Social media challenges


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Social media a New challenge for Media Educators

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Social media challenges

  1. 1. Social media : New challenge for Media Educators Dr Ashok Sharma, Assistant professor Institute of Mass Communication & Media Technology Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra Email –,
  2. 2. Social media danger ? "Social Media misuse needs to be checked" Prime minister Manmohan singh "There is no effective mechanism at present to stop the spread of hatred during inducing material on social media"- Akilesh yadav, chief minister, Utter Pradesh " Social media service provider should have the capacity to identify the people who sends such material –Bhupinder sing hooda, chief minister Haryana " There should be a social media laboratory under the state intelligence department to monitor posts likely to endanger communal harmony"-Prihviraj chavan, chief minister, Mharastra
  3. 3. Google quote "Social media is like teen sex, every one wants to do it. Nobody knows how? Everyone hopes it will be great when they finally do it"
  4. 4. Social Media Platforms • Social Media-Internet forums, Blogs, Wikis, Social networks, Podcasts etc. • Social Media are Interactive platforms where individuals and communities create and share user generated content, • Creators of new cyber-geography
  5. 5. According to Internet & Mobile association of India 58.4 Crore mobile & 14.5 crore internet media user in India
  6. 6. 84 % of social media user are school & college going young minds of this country
  7. 7. Impact of Social Media • Everyone is now journalist upload content and publish on any website • News & information available any time any where • Maximization of information this is good for society • Socio-Political Movements where social media acted as a opinion maker and opinion shaper- Arab spring-Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Libya Anna Hazare , Lok Sabha elections, Delhi Gang rape case.
  8. 8. Other pictures of social media • Dominant negative effects which are- social, psychological, behavioural, cultural and even physical too. • One of the most popular sites Facebook gives false sense of security where as it can be accessed to personal information. • Other social networking sites such as my space etc. offer even less security and protection because they are open to anyone. • Monitoring of social networking sites and their regulation is almost impossible. • Inappropriate pictures, statements hunt one and another and are breach of privacy. • Hatred, vulgarity, unparliamentarily postings are common.
  9. 9. Other pictures of Social Media • Hackers hack the account and can lend you to any kind of trouble- financial, social, national security breaching, fraud etc. • Web is a source of useful information but when used without restrictions creates dangerous environment. Pornographic, erotic websites attract users. Harassment, bullying, sick comments are the dangers.
  10. 10. Impact on journalism • Death of professional journalism ? • Accountability, ethics standards are at risk • Leading to a Chaotic society • Miss information campaign will on the rise • Half bake information will be availabel to people
  11. 11. Why Young people are using these platforms? • "They want to make a difference in the society" • Choice of occupation is also a mission for the young minds • They want to be story tellers of the society • They are ready to be the mirror of the society
  12. 12. Can we preserve journalist & journalism in future ? • We can no longer claim exclusive preserve of journalist & journalism in future. • Social media gave power to disseminate news & information internationally in a instant
  13. 13. Loosing distinction between journalist & communicators • New media producing a new breed of young communicators & journalist • New media become a alternate platform for journalist who working with mainstream media
  14. 14. citizen become a reporter • Ordinary citizens are producing report, commentary and opinion are now a days • Our challenge is educate our fellow citizen on the mindful use of this freedom
  15. 15. BRIDGING ? Class room Social Media Newsroom
  16. 16. Suggestions • We should educate journalist, serious bogglers, citizen journalist to adopt a mindful approach to their news & commentary. • We should think carefully about the readers, audience, • Government should evolve a system of check & balances
  17. 17. Suggestion • Structural changes in the education system & the syllabi of the media education • Practical & field oriented education • Capsule training program for new breed of journalist • News Flow should be regulated • Frequency of publication of news by the main stream media will have to be change to meet the new rising needs of the society
  18. 18. • Do not post private information • Stay safe • Utilize privacy settings- you can control who has access to your personal information. • Place high security settings • Use different password for social networking sites than you use for online banking • Do not divulge information to others. • Be careful while clicking on links which has come from ‘friend’. • Install a data protection software • These sites influence our maturity level, health and affection towards other. • Go out in the real world. Meet people and take time to know someone in person rather than through computerized interaction. • It is zero face to face interaction and make you idle and glue to PC/phone etc. and physical activity. How to handle social media- Some Tips
  19. 19. Thanks…