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EFE Egypt works with unemployed youth with limited access to opportunity. We partner with the private sector to design tailored training programs based on the job market, and provide job opportunities for our graduates.

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Efe egypt stakeholders brochure

  1. 1. EducationforEmploymentEGYPT works
  2. 2. EducationforEmploymentIntroductionThe Education for Employment Foundation|Egypt (EFE|Egypt), anafliate of EFE Global, seeks to address unemployment among Egyptianyouthwithlimitedaccesstoopportunity.EFE|Egypt is an independent Egyptian not-for-prot foundationestablished under the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity (#3200) thataims to empower marginalized youth through innovative market-driventraining,jobplacementandalumnisupportprograms."We believe that the more young men and women in Egypt we put to workthemoreEgyptWorks.To date, EFE|Egypt has successfully placed84% of graduates in jobs with a three-monthretentionrateof87%.EGYPT works
  3. 3. EducationforEmploymentEFE GlobalEducation For Employment (EFE) is a social franchise network of locally-runnon-protorganizationsthatprovidesyoungpeopleintheMiddleEastand North Africa (MENA) with training, employment, entrepreneurshipandcivicengagementopportunities.With local and international partners, EFE has built a network of afliatesin Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Yemen, withcounterpartsintheU.S.andEurope.EFE globally has provided nearly 4,000 youth withthe skills needed to get and keep a job and placedapproximately70%injobs.EGYPT works
  4. 4. EGYPT worksJob Training ProgramEFE|Egypts Job Training Program uses extensive experience andknow-how to align university graduates with the Egyptian jobmarketneeds.The eight week program follows a student-centered teachingapproach to train students in professional workplace skills, rangingfromproblemsolvingandbusinessEnglish,tonegotiationskillsandhowtooperateintheworkenvironment.Learn... Experience... CV writing Interview skills Workplace success Business skillsEnglish PronunciationBusiness English Mock interviews Company simulationGuest speaker sessionsGraduate project presentationGraduation ceremonyof EFE|Egypt graduates84%are succesfully employedEFE|Egypt didnt buy me sh, butinstead, they taught me how to shFatma Ghaly - EmployerGeneral Manager, Azza FahmyFatma Hassan - EFE|Egypt GraduateCurrently working as Quality AssuranceManager at Souq.comEFE|Egypt’s program gave me agreat feeling of hope that there’s alink between companies andunemployed youth that have greatpotential.Improve your skills & get a job now!EducationforEmployment
  5. 5. InteractShareSupportLearnSkillsLanguageAlumniExperienceLearn the job skills you need in 8 weeksEFE|Egypt requirements...Between the ages of 15 & 30 yearsMilitary service exemption,completion or 3 yearspostponement (for males)Graduated from university for atleast 6 monthsBasic English languageThe ProcessFill in the online applicationSuccessfully complete the English testPass an individual interviewRegister and pay commitmentfees of L.E. 150Copy of National IDCopy of Graduation CerticateCopy of Military Status PaperPersonal photo(‫اﻟﺗﺟﻧﯾد‬ ‫ﻣوﻗف‬ ‫ﺷﮭﺎدة‬ ‫)ﺻورة‬DocumentsJoin the EFE|Egypt Alumni Network...EFE|Egypt Employer Partners...Interact with past and recent graduatesShare experiences and job announcementsReceive feedback and support from EFE|Egyptstaff and graduatesAttend free English language classesSupport your communityEnjoy movie screeningsJoin in group tripsParticipate in workshopsSouq.comBanque MisrHabiba Company for TextilesDiceFarran TexXceedGirgis Abdel Shahid Law FirmAzza FahmyRaya Contact CenterWasla Contact CenterWe believe that the moreyoung men and women inEgypt we put to work themore‘Egyptworks’.
  6. 6. EGYPT worksSuccess story...EducationforEmploymentKirollos Magdy21Imbaba, CairoDiploma Degree Holder,CommerceSouq.comContent AssociateName:Age:Hometown:Education:Employer:Position:I did not feel likeI could amountto anything.As the sole provider for his family, Kirollos has beenworking since he was in high school in everythingfrom electronics to sanitation. Holding a diploma incommerce in a country that prizes a universityeducation, there was one thing Kirollos was sure toencounterineveryjob–aglassceiling.Despite his reluctance to apply and a certainty that he would be rejected,Kirollos was accepted to EFE|Egypt’s Job Placement Training Program.After graduation, Kirollos was selected bySouq.com - Egypt’s leading eCommercewebsite - as a content associate. After only twomonths on the job, Souq.com Egypt GeneralManager Omar Sodoudi believes “Kirollos hasrevolutionizedthe way Souq.comdoescontent”- and he doesn’t plan on stopping. With no endtohisambitioninsight...... Kirollos has successfully shattered the glassceiling.Kirollos hasrevolutionizedthe waySouq.comdoes content“Just because youare a diploma degreeholder doesn’t meanyou can’t learn andgrow - you can.”Kirollos MagdyKirollos Magdy
  7. 7. Projected growth570% Growth733% Growth1500 trained = 14.25%of market fair shareKPI-900 placed in jobsin 201316002012 201314001200100080060040020001500 trained1500 trained224108900 EmployedEducationforEmploymentEGYPT works