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                               aLicia Parga. HFA Colombia not only impacts economic realities and housing
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Fec country colombia


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Fec country colombia

  1. 1. COLOMBIA HOUSING FOR ALL Background & oBjectives Housing Model: In Colombia there is a severe housing shortage that plagues the country’s most Home Improvement vulnerable populations. Roughly 2.5 million homes are in critical need of upgrade, including those in urban slums, which are often constructed from low-quality and unsafe director: Maria Lucia Roa building materials. Housing For All (HFA) Colombia enables sustainable and scalable (Interim HFA Director) systems to deliver integrated and affordable housing solutions. Technical assistance, construction materials and financing are offered to those without traditional access. Program Launch: 2006 number of Partners: core activities - Citizen Sector: 5 - Business Sector: 6 HFA Colombia fosters partnerships between the citizen and private sector in the home- improvement market. Collectively these alliances have dismantled numerous barriers inherent in traditional housing value chains. Since 2006 a group of citizen sector groups led by two Ashoka Fellows Haidy Duque and Audes Jimenez, have partnered with Grupo Corona, a leading home improvement and construction company in Colombia, to provide affordable home improvement solutions to communities in need. Through this collaboration called “Viste tu Casa”, Ashoka Fellows and Grupo Corona have led a new and profitable business that is now active in 6 major cities across Colombia. This business continues to grow with projected sales for 2012 estimated at USD$25 million. In order to quickly scale the HFA Colombia model and respond to the need of 2.5 million Colombian people, Ashoka with the support of the Affordable Housing Institute (AHI) are working together to create a new Home Improvement Financial Entity (HIFE). This new entity will provide special housing financial products that are integrated with technical assistance—estimated to be worth more than USD$100M. In addition to this new financial entity, the program is also supporting the establishment of a new national distribution network enabling access not only to building materials and financial services but also the technical and construction services needed to ensure the building of safe homes. This new phase of HFA Colombia is on track to be launched before the end of 2010 in the major Colombian cities of Bogota and Barranquilla.
  2. 2. COLOMBIA aLicia Parga. HFA Colombia not only impacts economic realities and housing conditions, but individuals on a personal level. One recent participant attributed her ability to move towards financial independence and home-improvement after her husband left her. With the guidance and support provided by the HFA program in Colombia she was able to tile her bathroom over the original brick and cement. She says that “now when I bathe, I feel like a queen.” As soon as she finishes repaying her first loan, she intends to follow the same process and finish her bedroom. This home improvement project has fostered Alicia’s self esteem and confidence—she is now capable of providing a better home and future for her family. IMPACT OUR MAIN PARTNERS IN THE usd$11.7 Million in sales HOUSING FOR ALL HyBRID VALUE CHAIN have been generated as a Hybrid Value Chain (HVC) is a new operating framework for transforming result of 28,000 housing markets by leveraging the strengths of business and social actors. HVC spread solutions being delivered across the economic spectrum and represent a systemic change in the way profitably business and citizen sector interact. The current HFa model has been replicated across 15 neighborhoods in 6 cities usd$11.5M in credit extended to low-income consumers from 2007 to 2009 Business sector citiZen sector Housing related Products, aggregators, Builders & technical assistance complementary services • Colceramica & access enablers • Santafe • Fundacion Amanecer • Aprodefa Finance Providers • Corporacion Construyendo • Finamerica • Asociacion Cedecur • Kairos - Bogota At Finamerica (leading Financial Institution in Colombia) we believe in this project and see how quickly it’s spreading across the entire team while inspiring other players to support this effort. I believe that this project will become a national and international model.” Maria Fernanda velez Lotero, Marketing Director, Finamérica S.A.