling process.
  6. 6. Quota®System programsQuota®CoachTMQuota®COACHTMis an essential SalesManagement program that can bestand-alone or a powerful follow-up tothe Quota®experience. Studies haveconsistently identified that even the bestpersonal development programs requirefollow-up and coaching to realize maximumbenefits.Quota®COACHTMbuilds on the competenciesand process skills taught in the Quota®Game experience. Sales people are ensuredof a continuous improvement process bySales Management’s professional follow-upand comprehensive application of Quota®COACHTMconcepts. Plus, the unique Quota®COACHTMformat provides you the flexibilityto choose which modules (after the DayOne Core Program) best fit your own SalesManagement Development Plans.Whether you opt for the Day One CoreProgram or would like to add additionalfollow-up Modules, you will be ensuredof top sales and field performance.“I have been ableto implement thepractices (Quota®COACH™) with thesales force acrossCanada and Ibelieve it is a bigreason why we areprospering duringthis recessionarytime. We have beenable to increaseour sales by 30%YTD and we arecurrently the bestperformingdivision globally”Mr. Frank Malta,National SalesManager,Handicare CanadaDay One Program Additional Modules Additional ModulesSales Management Rolesand ResponsibilitiesRecruiting Elite SalespeopleWriting Compelling OffersLetters and SalesCompensation PlansEnhance Field CoachingCompetenciesSalesperson OrientationProgramsFocused CoachingConducting MemorableSales MeetingsTerritory Marketing PlansCreate Dynamic Rewardand Recognition ProgramsSales Performance TrackingComprehensive SalesTraining ProgramManage SalesPerformance Challenges
  7. 7. Quota®System programsQ NewsTM, Quota®OnlineTMDeveloping sales expertise is not an event butan activity. As such, elite sales performersare constantly studying their craft andkeeping abreast of contemporary marketpractices and trends. Q NEWS™ is anessential tool for any sales person thatwants to ‘up’ their game! Four monthlyarticles from global sales experts provide aquick way to stay abreast of the latest tips& techniques. Each Q NEWS™ is emaileddirectly to the reader so that they can readthe articles on their schedule and at theirconvenience.Included with the Q NEWS™ email newsletteris a link to the Quota® BLOG™ that literallylinks thousands of sales professionalstogether with one common pursuit -to be the best they can be!Quota®ONLINETM- Is an ideal applicationfor Quota®players unable to attend grouptraining sessions. They can participate inthe Quota®experience by logging on andplaying the game directly.All Quota®content found in the PlayersWorkbook is available through Quota®ONLINETM.Each player is provided with a User ID andPassword and can play the Quota®gamefrom work or home on their own schedule.Plus, our proprietary Learning ManagementSystem (LMS) tracks their performanceand provides unique insight into areas forremedial training or coaching focus.Quota®ONLINETMis also AICC and SCORMcompliant!7“I finally obtainedthe meeting witha CFO that I hadsolicited for sometime and wasactually about togive up on....I amnow involved in aproject that couldbe in excess of$1,000.000....as a result of thiscourse.”Ken Scollay,Account Manager,Banking Industry“Thank you onceagain for introducingme to the skills thatwill prove to beinvaluable in mydevelopment andsuccess in the worldof sales”Howard Fried,Account Executive,Hi-tech Industry© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.
  8. 8. Quota®System programsQuota®CRMTM, Quota®Q’ubeTMPartial list ofQUOTA®clientsToshibaEconoliteESBE ScientificCCCLGeneral Conveyor Co.Kan SalesOptechAvmorCasellaWSIKruger ProductsUniversity of TorontoMississauga Boardof TradeSpringSamsungStudent GuardHeinzUnisourceRisoSticky MediaAtlantic PackagingSimark ControlsMaplesoft ConsultingNexientPinnacle GroupReliance ProtectronSharp CanadaSprint GlobalWaste ManagementBusinessDevelopment BankOutdoor BroadcastNetworkBioforceGlobal CrossingRedmond WilliamsCleartechLoblawsComplete PackagingWhytesAcklands-GraingerUnisourceCannonOptechHermesNational Film BoardRP GraphicsCeridianHenderson InsuranceBrokersTelelatino TelevisionNetworkWhat Makes Quota® CRM™ Unique?Quota®CRM was designed by salesprofessionals for sales professionals!As such, extensive research was done onwhy sales CRM’s are so universally dislikedby sales performers and what Quota®CRM™ needed to do differently. Theanswer is... simplicity! Sales professionalsdon’t want to spend hours inputting data totheir CRM when they could be out selling.Plus, organization’s don’t want to spendthousands of dollars customizing ‘dash-boards’ and tools before their team everuses the CRM. The solution is: Quota®CRM™. Our CRM takes less than two hoursto customize to your sales environment and24 hours to be up and running! As importantly,it takes your sales team less than fourminutes to enter client information andless than one minute to update!Quota®Q’ubeTMprovides a fun and enter-taining way to reinforce Quota®knowledgeand skills taught in the Quota®experience!Q’ubeTMcontains over 150 questions andsituations taken from the entire Quota®game. It reinforces the concepts learned intheir Quota®core program and ensures thatyour sales team continues to perform at ahigher level of achievement!Played at short meetings, the QubeTMhassix different games that take 10-15 minuteseach to play. QubeTMbuilds on the fun andcompetitive methods of the Quota®format.Sales Managers will love having thisSales Meeting tool as it provides a funand interesting method for reinforcingcritical sales skills.This durable and fun game can be playedover and over at sales meetings for yearsto come.Quota®CRM™ is a tool that salesprofessionals, managers, executivesand owners will find indispensable toachieving their operational objectives!"
  9. 9. Quota®System programsQuota®QSRPTM, Quota®QISTM9“Having been in theconsumer electronicsbusiness for over20 years, I foundthat your trainingprogram was oneof the best thatI have attended.The entire sessionwas informative,interactive andcreated a senseof competitionand camaraderieat the same time.”Lindsay Takashima,Director of Sales,Toshiba Corp.“I used this systemon my sales teamand saw results. Weincreased our sales62% over the firstquarter!”Mr. Karl de Nie,Director of Sales,Sticky Media© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.Most sales managers will tell you aboutdifferent sales training courses they havetaken over the years. In most cases they willtell you they learned some new skills....andforgot much of what they were taught!This is why the QSRP™ (Quota®SystemReinforcement Program) was designed!Within a year of the Quota experience, QSRP™is the perfect follow up and compliment toensure that your sales team maximizes theirretention of the competencies and skillslearned during the core Quota®programs.Delivered in a half to full day format, theQSRP®provides development in:• A review of the complete 40 sales com-petencies taught in the Quota®program• New interactive exercises and roleplaysto ensure core skill acquisition andeffectiveness.• A unique Quota®experience - Racingthe Sales Highway! that ensures fullparticipation and reinforcement of salescompetencies!In addition to the halfday program, the Quota®facilitator may host a‘Grand Championship’ atthe end of the sessionusing the Quota®Q’ube™to deter-mine who is theultimate Quota®championat your company. QSRP®combines fun, team-building, competition and reinforcement toensure your investment in creating an eliteteam of sales performers hits the mark!A key challenge facing sales people todayis to be seen as a partner vs. commodityvendor. In order to achieve this relationship,professional sales people access seniorlevel decision makers and sell their products/services as strategic tools.Building on the core foundational skills ofQuota®, QIS™ (Quota®Issue Selling) is anadvanced half to full day strategic sellingprogram that takes your Quota®graduatesto new levels of sales performance!QIS™ teaches:• How to analyze your client’s businessissues• Understanding the StrategicPlanning Process• Recognizing how your product/serviceaddresses organizational needs/levels• Using the unique QIS™ Call Sheet torecord/track your client’s strategic andoperational goalsQIS®follows the same funand team-building pro-cess used in other Quota®programs to ensure yourteam seamlessly integratestheir core sales skills andtraining into an advancedlevel of sales performance!TMSystem Reinforcement Program Issue SellingTM
  10. 10. Quota®System programsQuota®TTMTM, Quota®SSLTMWhat does it take to become an elite salesperformer?Is it ‘nature’ or ‘nurture’? Quota® believes weare all born with certain traits and personalities.However, success in any field of endeavoris predicated on mastering the basics ofthat field.Quota® Time & Territory Management™(QTTM™) is a stand-alone program thatprovides critical insights into: AccountManagement; Forecasting; TerritoryManagement; Goal Setting and TimeManagement.Coupled with the Quota® System™ programsof core selling skills, advanced strategic sellingskills; field coaching and sales performancetracking, Quota® clients see extraordinarysales increases and results.QTTM™ provides an essential element ofsales success with training in the followingbuilding blocks:I. Key Account Roles & ResponsibilitiesII. Strategic Territory Planning SkillsIII. Key Account Sales ProcessIncorporated into these 3 building blocks are:• Value Pyramid• Partnership Selling• ROI - Time• Goal-setting• Forecasting• Market/IndustryAnalysis• Targeting KeyAccounts• Territory MarketingPlans• Strategic AccountPlanningQTTM™ is deliveredas either a one ortwo-day programand uses gamificationto ensure attendeesare engaged andparticipating inlearning experiences.The QTTM™program is alsoa prerequisite forthe CERTIFIED SALESPROFESSIONALexaminations.QSSL™ graduatesrecommend theQSSL™ experienceas an essential stepto personal masteryand leadershipdevelopment.Quota® Sales Self Leadership™ (QSSL™) isa fun, interactive learning experience thatteaches participants critical sales self-leader-ship skills.QSSL™ is an advanced program for salesprofessionals and sales managers that havemastered the core competencies taught inQuota® and Quota® COACH™.Sales, self-development and leadershipconcepts are blended to help you becomethe best sales leader - YOU can be! Theconcepts covered in this unique and inspiringprogram teach you how to plan for salesleadership and leverage for maximum success.Participants follow a Six-Step process ofself-discovery that is often life changing:1. It Starts With You2. Demystifying Sales Leadership3. Engaging Others4. Creating Loyal Customers5. Planning for Leadership6. Making it WorkThe program follows the unique Quota®gamification process and provides eachQSSL™ attendee with pre-work; workbook;binder; laminated skill review cards; pen andQSSL™ prizes.QSSL™ can be delivered as either a one ortwo-day program. The two day programincludes the Personality Profile Assessment(PPA) from Thomas International. Thisadditional tool provides unique andpowerful insight.
  11. 11. Quota®System programsQuota®RetailTM, Quota®Professional ServicesTM11© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.Retail Sales ExcellenceRETAIL sales people can make or break theircompany’s business. Retail sales requires ablend of social skills, professional sellingskills, merchandising and follow up. As theconsummate sales professional, the retailsales person must represent their company’simage; put prospective customers at ease;encourage their shopping experience andup-sell and cross-sell where appropriate.In other words, how effectively the retailssalesperson: Greets the customer; Analyzestheir needs; Suggests solutions; Gains theircommitment and Provides professionalfollow-up will have a direct impact on yourcompany’s growth and success.Throughout Quota® RETAIL™, your salespeople will learn how to improve theirperformance in each of these keyresponsibilities.As in real life, the decisions they make willhave a direct and quantifiable impact on yourown businesses sales success.Quota® RETAIL™ is a one day program thatfollows the well-known Quota® gamificationprocess including:I. Each Quota® RETAIL™ player receives:workbook; Pen; Binder; PrizesII. Skill Review Cards to review content onthe jobIII. Merchandising Handbook for tips &techniques on improving store salesQuota® Professional Services™ (QPS™)recognizes that professionals (Lawyers;Accountants; Consulting Services) requireskills in business development andrainmaking.These skills follow the same core businessdevelopment skills taught in Quota® but havebeen customized for professional servicesindustries and the lexicon typically used inthese services.Quota® Professional Services™ is a fun,interactive learning experience that teachesparticipants critical business developmentand account management skills.QPS™ is a core program that teachesbusiness professionals a 6-Step programcovering:1. Prospecting & Qualifying2. Initial Meeting3. Needs Analysis4. Presentation of Services & Fees5. Client Approval6. Commitment and Delivery of ServiceWhether a junior partner; new accountantor consultant, your ability to generate newbusiness and sustain client relationships iscritical to your ongoing success.QPS™ provides the roadmap on all thecompetencies required to achieve businessdevelopment success.Quota® RETAIL™also links with otherQuota® systemprograms including:Quota® COACH™(for Store Managers);Quota® Q’ube™(for in-store salesmeetings); andQ NEWS™ (forcontemporary salestips & techniques.QPS™ follows theunique Quota®gamification processand provides eachattendee with QPS™pre-work; workbook;binder; laminated skillreview cards; pen andQSSL™ prizes. QPS™is a one-day programthat requires littletime off the clockbut an immenseimpact on bottomline success!
  12. 12. Quota®Certified Sales Professional Designation Bundle™FOR YOUR COMPANY...• Set a measurable benchmark withinyour sales team• Differentiate your sales team byincreasing their credibility• Decrease turnover by setting a hiringstandard for new staff• Assist with ongoing training andcareer development• Demonstrate your commitmentto the professionAS A CSP...• You are identified as a highly competentprofessional who has demonstratedand met the standards for experience,knowledge, attitude and skills set by theCPSA Sales Institute• You improve your career growthopportunities, advancement, andearning potential• Employers know you have solid sellingskills and the credentials to prove it• Customers know that you meet a setof rigorous standards for excellenceand adhere to a strict Code of Ethics• You are committed to personal careerdevelopment and lifelong learningQuota®, QIS™, QTTM™ & CPSAOnline Prep Course & ExaminationQuota® and the Canadian Professional Sales Association have partnered to provide theCERTIFIED SALES PROFESSIONAL designation accreditation to graduates of the threeQuota® programs:• Quota® Sales Performance Game (1-2 days)• Quota® Issue Selling™ (1 day)• Quota® Time & Territory Management™ (1-2 days)1) Students must complete the 3 Quota® programs and the CPSAonline preparation course (1/2 day).2) The student then writes a written examination (invigilated) and doesa live or Skyped oral examination.3) On graduation the student receives their internationally-recognizedCSP Designation!One all inclusive fee includes all training, classroom instruction, workbooks, prep courseand examinations
  13. 13. Quota®Academic Partners Program13© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.ACADEMIC PARTNERS PROGRAMSales and Sales Management courses are in high demand inAcademic Institutions. Undergraduate and graduate studentshave flocked back to Continuing Education and ExecutiveInstitutes to round out their qualifications and obtainreal-world skills that will an immediate impact have ontheir performance and success.Quota® has partnered with various Academic Institutions(University of Toronto; York University Schulich ExecutiveCentre; Arab Academy of Science, Technology and MaritimeTransport; Canisius College) to provide students with aturnkey learning experience.Using a unique gamification methodology, Quota® provides a three-semester program thatis unmatched for student ratings and revenue generation for the institution:• Professional Sales Practices• Time & Territory Management• Professional Sales ManagementThese three programs require 78 hours of classroom time and are delivered by local Quota®certified instructors. Learning Objectives; Class Delivery Schedules; Assignment Packages;Text; Course Outlines; Classroom delivery tools, Final Examinations and Instructors are allsupplied by Quota®. All you need to do is provide a classroom and add us to your curriculum!Sales and Sales Management courses are critically important to local studentsand businesses. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review stated:“Sales excellence is vital to any business but rarely taught by business schools.Traditionally there have been reasons for that, but as selling becomes moresophisticated and solutions-oriented, and good sales jobs go unfulfilled forlack of qualified applicants, the value of university-based education rises”.FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT:www.quotagame.com/academicprogramsor inquiry@quotagame.com“Harold Hauca, VicePresident of Salesand Marketing atClearTech, took hissales team to aQuota® seminar abit more than a yearago, and since then,has seen a 12%to15% increase insales. "What reallyattracted me tothe system was itwalked us throughthe sales cycle andsimplified it, so itwas very under-standable". Mr.Hauca says "And itwas very entertain-ing. They had ablast."FINANCIAL POSTSeptember 2012
  14. 14. Quota®Executive RetreatQuota® and Langara Fishing Adventureshave combined resources to provideInternational executives a once-in-alifetime experience.4 days of Quota® training and 4 days ofLangara Fishing adventures will provide youwith memories you will cherish forever.Quota® training covers: core sales skills;sales management development; time& territory management and advancedstrategic selling competencies. Executivescan then follow the Canadian ProfessionalSales Association examination processand achieve their CERTIFIED SALESPROFESSIONAL designation.Interspersed with the training days,Langara will provide 4 days of extraordinaryliving! Salmon fishing; whale watching;nature hikes and lodging in spectacularexecutive lodges.TO LEARN MORE:www.quotagame.com/executiveretreator contact us at: inquiry@quotagame.comWorld classtrainingcombinedwith worldclass living!
  15. 15. Quota®Coach Certification and Public Seminars15Quota®CoachCertificationQuota®PublicSeminarsInterested in bringing Quota®in-house?Quota®provides a complete Coach CertificationProcess that will allow your organization toCoach Certify your own in-house coaches.This process will allow you to deliver Quota®programs on your own schedule and providessignificant investment savings on materials and reproduction.For more information, please contact your Quota®Distributor or Quota®Head Office.Quota®offers public seminars on our coreprograms periodically in regions aroundthe world.Should you have only a few sales people or managers, they can enjoy the same Quota®experience as larger organizations by attending our public seminars.Plus, if you are interested in evaluating our content for a larger team, our public seminars are aterrific way to immerse yourself in the Quota®experience first hand.For information on public seminars inyour area, please contact your localdistributor or view our public seminarschedule at www.quotagame.com.“... It was an idealprogram for ournational salesmeeting as it wasadaptable to alllevels of experiencewithin our team andprovided training inso many importantsales competenciesacross the salesspectrum. Ourevaluation sheetsprove that theexercise was verywell received by ourteam. It allowed theteam to have funand it promotedteam-building.”Mackie I. VadacchinoCEOBioforce Canada Inc.© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.
  16. 16. Quota®Translation & CustomizationQuota®is both sensitive and committedto providing the Quota®experience ineach player’s mother language. As such ourteam will work with yours to ensure alltraining material is word-for-word translatedand culturalized as needed. Quota®hasextensive experience with translationsubtleties and believes it is criticallyimportant that all participants get thefull Quota®experience!Our team also can create a totally customizedversion of our programs using your own salesprocess; language; lexicon and industryexamples. Our customization capabilitiesalso extend to in-house Coach Certificationand reproduction rights should yourpopulation warrant it.Programs already translatedinto French are:• Quota®- Le jeu de la performanceen vente• Quota®B2C™• Quota®COACH™ - l’Atelier de lagestion des ventes• Quota® Q’ube™• QIS™ - La vente axée sur l’enjeu“our firm embarkedon the creation ofa custom salestraining programbased on our desireto have an in-com-pany program thatcompletely reflectedour sales process;company cultureand unique sellingproposition. Afterreviewing variousprograms in themarketplace, wechose the Quota®System for it’sunique capabilities.The Quota®teamwas absolutely out-standing in theirresponsiveness;sensitivity andreliability. The finalproduct was exactlyas promised and weare now in processof rolling it out toour dealers and repsacross Canada.”Gabriel Nicoletti -Director, Dealer &Residential SalesQuota®est une expérience amusante,interactive et compétitive qui apprendaux joueurs les cycles de vente de type« commerce à commerce » (B2B). Chaquejoueur développe des habiletés et desconnaissances essentielles de vente enjouant et en s’amusant ! Les représentantsdes ventes ayant participé à Quota®ontobtenu:• Plus grande fidélisation desprospects/clients• Meilleure pénétration et ventescroisées dans les comptes existants• Ratios plus élevés de conclusionde vente• Cycles de vente plus courtsChaque participant reçoit un Portfolio Quota®ainsi qu’un Manuel du participant et apprendles concepts Quota®par diverses activitésinspirées des expériences de vente de tousles jours. Les représentants des ventes, qu’ilsaient déjà de l’expérience ou qu’ils soientnouveaux dans le domaine, apprennent touten jouant, grâce aux nombreux conseils ettechniques présentés et à l’opportunité departiciper activement à l’équipe.Quota®est une excellente méthode pourapprendre des habiletés de vente et des con-naissance essentielles dans une atmosphérepédagogique nouvelle et dynamique.Quota - El juego de alto desempeñoen ventas, se encuentra tambiendisponible en Español.QUOTA - A PROFI ÉRTÉKESÍTÉSITRÉNING JÁTÉK MÁR ELÉRHETÃMAGYARUL IS!
  17. 17. 17“It was an idealprogram for ournational salesmeeting as itwas adaptableto all levels ofexperience withinour team andprovided training inso many importantsales competenciesacross the salesspectrum.”Mr. Karl de Nie,Director of Sales,Sticky Media© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.Quota®regionsThe Quota®system is distributed through a network of outstanding regional distributors. Each localQuota distributor has extensive experience in sales and sales management and is responsible for theirteam of coaches, business development specialists, administrators and customer development specialists.Quota®is also interested in expanding our operations into new markets and welcomes your inquiry at:inquiry@quotagame.comQuota®products and services can be found in a number of global regions: Canada; USA; UnitedKingdom; Central Europe; Middle East; S E Asia; Latin America. If you are located in one of the aboveareas, we have outstanding local distributors that would be pleased to answer all of your questions andmeet with you as required. If you are not located in one of the above global regions please contact ourhead office at : inquiry@quotagame.com.CANADAMr. Craig ChevalierCraig@quotagame.com(416) 859-8366USAMs. Patricia Dodgepdodge@optimyzeconsulting.com(619) 339-3316Mr. James Romerojromero@optimyzeconsulting.com(720) 394-7304UNITED KINGDOMMr. Martin Allisonmartinallison@btinternet.comUK +44 (0) 7547 154107CENTRAL EUROPEMr. Stephen Dobosstephen.dobos@gmail.com+36-30-269-3585Mr. Janos Kovacsjanos.kovacs@oneonone.hu+36-70-316-42-38SE ASIAMr. Venkat Subramanyanvenkat@tripuramultinational.com91-96508-43335LATIN AMERICAMr. Jorge Ortizjohertiz@hotmail.com+1-647-707-4838MIDDLE EASTMr. Ashraf Osmanashraf@quotagame.com+966 505 112394Mr. Ahmed Elkoussyahmed_elkoussy@mada.com.eg+966 1 4028082Mr. Arben Jusufiaj@leoron.net+971 (0) 4 447-5711MASTER DISTRIBUTORSOntarioMs. Annalisa Laroccaannalisa.training@sympatico.ca(416) 806-5777Mr. Ross Kendallross@ventromanagement.ca647-988-1627Mr. Paul Watsonpwatson@execulink.com1 (519) 433-6912Mr. Colin Charles6charles@gmail.com(416) 684-3535MaritimesMr. Dan Edgarwdedgar@ethicalleaders.com1 (902) 449-2303QuebecMr. Léon Sergentleon.sergent@zsolutions.ca(514) 951-5152Ms. Louise Provencherlouprovencher@gmail.com1 (514) 935-8592AlbertaMr. Kit Grantkit@kitgrant.com1-888-866-3603USAMr. Bob Bowesbob@bobbowes.com1-914-414-8360Mr. Domenic Gigliottidomgig67@gmail.com716-535-0466UNITED KINGDOMMr. Tony Llewellynto.llew@mac.com+44 7721 012812Mrs. Fran Etheringtonfran@themillatscotthall.co.uk+44 07929 400776Mr. Graham EtheringtonGCEtherington@aol.com+44 07929 400790Scott McArthurscott@sculptureconsulting.com07807 646 508MalaysiaMs. Shaihida Nur ZainalShahidaZainal@innovative.my+6012-333-0113DISTRIBUTORSQUOTA®HEAD OFFICE4056 Rolling Valley Drive,Mississauga, ON, L5L 2K8Phone: (905) 601-2880Fax: (905) 828-7890www.quotagame.cominquiry@quotagame.com
  18. 18. Quota®LeadershipIntroducing the Quota® TeamDIRECTOR, FACILITATORSGEORGE ANASTASOPOULOS (Canada)George Anastasopoulos is an accomplished Leadership and Sales Coach, and catalyst for clients to apply new learning and perform at theirbest. He is a dynamic facilitator, skilled trainer, moderator, sales professional, disciplined marketer and experienced executive. A former VPSales with a major packaged goods company, George has provided sales and customer relationship support to clients such as: Mars,GlaxoSmithKline; Grace Kennedy; Sobeys; Wrigley; Pepsi-Cola; Nestle; Alcon; Fuji Photo Film and Loblaws.DIRECTOR, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYTERRY LEWIS (Canada)Mr. Terry Lewis is the Director, Information Technology for Quota® and manages our I.T. team including the company website; blog; online prod-ucts and Quota® CRM™. Terrys team works with our clients on their CRM implementations and also provides web mar-keting tools and processfor interested clients. Terrys key skills are: technical translation, task prioritization and tech-nology implementation management.Terry is the key touchpoint and common thread that runs through any Quota® projects that involve our CRM, web or online products.MASTER DISTRIBUTOR CANADACRAIG CHEVALIERMr. Chevalier has over 30 years of experience in sales, sales management and executive management. Craig started his career with Ingram andBell Medical and held a variety of progressive sales responsibilities for over 13 years. Mr. Chevalier was national sales manager for white CrossSurgical and Founder/ President of Alcor Group (health care products). Craig has worked in the health care products, sports promotion, consultingand the marine industries. He is also a co-founder of the the Bluffers Park Marina, one of Torontos largest waterfront marina Complexes.MASTER DISTRIBUTORS USAPATRICIA DODGEPatty Dodge is managing partner of Optimyze Consulting LLC, a boutique firm specializing in sales training consulting. Ms. Dodge has been insales, channel sales and senior sales management for over 20 years. As Vice President of Sales, she managed a team of sales reps sellingProfessional Services and Financial Management software for colleges and universities. Previous experience includes providing instructionaldesign, content development and professional facilitation around a solution selling-based sales methodology for Microsoft Corporation worldwide.Ms. Dodge has performed training and development services around the world in Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Southeast AsiaAustralia and North America.JAMES ROMEROJames Romero started his career in the United States Air Force before receiving an Honorable Discharge and beginning his business career insales. James Romero is managing partner of Optimyze Consulting LLC, and has been in sales, channel sales and senior sales management forover 15 years. His background includes selling CRM, Business Intelligence and ERP solutions to both commercial and government organizations,aswellas,deliveringsalestrainingtocompaniesnationallyandinternationally.TheworkMr.Romeroperformstakeshimtocountriesalloverthe worldto meet the needs of his clients, including Eastern and Western Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, North America. He hasworked for companies like Ricoh Corporation, ICG Communications and business partners of Sage North America and Microsoft Corporation.PRESIDENT & CEOEARL ROBERTSON (Canada)Earl Robertson is President and Founder of Quota® and Namaico Holdings Inc. Earl has had an extensive career in sales, marketing, operations andexecutive management. Mr. Robertson has been CEO of a $40,000,000 staffing services company, President of an international technical trainingcompany and was a former executive with Xerox Learning Systems and top salesperson with Procter & Gamble Inc. He is a graduate in businessfrom Concordia University in Montreal and has also served as a Business Advisor to the Concordia University Faculty of Commerce and is a LeadJudge at the annual INTERNATIONAL MBA CASE STUDY COMPETITION. Mr. Robertson has also served on a variety of Boards (public and private).MASTER DISTRIBUTOR UKMARTIN ALLISON, CSPMartin has worked as Chairman of various boards and provided coaching to entrepreneurial businesses owners for over 25 years. As a GeneralManager of a major international bank he led sales teams of hundreds of people responsible for providing funding packages and strategic businesscounsel to aid business owners achieve the personal and business visions.Martin was the Dean of Leeds Business and Law Schools in 2009/10 and successfully managed the opening of the new £50 Million Rose Bowlcomplex. Mr. Allison also served as Chairman of the British Bobsleigh and Skeleton Association (Vancouver Olympics). With extensive experience insales and sales management, Martin brings an incredible wealth of real-life experience to his clients.
  19. 19. 19© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.MASTER DISTRIBUTORS CENTRAL EUROPESTEPHEN DOBOSStephen is a veteran Sales professional with more than a decade of experience in FMCG. As a Canadian, he earned his BBA from one of Canada’soldest University’s and began his career in the banking industry. Realizing the need for Sales expertise in Central Europe he moved there and spentnearly 15 years of his career managing sales teams for Mars, Nestlé and Tate & Lyle/Generale Sucriere.Stephen has managed sales teams with up to 120 Sales Representatives (spread across 3 countries, as well as, teams in both the B2C and B2Bsectors. In addition to running sales teams, Stephen has also managed the implementation of CRM systems such as SAP and SUN for his ownsales organizations. He is now using this experience to benefit his client’s by providing tools and training to develop Elite Sales ProfessionalsJANOS KOVACSJanos is a business communicator by profession; having graduated at Budapest Communications and Business College he continued his training atSamling Ltd. (the leading management training company in the region) and is an expert in Management and Crisis Communications. His workis highlighted by serving such clients like IBM, Intel, Scania, Saab, NABI, Taylor Wessing, Continental and GE’s outsourcing company Genpact.After spending 2 years at Masterplast Group as Communications Manager, in 2007 he established One On One Communications.In addition to PR, Janos has over 8 years experience as a professional journalist, he has outstanding wide and active media and business relations. Hisworking style is characterized by strategic thinking, reliability and outstanding customer focus. Janos has realized a need for professional SalesTraining in Hungary and has chosen to use Quota due to its proven effectiveness.REGIONAL DISTRIBUTOR MIDDLE EASTASHRAF OSMANAshraf Osman manages Quota® Middle East region (Saudi Arabia; Bahrain; Kuwait: Qatar; and UAE). Ashraf is a highly experienced ManagementExecutive with an exceptional track record of business success. He has particular strengths at defining successful business models, formulating keystrategic partner relationships and directing high performing sales teams to exceed challenging revenue objectives. Ashraf worked for 20+ years ininternational Corporations (including IBM) in several countries in the Middle East including his position as Government Unit Country Sales Managerwith IBM.MASTER DISTRIBUTOR LATIN AMERICAJORGE ORTIZMr. Jorge Ortiz. Jorge is a graduate student of the Professional Sales Management program at the University of Toronto and has residences inboth Canada and Bogota, Colombia. Jorge has a bachelor degree in Law and Political Science from the University of Cartagena in Colombia and10 different companies in Latin America over the past 15 years. He has been working with executive teams, entrepreneurs and business ownersfor many years, helping people to transform business ideas into profitable companies. Jorge provides personal coaching with a focus on businessinnovation as a vehicle to success. Jorge’s has operations in the Colombian marketplace and is expanding Quota® interests across Latin America.MASTER DISTRIBUTOR SOUTH EAST ASIAVENKATARAMAN SUBRAMANYANVenkatwasaSeniorDirectorforMicrosoftandwastheCOOfortheirEnterpriseandPartnerBusiness.His14yearcareerwithMicrosoftspannedmanyroles, including frontline sales and sales management, Industry management, Sales strategy and Operations, and Business Planning.Venkat’s span of operations included India and all Asia Pacific countries, which brings out his rich understanding of different cultures, andappreciation for diversity. Venkats group will be representing Quota® in: India; Singapore; Philippines; Vietnam; Malaysia; Indonesia and Sri Lanka.MASTER DISTRIBUTOR GCC COUNTRIESARBEN JUSUFIArben has extensive experience in the events industry in various regions of the world. After graduation in Business Administration from the StateUniversity of New York, Arben worked as Conference Sponsorship Manager at Marcus Evans Prague office and worked as Business DevelopmentManager and established the Sponsorship department for Uniglobal Research.In 2007, Arben worked for IIR Middle East in Dubai with a focus on the Middle East and North Africa. As Sponsorship Director for the Kingdomof Saudi Arabia he helped to spearhead the company’s activities in the Kingdom.MASTER DISTRIBUTOR EGYPTAHMED ELKOUSSYMr. Ahmed Elkoussy is a professional Management Consultant specialized in Organization Development (OD) and has helped manyOrganizations through his experience to grow and apply international Quality Standards. He is specialized in establishing OrganizationStrategies, Key Business Processes, and Performance Measuring Systems using Balanced Scorecard as well as Human Resources practices tolead Organization achieving high level of Excellence Performance. Ahmed started his career in 1983 when he joined IBM Egypt as TechnicalIT Engineer promoted to different levels until becoming the IBM Country Specialist. In 1993, he shifted to Total Quality Management and wasnominated to join the IBM Quality Task Force. In 2000, Mr. Elkoussy helped established Raya Holdings and served as CEO level until 2006. In 2007,Ahmed founded MADA Consulting and Outsourcing Services Company, with its mission to deliver Organization Development Services focusing onPROCESSES and PEOPLE including Talent Management. Over the last 15 years, Mr. Elkoussy has developed a large network of relationship as wellas very high level of credibility in the field of Management, Quality, Customer Satisfaction Management and other managerial topics.
  20. 20. Quota®Distributorsand CoachesROSS KENDALL(Distributor/Coach GTA—Collingwood)Ross Kendall was the founder of two suc-cessful training and technology companieswhich were sold to Open Text Corporation.His work has taken him into many fortune500 companies in Canada, the USA, UK, andAustralia including: Royal Bank, TD Bank, AT&T, Xerox, andJanssen Ortho. Ross is a multi-dimensional, highly skilled salesand business development entrepreneur, with the expertiseand resources to make an immediate impact. With strongleadership skills, the ability to develop teams/achieve resultsand extensive experience in all facets of sales and sales man-agement he has built an impressive track record of success.DAN EDGAR (Coach Halifax, NS)Dan Edgar began his sales career in industryautomation, after graduating from DalhousieUniversity in Halifax with majors inMathematics and Engineering. In 1987 Danjoined Learning International (formerlyXerox Learning Systems) to learn moreabout the "human machine". Later he acted as Vice Presidentof Corporate Development before joining Franklin Quest(now Franklin-Covey). Dan has facilitated strategic planning,sales training, and leadership development sessions acrossmany industries.ANNALISA (CRASH) LAROCCA(Distributor Mississauga)Ms. Larocca is a marketing graduate ofRyerson University and worked for 19 yearsfor L&K International Training, the interna-tional leader in Power Industry Training. Shewas promoted to Director of Sales andMarketing for L&K and worked extensively in internationalbusiness development for over two decades.A seasoned sales manager, Ms. Larocca was responsible for adirect sales force and international agents. She has traveledaround the globe and across the USA and Canada. Annalisahas experience in all aspects of direct marketing and haspersonally sold over $11,000,000 in training business to aglobal clientelle. She brings extensive international sellingexperience to Quota®.ANDREW SENIOR (Coach GTA)Andrew Senior is a published author in bothscience and marketing, Andrew brings aunique blend of analytics and creativity topharmaceutical marketing. His range ofmarketing experience covers in-licensingagreements, co-promotions, and productlaunches. He has served in a variety of levels in marketingfrom Product Manager and Commercial Product Team Leader,to Director of Marketing and now Marketing Consultant. Andrewis a certified Quota Coach that specializes in providing Quotatraining to the pharmaceutical industry.BILL SAYERS (Coach Toronto, ON)Bill Sayers is an inspirational speaker and avisionary business leader. He has spent thepast 29 years in the "Sales" arena. He startedhis career as an inside sales rep and workedhis way up to VP of Sales at an IBM company.During that time he worked for RevelstokeLumber, King Products, Linotype, Ryder Transportation, GECapital IT Solutions and IBM. Bill is able to communicate powerfulconcepts in a manner, which enables practical application inthe business world and drives profitable results for his clients.His goal is to help sales people ignite their passion for thegame of sales.COACHESQuota®Coaches have been specifically recruited and certified due to their extensive real world sales and salesmanagement experience. All Quota coaches have established themselves as top performing sales professionalsand have had successful careers as sales executives for many of North America’s leading sales organizations.Each Quota®Coach has been certified by the Quota®Master Coach and are encouraged to provide ‘war stories’ fromtheir own selling and coaching experiences. These experiences help Quota®Players ‘link’ the Quota®content to theirown selling environments... and add to a memorable learning experience.BRIAN CAMPBELL (Coach Toronto, ON)Brian Campbell is one of those trainers thatcome along all too infrequently. His deliveryapproach is fresh and unique. He is able totake complex information and communicatechallenging ideas in a way that everybodycan understand and use. Brian has been asales executive with Xerox Learning Systems and heldNational Sales Manager positions with American Express;Zenger Miller Achieve and Maritz Corporation. He is also agraduate of the Queens School of Business and YorkUniversitys Executive development program.JOHN MORTON (Coach Toronto, ON)Often called the "Dean of Sales" in consumergoods circles, John Morton has been a mentorto a generation of this countrys leading salesexecutives and has re-engineered salesforces and sales processes for a wide varietyof North American businesses. John achievedprominenceasVPSalesatRichardsonVicksandasNationalVicePresident&GeneralManagerofCommercial Markets at Procter& Gamble where he consistently set sales records and trainedscoresofhighperformancesalesleaderswhowentontosuccessworldwide. John later reversed declines and re-made salesand marketing performance at food service giant ARAMARKas Corporate Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing. Johnholds a BA in Sociology & Psychology from York University –Glendon College and a post graduate certificate in organizationalleadership from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology -Sloan School of Management.
  21. 21. 21© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.DENISE LAPOINTE (Coach Quebec)With over 30 years of experience, DeniseLapointe has successfully provided Frenchand English Sales Training and Developmentstrategies to many of Canada’s top salesorganizations. Ms. Lapointe has a backgroundin arts, language and education, with degreesfrom Université du Québec à Montréal and a Diploma fromUniversity of Granada, Spain.Ms. Lapointe is an exceptional facilitator with provenstrengths in sales, negotiation, communication, team building,and interpersonal skills. Formerly a top facilitator with XeroxLearning Systems, Ms. Lapointe is a member of the theInternational Coaching Federation (ICF) and has developed aninternational career delivering Managing Performance forUnesco in Paris, Beirut and Dakar and with a UN organization,ECA (Economic Commission for Africa) developing a HighPerformance Teams in Kigali, Rwanda.LÉON SERGENT(Distributor/Coach Montreal)An internationally certified seminar leader inconsultative selling and business presentationskills,LeonhashelpedorganizationsinCanada,the USA and North-Africa successfullydevelop people who connect with customersinside and outside of their organizations. An experiencedbilingual trainer with over 25 years of business experienceacross Canada, Leon works with leading professional servicesbusinesses including engineering, finance, applied technologies,as well as health and pharmaceutical professionals.COLIN CHARLES(Distributor)seasoned sales and marketing managementprofessional, with extensive experience innew business development and adult learn-ing. Colin Charles brings over 20 years ofresults-achieving sales and marketing leader-ship with proven success at driving revenue and brand growthwhile selling to the c-suite in highly competitive industries. Colinis a solutions-focused manager, skilled at building and directingwinning sales & marketing teams, cultures, initiatives andprocesses while remaining focused on meeting and exceedingcompany objectives. Colin’s ability to develop leading sales &marketing strategies, secure customer loyalty and forge rela-tionships with key business partners makes him a valuable assetto theteam. His expertise has positively impacted many ofNorth Americas most influential brands such as General Motors,IBM, Novartis Consumer Health, Kraft and American Express.Additionally, Colin’s skill set includes sales force automation,sales process engineering, channel development and CRM.LOUISE PROVENCHER(Distributor - Quebec, Canada)Louise Provencher manages our Quota®business intheQuébec,Canadaregion.Louisehas over 20 years experience selling goods,services and technology solutions. Her back-ground includes positions with ComputerProducts;ITSolutions;Horashphère&Latitude3.Ms.Provencheris particularly adept at new client development and has won anumber of sales awards for her market penetration efforts.Fluently-bilingual (and functional in Spanish), Louise hasworked with the full range of companies (small to Fortune500) and is versatile with all levels of decision-makers. Agraduate of Concordia University in business, customer servicehas always been a primary focus for her. Louise will coordinateour team of Québec-based Coaches and be the primary contactfor any Quebec business.PAUL WATSON(Distributor/Coach London, ON)Paul Watson is a Certified Sales ProfessionalExaminer with the Canadian ProfessionalSales Association, having conducted salestraining with the University of WesternOntario, Fanshawe College and other leadingmultinational sales and sales training organizations. He comeswith over 25 years in sales development and sales managementexperiencewithDunandBradstreetandXeroxLearningSystems/Learning International. Paul holds an Honours Degree in Artsfrom the University of Toronto and is a graduate in StrategicPlanning from the Canadian Institute of Management throughthe University of Western Ontario.GABRIEL NICOLETTI(Distributor/Coach Toronto, ON)Gabriel A. Nicoletti is a security industryveteran with over 20 years experience insales, training and senior management.Gabriel has worked in manufacturing and asa Senior Key Account Manager NorthAmerica, VP and General Manager for an industry-leading com-pany and President of his own enterprise. Mr. Nicoletti hasserved on a number of boards including CANASA, (TheCanadian Alarm & Security Association) and Underwriters’Laboratories of Canada (UL/ULC). Gabriel has achieved theCertified Sale Professional “CSP” designation with distinction(given to the top 2% of graduates) from the CanadianProfessional Sales Association. In addition, he holds thecoveted Certified Protection Professional designation “CPP”from the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).“The full daytraining sessionwas an excellentteam building andlearning experiencefor the entire Salesand Marketingteam. In additionto being an excel-lent refresher forthe entire salesforce, the Quota®experience alsoprovided a numberof key ‘take aways’that our organiza-tion has already putin place.”Trevor Squires,Director FoodService Sales &Marketing,Heinz Canada Inc.
  22. 22. Quota®Distributorsand Coaches continuedKIT GRANT(Distributor/Coach Alberta, Canada)Kit Grant is one of Canadas top publicspeakers. Kit is both a CSP (Certified PublicSpeaker) and CSP (Certified Sales Professional)and is the former World President of theInternational Federation for ProfessionalSpeakers and was the 2005 recipient of the InternationalAmbassador Award for service to the global speaking industry.Mr. Grant is also a member of the Canadian Speaking Hall ofFame and specializes in pushing people outside their comfortzones to get the results they deserve!BOB BOWES(Distributor/Coach - New York City, USA)Bob Bowes is motivated by success andnurturing others to succeed. His experienceincludes over 30 years in sales, marketing andleadership roles in the United Kingdom,Asia and North America. He has worked forFortune 500 companies in Information Technology and is nowrunning his own consulting company based in New York, special-izing in cross-cultural selling, sales coaching and global accounts.Bob has also assumed a number of civil responsibilities,including National President of Junior Chamber, representingthe UK at the United Nations and has served as an officer inthe British Territorial Army.Mr. Bowes holds qualifications in Marketing and BusinessAdministration and has been invited to undertake a PhD (GlobalAccounts Management) at the University of South Australia.FRAN ETHERINGTON(Distributor/Coach Leeds, United Kingdom)Fran is a fully qualified trainer with a back-ground in Retailing and VocationalQualifications. She has spent fifteen yearsmanaging merchandising teams and train-ing retail franchise owners to help themenhance their sales teams and empower their business. Thelast two years have been spent building her own commercialproperty business. As a qualified trainer and verifier withaccredited Adult Education experience, her enthusiasm andextensive experience enable her to assist other businessowners reach their full sales potential.GRAHAM ETHERINGTON(Distributor/Coach Leeds, United Kingdom)Graham has worked as Director of variousmechanical services companies for over25 years. As a Director of a successful Airconditioning company he led a sales teamresponsible for securing large scale contracts.Graham is a respected member of a nationwide organisationof air conditioning companies and became their youngestchairman. Under Graham’s leadership, he steered the grouptowards new standards in design, installation and after-salesservice.Graham’s record of securing large scale contracts and providingclients with the highest levels of after sales care and serviceprovide the foundation for the practical knowledge of salespractices and techniques that ensure successSHAHIDA NUR ZAINAL(Distributor Malaysia)Shahida is a Certified Coach, BarOn EQiAssessor and Trainer. As a consummate salesprofessional with 25 years of experience,Shahida has been a pillar of her industry andprovides thought leadership to her clients.Shai has driven breakthrough sales records in Malaysia,extending to the ASEAN region. A significant portion of hercareer has been with leading organizations like MicrosoftMalaysia, Oracle Malaysia & ASEAN, holding key senior sales& leadership positions. Shahida is passionate about peopledevelopment especially in the areas of sales developmenthaving mentored and coached numerous sales people andsales leaders to success. Her drive towards results and excel-lence has earned her the Microsoft’s Chairman’s Award (BillGates) and she was the first Malaysian to receive the Circle ofExcellence, a worldwide recognition for the top 10 employeesglobally. At both Oracle and Lotus, she received the Oracle100 Club for Top Achievers and Lotus 100 Club Achievers.MARC FORTIN (Montreal)Marc Fortin is a dynamic sales & marketingprofessional with a bachelor degree inMarketing and Economic sciences from theUniversity of Montreal. Marc gathered hisexperience in major consumer packagedgoods companies like Molson-Coors, CanadaBread, Borden Foods, Maple Leaf Consumer foods andKellogg’s. Marc has held positions as Director of StrategicPlanning and Trade Marketing or Director of Innovation,Regional brands and US business development where he hasled major corporate projects. Marcs motivation is helpingorganizations link their sales & marketing efforts and helpingsales professionals move to new levels of performance.JAMIE CRAWFORD (Coach Vancouver, BC)Jamie Crawford is a National Sales Directorfor a major electronic security company.Jamie has over 20 year’s success in salesleadership roles throughout Canada, NewZealand and Australia. He is a results-drivencoach with a proven track record in consumerpackage goods, business-to-business & business-to-con-sumer categories. An entrepreneur; he has held sales leadershiproles in organizations such as PepsiCo, Coca Cola Amatil, CanadianSprings and Yellow Pages Group. Contributing to the culture ofcontinuousimprovementandhelpingorganizationsimprovetheirsales performance are the rewards that motivate Jamie.
  23. 23. 23“Since the session,some feedback hascome in as follows:“10 times betterthan previoustrainer... It wasntabout the trainer,it was about thetraining!”“Best training Iveever been through”“When I heard itwas going to 4:30I thought it wouldbe draining. It notonly flew by, butI left energizedand pumped!”“Impactful”Adam WillsSales ManagerRedmond Williams© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.DOMENIC GIGLIOTTI(Distributor/Coach NE USA)Domenic Gigliotti is a Regional Director ofBusiness Development for an InternationalManagement Consulting Firm. He is a goal-oriented, results-driven, sales team leaderwith over 21 years of sales and sales man-agement experience. Domenic has worked in a variety ofindustries within North America including healthcare, financialservices, managed care and consulting services.He has lead various teams, developing and implementingsuccessful sales/marketing strategies with a consultative,needs-based, customer focused approach. Domenic has asimple philosophy in business – be a trusted and reliableresource, and exceed client expectations all the time. Domenicand his family live in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada but manages9 of the North East USA states. He will be representingQuota® in this region. Domenic is also an active volunteer inhis local community and has coached children’s sports teamsfor over 30 years. He is a graduate of Mohawk College inOntario, Canada.NATALJA PRIHHODKOOperations ManagerMs. Pridhhoko manages Quota®s generaladministration, operations and bookkeepingduties. Natalja has a solid background withone of Canada’s top language schools and anot-for-profit head office. As OperationsManager, she is our Distributor Liason; works directly withour myriad suppliers, printers and partners and coordinatesour expansive public seminar schedule. Natalja has a BA injournalism and translation and hails from Estonia.JAKE ROBERTSONOperations AssociateJake manages the Quota® inventory, handlingand shipping duties. Jake also liaises withour printing and production suppliers andinternational shippers. A musician by trade,Jake is also pursuing his Certified SalesProfessional designation and meeting clients that requireoperations assistance.TONY LLEWELLYN(Distributor, Letchworth, United Kingdom)Tony has a technical background inConstruction and Real Estate and has spentthe last twenty years building up specialistteams, often from a standing start. As amanaging partner in a leading internationalconstruction consultancy, he was responsible for delivering anumber of projects focused on business growth. In that timehe has gained a great deal of experience in how to build salesin the services sector.Tony is a qualified coach, and spends much of his time work-ing with managers to build their own coaching skills toimprove the sales performance of their teams.His underlyingphilosophy is that growth in business comes from growth ofthe individual, and that people can achieve extraordinaryresults if they can access their innate capabilities. Located inLetchworth, United KingdomSCOTT MCARTHUR(Distributor London and the Cotswolds)“Scott’s business is all about his passion forinspiring people to think differently aboutchange. Following a career in science and HR,Scott has operated for the past 10 years as abusiness consultant (with Atos KPMG andSculpture), facilitator, speaker, performance coach and writerwhere he has gained international experience in delivering HR,procurement and supply chain transformation, sales forceeffectiveness and leadership development interventions for awide range of clients (M&S, Sainsbury’s,Swiss Re, The PhoenixGroup), Capgemini, CGI and Atos)Scott has degrees in biology, human resources and psychologyand his interests vary across a broad spectrum from neu-ropsychologyandemployeeengagementtotheuseoftheartsinbusiness; his blog is a popular reading point for many executives.QUOTA® OPERATIONS
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