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X-DB Replication Server and MMR


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Asynchronous cascading master to multiple replicas
Asynchronous multi-master
Can be used for:
Improved performance for geographically dispersed users
High availability
Load distribution (OLTP vs. reporting)‏

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X-DB Replication Server and MMR

  1. 1. EnterpriseDB’s xDB Replication solution Setup and Success stories by Ashnik in ASEAN 25/8/2014 Confidentialinformation,forinternaluseonly
  2. 2. Confidentialinformation,forinternaluseonly 2 POSTGRES innovation ENTERPRISE reliability 24/7 support Services & training Enterprise-class features & tools Indemnification Product road-map Control Thousands of developers Fast development cycles Low cost No vendor lock-in Advanced features Get The Best Of Both Worlds
  3. 3. • Asynchronous cascading master to multiple replicas • Asynchronous multi-master • Can be used for: • Improved performance for geographically dispersed users • High availability • Load distribution (OLTP vs. reporting) xDB Replication Server 3 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  4. 4. • High Availability uses • Geographic distribution of load • For creation of Testing/staging env using snapshot replication • Segregate OLTP and reporting xDB Replication Use Cases 4 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Replication
  5. 5. xDB Replication Server (Single Master) 5 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Supports EDB and Oracle near real-time heterogeneous replication Supports Postgres to Postgres replication now Trigger-based system with less than 10% performance impact Applications • For customers “stuck” on an Oracle database • Offload reporting to EDB • Keep Oracle database running fast for transactions
  6. 6. xDB Single-Master Replication (SMR) 6 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Table D Table C Table B Table A Table C Table D Procs Objects ReportsQueries Continuous or Scheduled ---------------- Filtered or All Rows Transaction Replication Improved OLTP Performance Inexpensive Query / Reporting Oracle Server Postgres Plus Advanced Server
  7. 7. 7 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. xDB Replication – Heterogeneous DB Support Source Target Oracle Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 PostgreSQL Postgres Plus Advanced Server (Oracle mode) Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PostgreSQL mode) Oracle Yes Yes Yes Microsoft SQL Server Yes Yes Yes PostgreSQL Yes Yes* Yes Yes* Postgres Plus Advanced Server (Oracle mode) Yes Yes Yes* Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PostgreSQL mode) Yes Yes* Yes Yes* * Supported in Multi-Master mode
  8. 8. 8 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Master-to-Master Replication for 2 or more nodes Trigger-based asynchronous implementation • Delay of a couple of seconds to possibly minutes depending on configuration and load Automatic Conflict Detection • Uniqueness • Update • Delete Multiple Conflict Resolution • Earliest or Latest Timestamp • Node priority – one node always wins • Manual – Administrator reviews and actions xDB Replication Server (Multi-Master)
  9. 9. 9 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Ideal for Geo-dispersed Servers Each geography updates a local master faster than to a single common master Allows failover of one geography to another geography Provides write availability
  10. 10. • Java-based Replication Server and Replication Console • Delta changes recorded in shadow tables via post Insert/Update/Delete triggers • Data Replication through JDBC channel xDB MMR Architecture 10 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  11. 11. • Multi Master Replication – State Farms Insurance, USA • DR Site Replication – ToT, Thailand • Reporting Server Replication- Packet1, Malaysia Production Implementation of xDB 11 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  12. 12. 12 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. SUCCESS STORIES in ASEAN
  13. 13. Issues in Environment - Delayed Reports - Additional Oracle Server for reporting = Extra Cost - Extra Add-on component needed for Replication between OLTP and Reporting DB - Reports being pulled from two Databases- ArchiveDB and LiveDB - No Primary Keys in database to implement change data capture Solution Suggested - Migrate Archive DB to Postgres Plus - Do daily snapshot of changes from Oracle to Postgres Plus - Use xDB replication for Snapshot Implementation - Migrated 1.2TB of Archive and 700MB of Live DB - 500MB of Differential data replicated on daily basis - Result – Reports are generated on time! - OLTP Performance improved due to offloading Packet1- A Major Telco in Malaysia improves Reporting Performance with EnterpriseDB 13 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  14. 14. ToT, Thailand plans to replace Oracle Exadata-TimesTen In- memory database with HP-EnterpriseDB stack 14 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Background • Largest public sector company in telecom in Thailand • Has very stringent response time SLA (20ms response time for user requests ~ 3-5 read queries) • Current setup has Oracle Exadata and four TimeTen In-memory databases Current Challenges in Oracle Stack • Issues in sync of Exadata with In-memory databases • Full refresh locks the tables • Current system can go upto 1500 tps • Dynamic Partitioning for huge table • Current system load is 750 TPS with write operations • 5000 user requests (16.5K read queries) per second with 4 servers HP-EnterpriseDB Stack Proposed to be DR for Exadata • HP DL-980 (4 CPU * 10 cores, 256GB RAM) • 1TB VMA Disks for faster access • Simulation tests show 2800 write-TPS achieved • Flexible Partitioning scheme in PPAS (add partition on the fly for each new date, no manual intervention) • Currently this server is being tested as DR for Exadata • Replication using xDB near-relatime replication for 1000 tps • Scalability achieved using cascaded replication and Infinite Cache • Setup can handle 5500 user requests (18K queries per second) with 1.5-2.5ms response time per query
  15. 15. PostgreSQL – Postgres Plus Users, Globally 15 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  16. 16. 16 PostgreSQL – Postgres Plus Users, across ASEAN CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Malaysia Philippines Singapore Vietnam Thailand Indonesia
  17. 17. Confidentialinformation,forinternaluseonly 17