Automotive Lightweight Materials 2012


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Automotive IQ, a division of IQPC, is the number one choice for information exchange in the automotive industry. Our comprehensive events provide an unbiased, focused forum where you can discuss and learn about the issues most important to you. We put a range of industry challenges under the spotlight in our events and articles to examine how to solve these issues in the context of todays business climate.

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Automotive Lightweight Materials 2012

  1. 1. Book and Pay before 23 December, 2011Automotive Lightweight Materials 2012 with an exclusive price of Main Conference: 6 & 7 March, 2012 USD 899! Workshops: 7 March, 2012 Venue: Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel, China Improving Fuel Efficiency with Cost-Effective Materials and Key Speakers Technologies William Joost, Technology Area Development Manager, Vehicle Technologies The use of lightweight, high-performance materials is set to transform the automotive industry by improving fuel Program, United States Department of economy while maintaining safety. Most of the international OEMs have achieved significant results. Their focus Energy, US has been on evaluating and applying advanced materials including high-strength steel, aluminium, magnesium Wang ZhiWen, Operations Director, and high-performance polymers into popular models that have improved performance and cost structure Automotive Industry Research Institute, greatly. Following the success in the US and Europe, Automotive IQ is delighted to bring their international Society of Automotive Engineers of China; platform to China and share the mission critical strategies on: Deputy General Secretary, Automotive Lightweight Innovations & Technologies  Exploring cost-effective lightweighting strategies for tomorrow’s vehicles Strategic Alliance  Lightweight materials project update from US, Europe and China  Comparing cost advantages of different metal and non-metal materials Liu Bo, Manager, Body Technology  Developing low cost carbon fibre composites for automotive Department, Global R&D Center, Chang’An  Identifying innovative processing technology for improved materials properties Automotive Dr. Andreas Eppinger, Vice President Technology Management, Johnson Controls, Germany Maximising your learning experience by attending two technical Dr. Raymond Boeman, Program Director, workshops: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US WORKSHOP A: Large Volume Automotive Composites Manufacturing & Applications LU DingQuan, Vice President, Technology, DongFeng Investment Casting Co. Ltd. WORKSHOP B: Developing Cost-Effective Composite Intensive Vehicles (CIV) to Reduce Weight by 60% Organised by Supported by BOOK NOW! T: +65 6722 9388 | F: +65 6720 3804 | E: | W:
  2. 2. CONFERENCE AGENDADAY 1 Monday 6 March 2012 vehicle body and components development 1220 Networking Luncheon 0815 Registration & Welcome Coffee  Where are the main challenges lying ahead of us?  Why go lightweight: providing safer and more fuel- 1320 Innovative Steel Casting for Lightweight 0900 Opening Remarks from the Chair economical solutions Vehicle Components John Zeng, Director, J.D Power Asia Pacific  Utilizing high tensile strength steel sheet to 0910 An Overview of Automotive Lightweight Forecasting provide high strength and good formability while Projects and Challenges in China reducing the weight  Sharing important statistics about China’s 1030 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break  Sharing the weight saving statistics automotive lightweight challenges: targets and  Processing of the high tensile strength steel progresses 1100 Developing Cost-Effective Lightweighting sheet: extrusion, casting  Understanding what are the current technologies Strategies for Tomorrow’s Vehicles LU DingQuan, Vice President, Technology, being explored to reduce vehicle weight  Sharing global lightweight vehicle initiatives and DongFeng Investment Casting Co. Ltd.  Building a collaborated platform to boost the targets automotive lightweighting efforts  New alternative technologies and processes for 1400 Leveraging Aluminium Alloys for  Examining the role of alternative-fuel vehicles, i.e vehicle bodies Lightweight Automobiles electric and hybrid vehicles  Developing effective weight reduction strategies for  Examining the safety and weight benefits of Wang ZhiWen, Operations Director, Automotive vehicle subsystem Aluminium alloys Industry Research Institute, Society of  Reducing weight through parts consolidation  Exploring the potential of extensive Automotive Engineers of China; Deputy General  Developing low emission materials applications of aluminium in vehicle structures Secretary, Automotive Lightweight Innovations & Matthew J. Zaluzec, Ph.D., Global Materials &  Finding ways to improve the formability of Technologies Strategic Alliance Manufacturing Research, Ford Motor Company, Aluminium alloys and developing alternative Research & Advanced Engineering, US joining methods 0950 Automotive Industry Forecast and Its 1140 Lightweight Materials Project Update from US  Case studies for applying aluminium alloys on Impact on Lightweighting: Opportunities and Challenges? Department of Energy (DOE) lightweight models  An overview of China’s automotive industry: the  An overview of US DOE lightweight material project Henry Ibberson, Associate Director, Mil-Ver Metal trends on production and sales statistics for automotive industry Company Ltd  Presenting the technology breakthrough for  Introducing projects focusing on high strength steel, aluminium, magnesium and other lightweight metal 1440 Case Study: Magnesium Alloys in Electric composites Buses to Reduce Weight  Discovering and exploring plastics properties and  An overview of the electric bus development in applications China  Sharing experiences from a few key projects in  Sharing areas of applications for magnesium North America alloys and weight saving statistics  Exploring international collaborations to develop  Analysing the magnesium resources in China and advanced materials at lower cost Shandong province William Joost, Technology Area Development Manager,  Experience drawn from the recent projects Vehicle Technologies Program, United States Zhou JiXue, Researcher, New Materials Research Department of Energy, US Center, ShangDong Academy of Science “A 10% mass reduction translates to a 6-7% increase in fuel economy.” BOOK NOW! T: +65 6722 9388 | F: +65 6720 3804 | E: | W:
  3. 3. CONFERENCE AGENDADAY 1 - Continued DAY 2 Tuesday 7 March 2012  Choosing the right material for the right 1520 Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break application with cost and performance 0815 Registration & Welcome Coffee considerations 1550 Comparing Cost Advantages of Various  Removing the technical barriers of joining, Lightweight Metal Alloys 0900 Opening Remarks from the Chair corrosion, disassembly and recycling etc. to  Exploring and comparing material characteristics realize the multi-material vehicle of lightweight metal alloys: aluminium, magnesium 9010 Keynote: Building a Technology Roadmap for Nico Feindler, CAE Engineer etc. Automotive Lightweighting in Asia Audi Lightweight Design Center  Reviewing structural composites: Viper, cost,  Examining the challenges in the lightweighting weight, investment, and performance efforts from Asia OEM’s 1140 Case Study: Innovative Lightweight Seating  Sharing the recent research projects of applying  How can suppliers play a more active role in the Design aluminium and magnesium alloys on lightweight process  Understanding the requirements and challenges systems  Building lightweighting supply chain for automotive for modern seating design Liu Bo, Manager, Body Technology Department industry in Asia  Developing innovative materials for vehicle seats Global R&D Center, Chang’An Automotive  Analysing the technology road blocks and  Achieving a 40% weight reduction with innovative advancements to move ahead with the evolution fibre-reinforced materials 1630 Developing Low Cost Carbon Fibre Thomas Apostolos, President Asia Pacific Dr. Andreas Eppinger, Vice President Technology  Understanding the cost structure for developing Magna Exteriors and Interiors Management, Johnson Controls, Germany and manufacturing carbon fibre VP Operators, China Magna Seating  Developing advanced processing technologies to 1220 Chair’s Closing Remarks produce low cost carbon fibre 0950 Developing Innovative Processing Technology  Learning from the experiences in Europe for Improved Materials Properties 1230 End of Main Conference & Networking Prof. Jan-Anders Månson, Laboratory of Polymer  Understanding the challenges of extracting and Luncheon and Composites Technology, École Polytechnique processing lightweight materials of titanium, Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland magnesium, and aluminium  Developing innovative processing technologies for 1710 Updating on the Non-Metal Materials low cost materials Application for Weight Reduction  Examining the applications on automotive vehicles  Updating on the current status of non-Metal  Exploring different ways to bring the cost down materials applications Dr. Raymond Boeman, Program Director,  What are the materials currently being applied Oak Ridge National Laboratory, US  Explaining the challenges of developing non-metal materials for vehicles 1030 Morning Refreshment & Networking Break  Case studies for Chery motor vehicle Shi Rongbo 1100 Developing Multi-Material Vehicles at a Lower Manager, Non-Metal Materials Cost Chery Automobile Co. Ltd.  Discussing and comparing the performance and applications of aluminium, polymer, magnesium, 1750 Chair’s Summary and Q&A carbon fibre materials 1800 End of Day One Conference BOOK NOW! T: +65 6722 9388 | F: +65 6720 3804 | E: | W:
  4. 4. TECHNICAL WORKSHOPS Workshop Workshop A: 7 March 2012 Workshop B: 7 March 2012, 13:15 – 15:15 15:45 – 17:45Large Volume Automotive Composites Manufacturing A Tutorial: Developing Cost-Effective Composite& Applications Intensive Vehicles (CIV) to Reduce Weight by 60% Facilitator:Facilitator: Dr. Raymond BoemanProf. Jan-Anders Månson Program DirectorLaboratory of Polymer and Composites Technology Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USÉcole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland Rationale: Rationale: With their enormous weight-reduction potential, innovative composites are explored and developed for vehicle body and Automotive industry and government endorsed research subsystem applications. The challenges though, as known to programs are exploring methods to develop composite- industry professionals, are the cost of developing and intensive-vehicles that can reach a weight reduction of up to manufacturing them in large volume. This workshop will be 60%. This workshop will give a step-by-step tutorial on the focusing on both advantages of these high performance concept development and design of composite intensive materials as well as strategies to bring down the cost in large vehicles. Critical technologies and measurements will be volume manufacturing and applications. analysed and shared. What will be covered: What will be covered:  Sharing the mass and performance criteria for a  Understanding safety and weight-reduction advantages of composite intensive body-in-white (BIW) composites  Conceptualising preliminary designs for the BIW  Breaking down the cost challenges and developing  Detailed design to meet the requirements of safety, effective strategies to address them stiffness, durability etc.  Highlighting strategic and economical parameters, such  Assessing safety benefits based on the analysis of crash as investment and competence access, and their worthiness limitations for technology shifts  Developing a cross-disciplinary interaction exposing the view from R&D, engineering and procurement BOOK NOW! T: +65 6722 9388 | F: +65 6720 3804 | E: | W:
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