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Mobile App Monetisation


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Published in: Technology, Business

Mobile App Monetisation

  1. 1. Mobile Monday Dhaka (Proposed) Get together Date: 2nd September, 2013
  2. 2. App Monetisation Jointly Presentedby SMAshrafAbir & MahboobZaman
  3. 3. Behind the scene Angry Bird Play
  4. 4. DON’T JUST BUILD A MOBILE APP Angry bird $195 millionrevenue with55.5% net profit BUILD A BUSINESS Fruit Ninja Makes $400,000 a Monthon Ads growing from $8.5 billion in 2011 to $46 billion in 2016 espnscorecenter shazamAdobe photoshop expressopen table Ringdroidkindle Kayakflight & hotel search FlixsterGoogletranslateUrbanspoon
  5. 5. EnterpriseApplication Offer Mobile Applications Services: to Transform the Client’s Work Workforce Management solutions Fleet Management Solutions Sales Force Automation LocationBased Services Field Services Automation Mobile Marketing Mobile ProductivitySolutions B2B model TraditionalSales model Selling mobile apps directly to the customers Suitablewhen making mobile appsfor a specific customers
  6. 6. Pay per download model Frequentlyused model App store take its share Freemium model Advertising based model - House add - Sell your space In app model One time purchasing Micro transaction Subscription App for shopping
  7. 7. Mobile apps like stars in the galaxy Brand your app, don't just name it Invest in your icon Get the word out Social Sharing/PostAnnouncement/PressHook/GetFeatured Mobile Advertising Cross Promotion
  8. 8. Paid Download Research Be realistic: Test markets Read your reviews 400 million Store Account with Credit Card Operator billing 70+ countries Supported marketplace NokiaStore WindowsStore Apple Not Supported Google Service fee
  9. 9. To reach a top 10 ranking, a free app needed 70,000 downloads. Paid apps required about 4,000 downloads. Even a top 50 ranking required 23,000 downloads for free apps. To reach the top 10 in terms of highest-grossing apps, a developer had to gross $47,000 in the month, and to break the top 50, the figure was $12,000 in revenue.
  10. 10. MCC2013 BangladeshMobile AppIndustryInsights
  11. 11. Freemium: Free to try Monthly subscriptions Advertisement Case study
  12. 12. & In app purchase Virtual or digital goods “We're now lookingat other waysof earning revenue,like offeringin-game purchases.Forexample,we nowofferusers The abilityto purchase 'The Mighty Eagle', whichusers can buyto solve anylevel inthe game.” Functional: Sell extra lives Decorative: Let the user personalize the background Consumable: Sell items that expire andneedto be repurchased
  13. 13. Smartphone lets watch a short film 