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Udaan 2016- The Freshers' Quiz(Prelims)

Preliminary round of Udaan 2016, The Freshers' Quiz conducted as part of the orientation week at Ashoka University.

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Udaan 2016- The Freshers' Quiz(Prelims)

  1. 1. Prelims
  2. 2. Q. Only if the painter was allowed entry into the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, this world would have seen less bloodshed and misery. Identify the painter.
  3. 3. Answer: Hitler
  4. 4. Q. This is the logo of which multi-billion dollar company, the owner of which is a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. Just a better one.
  5. 5. Answer: Wayne Enterprises
  6. 6. Q. Dilute Silver Nitrate when brought in contact with skin, reacts with the salt present on it and forms Silver Chloride and leave the stains which are impossible to wash off and is only removed as external skin cells are replaced. The dilution formula is patented and only available with two entities in the world. What is being talked about?
  7. 7. Answer: Indelible Ink
  8. 8. Q. It is said that this place is named after a famous incident from Ramayana wherein Laxman cuts Surpanakha’s (Ravana’s sister) nose. Name this place.
  9. 9. Answer: Nashik
  10. 10. Which ‘measuring’ instrument often used for public safety operates based on this equation ?
  11. 11. Answer: Breathalyser
  12. 12. Identify.
  13. 13. Answer: Arc Reactor (Iron Man)
  14. 14. Q. What unofficial holiday is celebrated between 6:02 AM to 6:02 PM on October 23rd every year by chemists ?
  15. 15. Answer: Mole Day
  16. 16. Walter Fredrick Morrison, who at 17 sent the lid of a popcorn tin skimming through the air of a California backyard and as an adult remade the lid in plastic. Initially called the Flying-Saucer. Which popular thing did he invent in this process?
  17. 17. Answer: Frisbee
  18. 18. Q. Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, quite ironically is the fear of what ?
  19. 19. Answer: Fear of long words
  20. 20. Q. The name of this font is Vision MG and it was created by Leo Burnett as a tribute to which lawyer ?
  21. 21. Answer: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
  22. 22. Q. Which item shown below was auctioned of for the hefty sum of $47800 ?
  23. 23. Answer: Charlie Chaplin’s Moustache.
  24. 24. Q. How do we collectively know ? Dasher Dancer Prancer Vixen Comet Cupid Dunder Rudolph
  25. 25. Answer: Santa’s Reindeer
  26. 26. Q. What is the significance of this picture ? It pertains to an activity our generation engages in frequently.
  27. 27. Answer: First Photo on the internet.
  28. 28. Q. This "famous man"- 1) has 2 statues of himself, one at Symbiosis Institute, Pune and other at the Worli Seaface, Mumbai. 2) appeared on a postage stamp released by Indian Postal Service in 1988. 3) is the mascot of low budget airlines Air Deccan. Identify.
  29. 29. Answer: The common Man by R.K. Laxman
  30. 30. These are photographs by Thierry Cohen which show us what we would see at night if there was no ______ pollution. Stargazing would have been so much easier, only if. Fill in the blanks .
  31. 31. Answer: Light Pollution
  32. 32. Q. Identify the organisation from the advertisement.
  33. 33. Answer: WWF
  34. 34. Q. This is the logo of which iconic and legendary bank?
  35. 35. Answer: Iron Bank of Braavos
  36. 36. Q. Who is the first person to score a double century in one day international cricket ?
  37. 37. Answer: Belinda Clark