Certified Sales Professional by Quota (Leoron brochure)


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A golden opportunity to get the best North American certification for the sales job. Get CSP certification and separate yourself from the rest.

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Certified Sales Professional by Quota (Leoron brochure)

  1. 1. CSP compentecy review training programThe Quota ® System is unlike any other sales learning experience on the market today.The Quota ® System helps organizations develop their sales people into elite sales performers.Meet your quota and discover valuable sales tools that will change the way you do business.CERTIFIED SALESPROFESSIONALpowered byOrganized byCSPTM16-18 June 2013 | Dubai, UAE
  2. 2. welcome to theworld of Quota®The Quota®System provides tools/training that cover every aspect of sales developmentfrom: sales management coaching; sales conference delivery; reinforcement and follow-up;CRM tracking of sales metrics; and sales training.Quota®has combined a unique blend of over 30 years of research; practical experienceand academic instruction to create an outstanding learning experience that, simply put,produces results!what are the consequences ofcreating elite sales performers?Question - what other function in yourbusiness is as critical to your futureprosperity?Although every function is important to thesuccess of the organization, without the‘life blood’ of sales, every other corporateorgan will cease to function.Developing elite sales performers requiresa combination of factors:• Recruiting talent• Training• Coaching for ongoing improvement• Motivating for maximum output• Reward and recognition• Retaining the talentThe Quota®system addresses each of thesefactors using our unique and proprietaryteaching methodologies.In combination with our work at theUNIVERSITY OF TORONTO, Quota®maintains a contemporary finger onthe pulse of what it takes to succeedin sales today.CONTENTSIntroductionQuota®SystemQuota®ProgramsQuota®Translation& CustomizationRegionsCoachesContact UsQUOTA®ProductsQUOTA®The SalesPerformanceGameTMQUOTA®B2CTMQUOTA®Q’ubeTMQUOTA®CoachTMQ NewsTMQUOTA®OnlineTMQUOTA®CRMTMQISTMQSRPTMT +971 (0) 4 447 5711 | F +971 (0) 4 447 5710 | info@leoron.net | www.leoron.com
  3. 3. © All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.T +971 (0) 4 447 5711 | F +971 (0) 4 447 5710 | info@leoron.net | www.leoron.comPartial list ofQUOTA®clientsToshibaEconoliteCCCLGeneral Conveyor Co.Kan SalesOptechAvmorCasellaWSIKruger ProductsUniverity of TorontoMississauge Boardof TradeSpringSamsungStudent GuardHeinzUnisourceRisoSticky MediaAtlantic PackagingSimark ControlsMaplesoft ConsultingNexientPinnacle GroupReliance ProtectronSharp CanadaSprint GlobalWaste ManagementBusinessDevelopment BankOutdoor BroadcastNetworkBioforceGlobal CrossingRedmond WilliamsCleartechExpert TrainerEARL ROBERTSON (Canada) Expert TrainerEarl Robertson is President and Founder of Quota® and Namaico Holdings Inc. Earl has had an extensive career insales, marketing, operations and executive management. Mr. Robertson has been CEO of a $40,000,000 staffingservices company, President of an international technical training company and was a former executive with XeroxLearning Systems and top salesperson with Procter & Gamble Inc. He is a graduate in business from ConcordiaUniversity in Montreal and has also served as a Business Advisor to the Concordia University Faculty of Commerceand is a Lead Judge at the annual INTERNATIONAL MBA CASE STUDY COMPETITION.Mr. Robertson has also servedon a variety of Boards (public and private).Quota®, QISTM, QTTMTM & CPSA Online Prep Course & ExaminationQuota® (1 day), QISTM (1 day), QTTMTM(1 day) programs have combined with the Canadian Professional SalesAssociation (CPSA) to provide the CERTIFIED SALES PROFESSIONAL designation examination. By completing the3 Quota® programs and the CPSA online preparation course and examination (written & oral) the student may re-ceive their internationally-recognized CSP Designation!All inclusive fee includes all training, classroom instruction, workbooks, prep course and examinationsAbout CSPThe Certified Sales Professional (CSP) designation is the sign of a committed, honest and knowledgeable consulta-tive sales expert. A nationally recognized standard in sales excellence, the Certified Sales Professional designationis how sales professionals can differentiate themselves from others. CSP’s have been tried and tested in the con-sultative selling method; their goal is to help uncover the needs and issues of clients and assist in developing theoptimum solution.The Certified Sales Professional program was developed by CPSA’s Sales Institute to be a career-long commitmentto sales excellence and professionalism. CSP’s are required to meet yearly professional development standardsand personally commit to the Sales Institute’s Code of Ethics. Sales has become a respected profession of choiceand the Sales Institute aims to maintain minimum standards and ongoing development of this next generation ofprofessionals.Why Become CSP?These three small letters after your name pack an advantageous punch that’s hard to compete with. Over 86% ofCSP’s report having gained a competitive advantage in the marketplace and 72% went on to rank in the top 25%of sales earners in their organizations. Earning your sales designation diminishes client apprehension and enablesyou to uncover mutually beneficial solutions that drive long term growth.The Certified Sales Professional designation is well recognized in the sales and marketing industry as a way to vali-date your sales expertise, having successfully completed both written and oral examinations. Client and colleaguesidentify you as a competent sales professional who adheres to the CPSA Sales Institute’s standards of experience,knowledge, attitude, skill, and ethics. CSP’s have improved career growth opportunities and higher earning potential.Benefits of CSP Certification for you1. You are identified as a highly competent professional who has demonstrated and met the standards for ex perience, knowledge, attitude and skills set by the CPSA Sales Institute2. You improve your career growth opportunities, advancement, and earning potentional3. Employers know you have solid selling skills and the credentials to prove it4. Customers know that you meet a set of rigorous standards for excellence and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics5. You are committed to personal career development and lifelong learningBenefits of CSP Certification your company1. Set a measurable benchmark within your sales team2. Differentiate your sales team by increasing their credibility3. Decrease turnover by setting a hiring standard for new staff4. Assist with ongoing training and career development5. Demonstrate your commitment to the profession
  4. 4. Quota®- The Sales Performance Game is afun, interactive and team-building experiencethat teaches players about Business-to-Business (B2B) sales cycles and competencies.Each player develops critical sales skills andknowledge while playing the game andhaving fun! 40 critical competencies aretaught over the duration of the game(4-7 hours depending on format).Typical improvements are found in:• Essential Selling Skills• Prospecting for New Business• Presentation Skills• Forecasting Accuracy• Selling to Committees• Competitive Selling Practices• Major Account Development Practices• Teamwork and MotivationEach player (participant) receives: Quota ®Player Workbook; Quota Binder; Quota®Pen;Quota®and Quota®prize for the winning team.Quota®B2B Stages/CompetenciesSTAGE 1 - Prospecting• Building a Daily Prospecting Plan• Introductory Script• Getting Through ‘Screens’• Leaving Messages• Handling Prospecting ObstaclesSTAGE 2 - Qualifying• Writing Email, Target Letters and Direct Mail• Mulitiple Sales Cycles• Qualifying (B.P.O.U.T.)STAGE 3 - The Initial Meeting• Meeting Your Client•• 6 Steps to a Professional Greeting• Individual Motivators• Organization MotivatorsSTAGE 4 - Conducting a Needs Analysis•• Conducting the Needs AnalysisSTAGE 5 - Product/Service Demonstration• I.B.O.A.T.• Committee Interview• Presentation Preparation and AgendaSTAGE 6 - Presenting a Quotation• Seven Basic Rules to Quotation Presentation• Triangulation• Securing a Commitment• 6 Core Closing skills• Appropriate Closes per Buying StyleSTAGE 8 – Gaining KDM or Committee Commitment• Competitive Selling PracticesSTAGE 9 – Purchasing Approves, P.O. Issued• Handling Purchasing Obstacles• NegotiatingSTAGE 10 – Product/Service Delivered,Payment Received• Post-Sales Service• Written CommunicationQUOTA®feedback62% felt that theygained a betterunderstanding oftheir teammates72% felt the gameprovided bettertools than othersales trainingprograms82% felt the gameexceeded theirexpectations83% surveyed saidthe game kept theirinterest92% had more funthan other trainingexperiences!100% felt thegame met orexceeded theirobjectives!100% wouldrecommend thegame to theircolleagues!T +971 (0) 4 447 5711 | F +971 (0) 4 447 5710 | info@leoron.net | www.leoron.comDAY 1
  5. 5. “Having been in theconsumer electronicsbusiness for over20 years, I foundthat your trainingprogram was oneof the best thatI have attended.The entire sessionwas informative,interactive andcreated a senseof competitionand camaraderieat the same time.”Lindsay Takashima,Director of Sales,Toshiba Corp.“I used this systemon my sales teamand saw results. Weincreased our sales62% over the firstquarter!”Mr. Karl de Nie,Director of Sales,Sticky Media© All material is copyright and cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or distributed without proper written authorization of Namaico Holdings Inc.T +971 (0) 4 447 5711 | F +971 (0) 4 447 5710 | info@leoron.net | www.leoron.comA key challenge facing sales people todayis to be seen as a partner vs. commodityvendor. In order to achieve this relationship,professional sales people access seniorlevel decision makers and sell their products/services as strategic tools.Building on the core foundational skills ofQuota®, QIS™ (Quota ®Issue Selling) is anadvanced 1/2 day strategic selling programthat takes your Quota®graduates to newlevels of sales performance!QIS™ teaches:• How to analyze your client’s businessissues• Understanding the StrategicPlanning Process• Recognizing how your product/serviceaddresses organizational needs/levels• Using the unique QIS™ Call Sheet torecord/track your client’s strategic andoperational goalsQIS®follows the samefun and team-buildingprocess used in otherQuota®programs toensure your teamseamlessly integratestheir core sales skillsand training into anadvanced level ofsales performance!Issue SellingTMIs it‘nature’or‘nurture’? Quota® believeswe are all born with certain traits andpersonalities.However, success in any field of endeavoris predicated on mastering the basics ofthat field.An essential element of sales successincludes the following building blocks:I. Key Account Roles & ResponsibilitiesII. Strategic Territory Planning SkillsIII. Key Account Sales ProcessIncorporated into these three buildingblocks are:Value PyramidPartnership SellingROI - TimeGoal-settingForecastingMarket/Industry AnalysisTargeting Key AccountsTerritory Marketing PlansStrategic Account PlanningCoupled with the Quota® System™programs of core selling skills, advancedstrategic selling skills; field coaching andsales performance tracking.DAY 2 DAY 3What does it take to become an elitesales performer?
  6. 6. BOOK EARLYSAVEUS$ 500COMPANY DETAILSCompany : ________________________________________________ Address : ________________________________________________Post Code : ________________________________________________ Country : ________________________________________________Tel : ________________________________________________ Fax : ________________________________________________ I have read and agreed to the following terms and conditionsDELEGATE DETAILS1Name : _____________________________ Job title : _____________________________ E-mail : _____________________________Tel : _____________________________ Fax : _____________________________ Mob : _____________________________2Name : _____________________________ Job title : _____________________________ E-mail : _____________________________Tel : _____________________________ Fax : _____________________________ Mob : _____________________________3Name : _____________________________ Job title : _____________________________ E-mail : _____________________________Tel : _____________________________ Fax : _____________________________ Mob : _____________________________CSPSignature: ___________________________1. Please Invoice my Company  2. Please charge my Credit Card   Visa  Master CardCard Number : __________________________________CVC/CCV Number : _______________Exp Date : _____ / _____ / ________Name on card : __________________________________Signature : __________________________________VENUE DETAILSOasis Beach Tower HotelDubai, UATel: +971 4 399 4444Fax: +971 4 399 4200E-mail: obt@jaihotels.comEarly Bird DiscountsRegister before April 15, 2013 ..................... US$ 2,990Register before May 15, 2013 ..................... US$ 3,240Final Price .................................................... US$ 3,490Group Discounts3-4 Delegates 20%5 Delegates 25%*please note that all group discount aregiven on the final price+971 4 447 5711+971 4 447 5711register@leoron.netwww.leoron.com4 Easy ways to RegisterTERMS & CONDITIONS1. Payment Terms100% payment of the full amount upon receipt of the invoice.2. Cancellation Policyi. All cancellations must be done in writing.ii. Full refund for cancellations will only be paid to a maximum of one week from the invoice date.iii. 50% refund for cancellations will only be paid to a maximum of two weeks from the invoice date.iv. No refund for cancellations done after 2 weeks from the invoice date. Substitute is always welcomed; if not possible a credit will be given which can be used for any of Leoron events up to 1 year.3. Force Majeure: If the event is postponed, canceled or abandoned by reason of war, fire, storm, explosion, national emergency, labor dispute, strike, lock-out, civil, disturbance, actual or threatened violence by anyterrorist group, or any other cause not within the control of our organization, we shall be under no liability to ‘Company’ for non-performance or delay in performance of obligations under this contract or otherwise inrespect of any actions, claims, losses (including consequential losses) costs or expenses whatsoever which may be brought against or suffered or incurred by ‘Company’, as the result of the happening of any such events.4. Complaint and Refund: For more information regarding administrative policies such as complaint and refund, please contact Val Jusufi, Head of Training at: Tel: +971 4 447 5711, Fax:+971 4 447 5710,e-mail: val@leoron.net5. Governing Law: This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws and Regulations of DMCCA.CERTIFIED SALES PROFESSIONAL16-18 June 2013 | Dubai, UAE