Opening scene analysis on kick ass (action)


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Opening scene analysis on kick ass (action)

  1. 1. Opening scene analysis on Kick Ass (Action Genre) Nasima Begum
  2. 2. The opening scene of Kick Ass begins with an establishing shot, which clearly shows that the movie is set in New York. The very wide shot allows the audience to see where the action will take place and provides an overview of the scene that will follow. The camera gradually zooms up closer showing us some of the iconic buildings in New York for example The Empire States building can be seen at the very back.
  3. 3. There is a pre-lap into the next scene as dialogue can be heard being spoken over the opening establishing shot. The pre-lap shows the juxtaposition of the two scenes as the busy city establishing shot contrasts with the voice of the character saying ‘a handgun bullet travels at more than 700 miles an hour’. This provides an ironic impact to the opening sequence.
  4. 4. The cut in close up shot of the bag on the floor takes us straight into the scene and action. The mise-en-scene (props) colour of the backpack bag is pink which connotes feminine traits and the character is quite girly. The close up shot of the bag allows us to see in more detail what she is getting out of the bag which to our surprise is a gun. This shot is very effective as we are not yet shown the character but from the way she is holding the gun suggests she is not nervous but very confident.
  5. 5. The camera pans from the bottom to above revealing another character. The low angle shot of the character allows the audience to see the powerlessness and vulnerability of the character. The mise-en-scene (costume) glasses suggest he is intelligent. The character is framed to the left of the lens where in the background you can see nothing but rocks. This could suggest that the character is also insignificant.
  6. 6. This very wide establishing shot shows us that there is two characters in a isolated and abandoned place. This shot is very effective as we can still see the buildings however it seems very far away from where the characters are standing. This could suggest that the characters are away from everyday life and now in their ‘own world’. It also shows the audience that they are still in New York. The contrast between the background building with the abandoned area shows also the contrast between the characters and the outside people. This shot introduces the characters in the opening scene which connotes that they will be important characters throughout the film as they are the first characters we are shown.
  7. 7. Batman Begins (Opening Scene) Nasima Begum
  8. 8. The opening scene begins with a establishing shot showing the miseen-scene (setting) of hundreds of bats flying in dark sky. This is very effective as it sets an sinister tone and atmosphere to thrill the audience.
  9. 9. The mise-en-scene (lighting) shows black bats contrast against dark and cloudy sky. The establishing shot clearly shows in background, a form of large bat. This connotes the key symbol of power; represents idea that Batman will be able to combat evil by ‘shining’ even in darkness.
  10. 10. Throughout the opening scene quiet but continual beat which gets louder as Bruce falls into well. The non diegetic sound of an orchestra in the background sets a tone of fear and panic. The continual beat sets suspense of situation which keeps the audience on edge as the sound changes pitch from silent to loud.
  11. 11. The camera pans from right to left as we see the garden scene going so fast it is blurred. This type of shot is useful here as it brings audience into action and makes us feel like we are running with the characters.
  12. 12. The High-angle shot of the top of well is used to exaggerate the height of it as well as get a good shot of the boy falling. This represents how far he has fallen and could also suggest the long journey he is about to embark upon. The close up of the boy’s face as he hits the bottom emphasises how frightened he is and helps to show his emotions.
  13. 13. The mid shot of both the characters shows the mise-enscene (clothing) of the characters. The children are dressed in contemporary which gives the impression that they are from wealthy background.
  14. 14. There is a close up shot of the character waking up from the dream. The use of this shot here is very effective as we are then introduced to what seems to be the grown version of the boy in the same position as the boy was lying in the last frame. The close up shot allows us to see the contrast between the past character and now.