Enterprise PostgreSQL - EDB's answer to conventional Databases


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"By default, PostgreSQL is probably the most security-aware database available ...”
- Database Hacker's Handbook-David Litchfield

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Enterprise PostgreSQL - EDB's answer to conventional Databases

  1. 1. 1 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Will you buy a Ferrari to commute within Makati City everyday?
  2. 2. Lock-in Costly Add-on components Losing out on other investment opportunities High maintenance cost CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrights reserved.
  3. 3. Does it sound familiar? Is your Database story the same? 3 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  4. 4. Forced to live with mediocre performance without table partitioning and in-memory tables? Did you compromise the security of your Database to save cost? Forced to choose between DR site and Clustering solution due to cost of add-on component? Are your DBAs struggling with day-to-day maintenance job in absence of enterprise class tools? CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrights reserved.
  5. 5. IT Strategic Budget Problem 5
  6. 6. An Overview of PostgreSQL and PPAS Enterprise Class PostgreSQL Database from EDB 21/3/2014 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  7. 7. • Independent & Thriving Development Community for over 20 years • Thousands of active deployments worldwide in public and private sector organizations of all sizes PostgreSQL and the Community 7 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  8. 8. Postgres’ IMPACT 8 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  9. 9. • Fast development cycles • Thousands of developers • Better code • Lower cost • 24/7 support • Services and training • Certification • Indemnification • Product strategy Bringing the Advantage to Enterprises 9 Open Source Software Commercial SoftwareEnterpriseDB CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  10. 10. About PPAS 10 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  11. 11. PostgreSQL – Postgres Plus Users, Globally 11 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  12. 12. 12 Malaysia Philippines Singapore Vietnam Thailand Indonesia PostgreSQL – Postgres Plus Users, across ASEAN CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  13. 13. Architecture of PostgreSQL CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Fundamentally same as any other RDBMS with support for vast tech-stack
  14. 14. Architectural Overview 11 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  15. 15. Process Architecture 12 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  16. 16. Stuck with Oracle Database? CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Oracle Compatibility is made just for you
  17. 17. Oracle Compatibility 17 • Run applications written for Oracle virtually unchanged • No need to re-train Oracle DBAs and developers • Support for PL/SQL language and OCI interoperability • Replication for easy sharing of data • Dramatic Cost Savings • No Vendor Lock-in CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  18. 18. High End Performance Features CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. It’s all Part of the Bundle! No add-ons, no hidden cost
  19. 19. • Infinite Cache- In-Memory Tables for Faster Access • Developed for High Performance Transaction Environments (OLTP) • DynaTune: • Dynamic tuning of the database server to make the optimal usage of the system resources available on the host machine • Better insert and load performance with Table Partitioning Scheme • Index Advisor: • Helps determine which columns you should index to improve performance in a given workload. • Query Optimization Hints, Hi-Speed Bulk Loader, Multi- Threaded Replication Performance enhancement in PPAS 19 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  20. 20. Scalability with Infinite Cache 20 • Single Machine Performance CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Advanced Server is 16X faster on a single machine with large amounts of memory (e.g. greater than 2 GB) Infinite Cache can be used on a single machine!
  21. 21. Best-in-Class Security CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. “By default, PostgreSQL is probably the most security-aware database available ...” Database Hacker's Handbook- David Litchfield
  22. 22. Security Features 22 • Object level privileges assigned to roles and users • Virtual Private Database • Kerberos and LDAP authentication • Host base authentication • SSL communication • Data Level Encryption (AES, 3DES, etc) • Ability to utilize 3rd party Key Stores in a full PKI Infrastructure • Foundation for full compliance with the strictest of security standards (PCI Data Security Standard) • Flexible field level encryption and row level security • SQL/Protect against SQL Injection Attacks • EDB Wrap - Obfuscate Logic in Procedures and Packages CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  23. 23. Highly Available Database- with built-in and add-on Replication and Recovery Features CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Availability
  24. 24. • Multi-Master Replication – Active-Active Technology • Near real-time Replication • Multi-Version Concurrency Control (MVCC) • Point-in-Time Recovery • Log Shipping for Standby (~ Oracle® Data Guard) High Availability 24 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  25. 25. • Streaming Replication – WAL Based replication • Archive/Log File Based Replication • xDB and slony Replication – Trigger Based • Heterogeneous Replication – using xDB Replication Server • Read Balancing – pgpool and Streaming Replication • EDB Failover Manager – Management of PPAS Clusters for High Availability • Multi Master Replication – High Availability or Geographic Load distribution or Geographic Mirror Replication Solutions 25 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  26. 26. Backup and Recovery Options 26 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. • Physical and Logical Backup • Logical Backup using pg_dump • Instance level logical backup using pg_dumpall • Table level, Schema level or DB level logical backup • pg_restore • Physical Backups • pg_basebackup • Compressed backup • Recovery with WAL and archived WAL • Point in Time Recover
  27. 27. Enterprise Class DBA Tool CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Grow your Datacenter footprint without worrying about management and maintenance
  28. 28. • Performance Monitoring Dashboards • Capacity Manager • Postgres Expert • Alert Management • Browser based console and dashboard • Audit Manager • Team Support • Distributed Architecture • Convenient Access PEM For DBAs: Centralized Tool 28 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  29. 29. Helps you apply patches and updates for all the EnterpriseDB Products Stackbuilder Plus 29 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  30. 30. xDB Single-Master Replication (SMR) 30 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  31. 31. • Split input files into multiple files • Load single tables in parallel • Magnitudes better load time performance • Parallel load capabilities also in Migration Toolkit and Migration Studio Parallel Data Loader 31 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  32. 32. Oracle • Data • Schemas • Stored Procedures • Triggers • Functions • Sequences • Packages • Views • Database Links • Synonyms SQL Server • Data • Schemas • Views Migration Toolkit- Oracle an SQL Server Migration 32 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  33. 33. • A solution to aid in the creation of highly available configurations of Postgres • Monitors the health of a Postgres HA configuration • Automates the failover process in the event of a failure • Used in conjunction with Streaming Replication Postgres Plus Failover Manager 33 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  34. 34. How to start adoption 34 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. REPLICATION SERVER BACKUP / DR SERVER NEW APPLICATION MIGRATION
  35. 35. You have a ‘Real’ alternative to conventional proprietary Databases Conclusion 35 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  36. 36. EnterpriseDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server is power-packed!
  37. 37. Customer Stories CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  38. 38. Issues in Environment - Delayed Reports - Additional Oracle Server for reporting = Extra Cost - Extra Add-on component needed for Replication between OLTP and Reporting DB - Reports being pulled from two Databases- ArchiveDB and LiveDB - No Primary Keys in database to implement change data capture Solution Suggested - Migrate Archive DB to Postgres Plus - Do daily snapshot of changes from Oracle to Postgres Plus - Use xDB replication for Snapshot Implementation - Migrated 1.2TB of Archive and 700MB of Live DB - 500MB of Differential data replicated on daily basis - Result – Reports are generated on time! - OLTP Performance improved due to offloading A Major Telco in Malaysia improves Reporting Performance with EnterpriseDB 38 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  39. 39. ToT, Thailand plans to replace Oracle Exadata-TimesTen In- memory database with HP-EnterpriseDB stack 39 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Background • Largest public sector company in telecom in Thailand • Has very stringent response time SLA (20ms response time for user requests ~ 3-5 read queries) • Current setup has Oracle Exadata and four TimeTen In-memory databases Current Challenges in Oracle Stack • Issues in sync of Exadata with In-memory databases • Full refresh locks the tables • Current system can go upto 1500 tps • Dynamic Partitioning for huge table • Current system load is 750 TPS with write operations • 5000 user requests (16.5K read queries) per second with 4 servers HP-EnterpriseDB Stack Proposed to be DR for Exadata • HP DL-980 (4 CPU * 10 cores, 256GB RAM) • 1TB VMA Disks for faster access • Simulation tests show 2800 write-TPS achieved • Flexible Partitioning scheme in PPAS (add partition on the fly for each new date, no manual intervention) • Currently this server is being tested as DR for Exadata • Replication using xDB near-relatime replication for 1000 tps • Scalability achieved using cascaded replication and Infinite Cache • Setup can handle 5500 user requests (18K queries per second) with 1.5-2.5ms response time per query
  40. 40. InMobi Delivers Mobile Ads with Postgres 40 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Background • One of the fastest growing mobile advertising networks • Huge scalability and performance requirements, billions of ads per month • Uses HP Proliant server Mobile Ad Platform Project • Postgres the best fit for a scalable open-source database • Community support not sufficient to meet business requirements, EnterpriseDB a partner • Initial database install supported organic growth • 25 instances across 4 data centers with replication • Database sizes upwards of 600 GB • 200K txns/minute with 3 ms response time Why Postgres • Most scalable open-source database • Lower cost than traditional databases • Performance and reliability up to the task at internet scale, supporting the most extreme workloads • Customizations by EnterpriseDB rapidly incorporated into the product ensuring costly customization maintenance is avoided
  41. 41. FTD Replicates Oracle Data for Volume Peaks Background FTD is the world’s leading provider of floral-related products and services Processes 15M+ orders annually through 20,000 retail florists in the US The ARGO System Project FTD deployed new shipping administration system (ARGO) ARGO’s performance deteriorated during peak holiday loads Oracle-based system couldn’t handle peak reporting volumes Off-load reporting data form Oracle to Postgres using Postgres Plus Replication Server Why Postgres No major changes required to run Oracle apps on Postgres Project completed in 6 weeks (Valentines Day  Mother’s Day) Out of the Box Compatibility with existing database Improved Vendor Service – response times decreased dramatically Performance of order processing systems improved 400% by offloading reporting to Postgres “When someone comes in at a sixth of the cost [of Oracle] and 500 times the customer service, that makes it very easy.” Jason Weiss, Software Architect
  42. 42. Sony Reduces TCO of database environment by 80% 42 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved. Free Realms Project • Lower TCO and improve licensing flexibility • Leverage existing Oracle DBA and Developer talent • Migrate key Oracle apps to Postgres • Commercial-grade quality and reliability, including backup and recovery standards, to support mission- critical applications • Scalable, high performance execution Why Postgres • Reduced TCO by 80% • East of Migration – majority of Oracle apps could run unmodified on Postgres Plus • Skills re-use – Oracle – trained staff could immediately work with Postgres Plus • Exceptional technical support from EnterpriseDB “Postgres Plus has proven to be a cost-effective database that can accommodate Free Realms’ massive growth.” - Andy Sites, Free Realms Senior Producer, SOE Background • Free Realms massively multiplayer online game • >9M registered players since April 2009 • IT Oracle scale-up was cost-prohibitive
  43. 43. Background • Multi-terabyte Oracle DB and needed to reduce DB costs • Running old, unsupported version of Oracle and had to pay to upgrade The EPBS Project • Engaged EnterpriseDB consulting services to migrate • Unique migration process developed and implemented Why Postgres • 2.2 TeraByte system migrated and now running on Postgres Plus Advanced Server • Current performance is comparable to Oracle • Costs reduced significantly by migrating to EnterpriseDB solutions Achieved Comparable Performance Replacing Oracle 43 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.
  44. 44. 44 CONFIDENTIAL ©2011EnterpriseDB.Allrightsreserved.