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My Biodata-with slid show


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My Biodata-with slid show

  1. 1. Resume Of Ashok Gurhekar Mobile 9689534220 Email ID Address New Sangavi .Pune(MH) Date Of Birth : 20 Jul 1991 Birth Place : Buldhana Marital Status : Unmarried Nationality : Indian Present Resident : Pune
  2. 2. Objective My goal is to become associated with a company where I can utilize my skills and gain further experience while enhancing the company’s productivity and reputation and also which provide me conducive learning and development.
  3. 3. Academic Details Examination University Percentage BBA (in Business Process Management Y C M O U. Nashik Pursuing HSC S G B A. Amravati 65.67% SSC S G B A. Amravati 72.83%
  4. 4. Strength Languages  Marathi  English  Hindi
  5. 5.  Able to Listen  Hard work  Patients  Communication  Easy Learning  Accept Feedback  Adaptable Strength
  6. 6. Work Experience Organization name : Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Ltd. Pune Designation : Intern Duration : 3 Years (2013 – 2016)
  7. 7. 3 Years Work Experience in  Data Processing  Customer Support  Management Process  Supply Chain Management Domain Knowledge
  8. 8. 1) Online & Offline Admission Project 2) Result Processing Project 3) Network Partner Management Project 4) Supply chain management Projects Handled By Me
  9. 9. 1) Document Verification 2) Online Customer Support 3) Handling Reception Desk Online Admission Process
  10. 10. Various types of people come in office with their complicated issue some time they were not aware with their problem , they speak some thing wrong, some of them may be confused or agree , they want solution of their problem , in such type of situation our behavior or technic to handle them does matter . I have gone from such types of situation , in that situation I use my  Communication Skill  Patience  Customer Identification Skill  E-Communication  Because of above mentioned skills I have handled various customers without making any one hurt . What I achieved ?
  11. 11.  My Role In That project 1) To give information about recruitment and application process to people who want to enquire. ( through Face to face, with online chat, call, mail) 2) If any applicant get any trouble in application process like technical issue , payment issue, Information filling in form. Then I give them solution . 3) After applied I provide them status about their application, payment, exam date, Hall ticket, exam Center 4) After Exam I & my team both do process on their answer sheet . to generate their result. Recruitment Project
  12. 12. 2) Result Processing Flow chart This is Team work and I done work in following process of result process. Recruitment Project
  13. 13. This recruitment process is team work. Not only in office but also we go for scanning out of city in various government office , that time I have done work either as team member or as a leader of time. Some time we get trouble because of some technical issue , and person of concern department compulsion over us but we did our work under presser also but as a team leader I give assure them that we can we it . In this way our confidence ,situation handling skill and positive thinking we have run up against difficult situation also. I learnt to handle situation from that likes of works and also helped me to develop my ….  leadership ,  Monitoring  and collaboration skill. What I learnt ?
  14. 14. I was working in this project for…. A)Customer Support B) Exam Support C) Data Management D) Certification (5420 ALCs Center Around all Maharashtra And Outside) Network Partner Management Project
  15. 15. We give support to our customer (Network Partner) through calling , mailing , and massaging. Problem Like :  New Centre registration  Admission  Payment  Certificates  Exam  More. Support
  16. 16. In Exam support we provide them online services like……  Exam software  Exam center  Exam schedules  Candidates Details  Hall Ticket  Technical Support During Exam  Provisional Result Exam Support
  17. 17. I have given support to around 900 our network partners, I daily communicate with them regarding their query , and then solve it , some time they got trouble regarding admission process, payment , technical issue, material dispatch, and they want solution of that problem that time and I can not also help them that time, because of some problem like technical, authority, absence of senior etc. but I communicate them softly , understand issue, clarify them that why it do delay and give then assure that their problem definitely will be solve, they also trust me because of my network handling system, in this way I have got total ideas about customers, now I can quickly identify customer’s need , how to handle them, I have built relationship with my all network partners. And helping me to improve my  Communication  Management  and customer handling skill. What I learnt from Experience ?
  18. 18.  Data Manage By : 1) Year wise 2) Student wise 3) Couse wise 4) Result wise  Use For Operation  Data analyze  Uses for Planning , Administration Etc. Data Management
  19. 19. 5000 Certificate printing for 29 Courses in every month  Work on huge database  Data Collection From various department  Management  Making accurate printing data Certification
  20. 20. I collect around 4000 Student in every month, this data is always in mismatch , and not in proper format . So to I make proper data by using various function , formulas in excel like data validation, VLOOKUP, Pivot table, IF, Length, Round, Left-Right, uses of conditional formatting, Pie chart and more function.  So I have improved my skill about Microsoft Excel. I have kept record admission and exam from 2013 to 2015 , I provide to management team, I analyze this data and give suitable data to everyone. All management team are depend on my data management system.  It helped me to improve my data management skill. My Learning
  21. 21. A)Material Dispatching  Certificates  Content DVDs  Marketing Material  Cheques  Documents  Electronics Devise And much more B)Dispatch Status maintenance (Keeping record what ever we dispatched in excel file ) Supply Chain Management
  22. 22. A) Meeting Arrangement Attendance B) In Work Calling Dispatching Data Processing etc. Management Practice
  23. 23. have given few presentation in meeting regarding my work. I make very attractive and professional presentation. And present it .  It helped me to improve my presentation skill. Presentation
  24. 24. Skills Non-Technical Technical Skill Communication MS-Office Management & Leadership Handle Framework, Portal , Software Presentation Uses of Technical Tools Monitoring Internet Collaboration Administrative
  25. 25. Qualities  Accuracy in Work  Accomplish task within time  Trouble Shooting  Avoid Duplication of work  Work with collaborative Approach
  26. 26. Other Interest  Watching TV  Listening Songs