Moving Train<br />Ashlyn Rye<br />Humanities 30-1<br />March 22, 2010<br />Mr. Kabachia<br />Everybody struggles with conf...
Moving Train
Moving Train
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Moving Train


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Moving Train

  1. 1. Moving Train<br />Ashlyn Rye<br />Humanities 30-1<br />March 22, 2010<br />Mr. Kabachia<br />Everybody struggles with confusion, and wonders which path to take, but it is the decisions and actions you choose to make that will help in restoring your honor and certainty. In the larger scale of things, no matter how hard things may look, you can’t just stand by and watch life pass you by, no matter how blurry or distorted the situation may seem, you must always look at your cup as half full, not empty. <br />In the photo, the young guy is sitting on the level-crossing gate watching the train go by as he sits still. Although he may seem brave for being so close and taking a chance, his perspective of things is still blurred. It is like he is sitting still watching life go by and he is close to figuring out what he needs to do, but he is unsure how to accomplish it and instead of him doing something about it, he still sits on that level-crossing gate as a he waits for the train to pass him by. <br />Most of my life I have struggled with chronic depression, something I couldn’t control, and I was on anti-depressants for a long time, and all I would do was wonder why all these bad things would happen to only me, as if I was the only one who has ever had anything bad happen to them. As I got older and realized things could be much worse, I started thinking that standing still and watching my life pass me by while I sat there and felt sorry for myself would only make me even more upset and that I not only had to act on things, but I also had to realize what it is that I had to do to make my life worthwhile. <br />If I were to sit back and watch life go by, it would have meant that life was getting the best of me, so when I was depressed and needed to talk to someone I would talk to my friends and family and they would always tell me that my situation would get better and that things could always be worse, no matter how bad the situation it was that I was facing looked. I started to realize that if I were to sit on that level-crossing gate, like the young guy and watch the train go by, I would only be making myself weaker, but by clearing things up and looking at the cup half full, it restores my certainty and honor in myself and then things would start to shape up again. <br />Sometimes it takes some time to figure out what the right thing to do is, and if that means that you have to take a moment to sit back and watch the train pass you by, then that is what you have to do. Just as long as you don’t waste away while others are on that train, out there living life to the fullest, and you’re stuck, thinking that once that train passes by, things will become clear again, but it is up to you to change things and to realize that even though things may be blurry right now, in time things will be clear again and you can go on living your life and forget about what it was that once made you uncertain. Your best bet is to just take a chance, and instead of sitting on that crossing gate, jump onto the train and take a chance, if things were already bad, trying will only attempt to make things better.<br />