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  1. 1. Camping in Florida - Ocean Pond Campground ASHOK BAGDY
  2. 2. Camping in Florida - Ocean Pond Campground  The head of the healthcare outsourcing division at Cameo Corporate Services Limited, Ashok Bagdy is responsible for all aspects of the business, including service delivery, client relations, and business development. Outside of work, Ashok Bagdy is an avid camper, and he travels with his family at every chance.
  3. 3. Camping in Florida - Ocean Pond Campground  Florida offers countless camping opportunities, from beach to forest, with campgrounds owned and operated both privately and by the state and national park services. Camping is available year-round in Florida, but the rainy season, which usually runs June to November, is sometimes very wet.
  4. 4. Camping in Florida - Ocean Pond Campground  Ocean Pond Campground, a U.S. National Forest campground, is located in southern Florida near the town of Olustee. Campsites run along the north shore of the 1,760-acre pond, and some have facilities for mooring boats. The campground also offers more secluded forest camping, surrounded by longleaf pine and wild grape vines. For more information, including important details regarding camping safety as well as how to reserve a campsite, visit