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RSS and Metajournalism


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Published in: Education
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RSS and Metajournalism

  1. 1. METAJOURNALISM & RICH SITESUMMARYSubmitted to: Dr Sheetal ThaparSubmitted by: Ashmeet Kaur
  2. 2. Today we will discuss…. How metajournalism is derived? What does it mean? It’s uses Metajournalism as media watchdog
  3. 3. Derivation
  4. 4. SO…
  5. 5. ROLE• Reliable verdict• Verifiability• Original research avoided• Watchdog
  6. 6. WATCHDOG
  7. 7. Rich Site Summary
  8. 8. ROAD MAP What is RSS? Why use RSS? How to create RSS Feeds? How to view RSS Feeds? How to use RSS? Other Options
  9. 9. RICH SITE SUMMARY also dubbed asREALLY SIMPLE SYNDICATION andREAL-TIME SIMPLE SYNDICATION- XML format for distributing news, headlines on the Web.- Getting live web feeds directly to your computer.
  10. 10. BUTTONS
  11. 11. USE ME!
  12. 12. CREATING IT
  13. 13. Viewing Feeds3 types of readers:Web-basedDesktop-basedMobile-device-based.
  17. 17. How To Use RSSGet an RSS ReaderFind Some Feeds to Subscribe to1) On the Site2) In Your BrowserThen you start reading your web feed news
  18. 18. On The Site
  19. 19. BROWSER SUBSCRIPTIONMany internet browsers now have the abilityto find and subscribe to RSS feeds built rightinto them.
  20. 20. Why RSS is better thanBookmark ?
  21. 21. BOOKMARKIn old days web usersoften use bookmarkingto save pages of theirinterest so that they canvisit those pages easily.
  22. 22. Problem With Bookmarkthe web surfer had to do all the workcomplicatedmiss informationUser end up seeing the same information overand over again on sites that don’t update veryoften
  23. 23. CONCLUSION• The bottom line is that RSS makes surfersmore productive and saves time offers agreat communication venue.• If you have not considered using RSSperhaps its time to take a closer look at it
  24. 24. BIBLIOGRAPHY• "The application/rss+xml Media Type". Network Working Group. May• ^ a b Libby, Dan (1999-07-10). "RSS 0.91 Spec, revision 3".Netscape Communications. Archived from the original on 2000-12-04. Retrieved 2007-02-14.• ^ "Web feeds | RSS | The Guardian |", TheGuardian, London, 2008, webpage: GuardianUK-webfeedsRSS InfoComprehensive Overview and Links• Syndic8 - Directory of RSS Feeds• What is RSS, and Why Should You Care?• What is RSS?• Introduction to RSS -• RSS Blog• Sites with RSS Feeds
  25. 25. Your Questions Please