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Payment Gateway

  1. Payment Gateway
  2. PayPal (As an example) All-in-One Solution Customer’s issuing bank Merchant’s acquiring bank Customer Merchant Processor Payment Processing Service
  3. Common Fraud-Related Risks Using stolen information to open new credit cards Issuing unauthorized credits or payments Identity theft Cash theft Accessing a payment network to complete fraud Accessing payment networks Using a stolen credit card to purchase goods and services Product theft Chargebacks A cardholder disputes a credit card purchase
  4. How to Protect Your Business Against Fraud Transaction Level Ensure each transaction you accept and process is valid, and be careful in reviewing suspicious transactions because some may be valid. Account Level Make sure only authorized users have access to your payment gateway account, and be alert for suspicious account access patterns. Network Level Ensure your perimeter is defended against unauthorized access. 1 2 3
  5. Payment Gateway Implementation over SSL Refer to the attached PDF “ Payment Gateway Implementation.pdf”
  6. An example of applying to a payment gateway (WorldPay) Refer to the attached PPS “ worldpay application.pps”
  7. Most famous Payment Gateways    
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