7th International Conference Innovative Seating 2012


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7th International Conference Innovative Seating 2012

  1. 1. "Great networking opportunities & a good way Europe’s leading industry forum on to stay up to date with seating trends" transport seating with case studies Rob Jaques, Sr. Engineer, Hyundai Kia America Tech Ctr from 8 oEMs! 7th International Conference InnovAtIvE SEAtIng 2012 6 – 9 FEBRUARY 2012 Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel Darmstadt, Germany AUToMoTIVE AIRCRAFT RAIL TRUCK Visit our download center for free white papers, articles and much more! www.seating-conference.com/MM THE LATEST TECHNICAL INNoVATIoNS To HELP YoU REDUCE WEIGHT AND INCREASE CoMFoRT Featuring 16 leading international • Meet future customers’ demands by adapting cross industry trends in companies: seating design • Ford Forschungszentrum • Find out about advances in material selection and design to minimise Aachen seat weight at affordable costs • Evaluate the effects of new materials and lightweight design on seating • BMW AG comfort • Daimler AG • Assess the ergonomic aspects of the perfect seat for all passengers and • FIAT Group Automobiles functions • Adam opel AG • Discover flexible and comfortable seating concepts for compact • Jaguar & Land Rover electric vehicles • PSA Peugeot Citroën Highlight Speakers: • Volkswagen AG Laurent Bauvineau, Research Engineer, • Car Men GmbH Vehicle Interior Project Manager Vehicle Interior Technologies, • Delft University of Technology for the Innovation Phase, Ford Forschungszentrum PSA Peugeot Citroën, France Aachen GmbH, Germany • Technische Universität Dresden Bernhard Rother, Diplom-Physiker Peter Hillebrand, • Leggett & Platt Automotive Development engineer vehicle Seats Testing and Comfort, Group Europe Headquarters technology, Commercial Vehicle Design, GmbH BMW AG, Germany Volkswagen AG, Germany Jeroen Lem, • Johnson Controls GmbH • Recaro Aircraft Seating Come and join our interactive workshops: GmbH & Co. KG • Faurecia Autositze GmbH & A Seating comfort made visible Co. KG B Future demands on added value factors in automotive seating • LEAR Corporation GmbH & C objective measures of seating comfort Co. KG D Weight reduction through innovative layout and design Researched and Sponsor r 2 oo ur 1! by e be u b th o developed by 01 k V em yo wi SA ov if ,- N rds 50 18 Bi € 3 rly to Ea upTo Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 | E info@iqpc.de | www.seating-conference.com/MM
  2. 2. 7th International Conference InnovAtIvE SEAtIng2012 6 – 9 FEBRUARY 2012 | Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel Darmstadt, Germany Sponsor Media Partners VISTAGY, Inc. is a leading global provider of industry-specific engineering software and services that create rich product descriptions for better-in- formed decision making early in the design cycle. The company enhances SupplierBusiness is a business research company focused on automotive supply commercial 3D CAD platforms by applying specialized process knowledge base issues. We provide the most com- VISTAGY and domain expertise to create solutions that solve some of the worlds prehensive coverage of the global automo- most complex engineering problems. As a result, customers significantly 200 5th Avenue, Waltham, MA tive supplier community, adding between increase their reuse of engineering data and ultimately reduce cost, 02451, USA improve quality, and cut time to market. VISTAGY is a strategic partner twenty and thirty original stories to our Tel.: +1 781 250 6800 archives on developments every week. All to hundreds of leading manufacturers in the aerospace, automotive, and editorial coverage is originally researched Fax: +1 781 250 6801 wind energy industries, including Bombardier Aerospace, General Motors, by SupplierBusiness, and most appears Email: info@vistagy.com and Sinomatech Wind Power Blade Co. The company is headquartered in exclusively in SupplierBusiness weekly www.vistagy.com Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, www.vistagy.com. Insight or monthly Analysis newsletters, both of which are published both on this website and in PDF format. In addition to What do past delegates say about the IQPC Innovative Seating conference? these subscription products, we also pub- lish and compile reports and databases on the global automotive supply base. "We wouldnt be coming back for the 6th year in a row if it wouldnt be www.supplierbusiness.com worth it" Primož Mihelič, Board Member, TPV just-auto.com is the leading online resource for the global automotive industry. Conference advisors: With daily breaking news, in-depth analysis and comment from expert analysts, just- auto helps over 90,000 executives and deci- Dr. Karl Siebertz, Dr. Ralf Kümper, sion makers each month. Manager, Technology & Vice President and General Manager, Business Strategy Office, Europe, LEAR Corporation GmbH & Co. KG Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Gris Orange Prof. Dr. Peter Vink, C50 / M40 / J35 / N10 M53 / 100 Dr. Andreas Eppinger, EURAILmag delivers news and informa- Vice President Technology Management, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, tion on Europe’s railway industry, its prod- Johnson Controls GmbH Delft University of Technology uct offerings and services, with reports on economic changes, statutory develop- ments and technical innovations. www. eurailmag.com Pre-Conference-Day: Seating Comfort | Monday, 6 February, 2012 An introductional training to seating comfort, user demands The Pre-Conference-Day will cover the following topics: and ergonomics • The comfort experience process: from expectations, to first sight, to short term and long term comfort 09:30 Registration with coffee & tea • The best posture is the next posture: possibilities of movement in vehicles 10:00 Welcome & start • How to observe postures and translate these into design • How to let test subjects choose the most comfortable seats 11:30 Refreshment break and networking • Lessons from designing seats for earth moving machines, trams, cars and airplanes 13:00 Networking luncheon • Some virtual comfort tools • Future seat developments 15:30 Refreshment break and networking • The ideal form of the neck, head and lumbar support • The latest methods to study comfort experience In our Pre-Conference-Day you will receive a thorough introduction • Iterative test-design cycles in designing a truck seat on all major aspects influencing seating comfort research today. • Design solutions for cultural and anthropometric Benefit from an information-packed day & discuss your specific ques- differences tions with our experienced seminar leader. Gain an insight into the • Electric vehicles and their influence on seat design major trends in automotive seating to be able to successfully meet • Defining parts of the construction that should be adjustable your customers demands and hear about the latest virtual tools • Ideal angles of the seat pan and back rest • Using emotional reactions of participants in design you can apply in the design process to decrease development costs. 17:00 End of seminar Last but not least, you will gather hands-on experience in seating comfort research through interactive training and experiments. Workshop Leader: Get to know colleagues in similar positions and share your Prof. Dr. Peter Vink, experiences and strategies to build up your network in the industry! Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology, The NetherlandsTo Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 | E info@iqpc.de | www.seating-conference.com/MM
  3. 3. 7th International Conference InnovAtIvE SEAtIng2012 ConFEREnCE DAY onE | Tuesday, 7 February, 2012 09:15 Registration & coffee 14:15 Flexible and comfortable seating concepts for compact electric vehicles 10:00 Chairman’s welcome and opening address • Seating trends and needs in the context of EVs Dr. Ralf Kümper, • First-row stadium seating with new cantilever seat design Vice President and General Manager, • Second-row lounge-recline comfort system with cushion LEAR Corporation GmbH & Co. KG, Germany angle adjustment • EV battery packaging with low-profile battery system for MARKET TRENDS AND FUTURE MoBILITY increased storage Andreas Eppinger, 10:15 Design and comfort relevant developments in automotive Group Vice President Technology Management, seating Johnson Controls GmbH, Germany • Future design trends and developments for automotive seating INTELLIGENT MATERIAL CoNCEPTS • Focus on customisation in connection with downsizing and the increasingly competitive markets – 14:55 Research project function integrated bionic seat: H ig individualisation options for mainstream brands oEM Following the example of nature hl ig (like premium brands) • Learn from biology: The finray principle ht Insight • Increasing expressive orientation of the interiors • Static finray analysis: Conflict between comfort and especially in the small segments and how this effects crash-loading the different types of seats • Anti-whiplash integrated • The importance of secondary zones for automotive seating • Potential of the bionic seat backrest-con • Future outlook Bernhard Rother, Jörg Friedrich, Development Engineer Vehicle Technology, Managing Director, BMW AG, Germany Car Men GmbH, Germany 15:35 Seating concept of the new opel Zafira Tourer – WEIGHT REDUCTIoN – INNoVATIVE DESIGN AND MATERIALS oEM setting the flexibility standards Insight • Conceptional background 10:55 Innovative lightweight solutions for future seat • Challenges applications using textile-reinforced thermoplastic • Technical details composites • Learnings • Development of a cost-effective manufacturing process Dipl. Ing. Reiner Schmidt, for series production Manager High Roof Vehicle Seat Systems, • Integrated sensor networks for intelligent lightweight Adam opel AG, Germany structures • Textile thermoplastic compliant mechanism for 16:15 Refreshment break and networking complex kinematic demands • Part reduction by large scale structure manufacturing 16:45 Smart textiles – intelligent seats solutions oEM • Smart textile technology in real life applications • Material and load adapted joining technologies Insight • State of the art and further developments Johann Maaß, • The importance of intelligent components for future car Research assistant, Institute of Lightweight Engineering concepts and Polymer Technology (ILK), • Lighter materials to reduce weight Technical University of Dresden, Germany Steve Penton, Group Leader for Core Trim Engineering and Comfort, Co-authors: Jaguar & Land Rover, United Kingdom Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. E.h. Dr. h.c. Werner Hufenbach Dr.-Ing. Niels Modler 17:25 Panel Discussion: Quo vadis transport seating? Dipl.-Ing. Robert Kupfer • How are weight reduction goals shaping seating Dipl.-Ing. Michael Krahl  design in the next 5 years? Dipl.-Ing. Marco Zichner • What are the material trends of the future? • How can a more holistic approach to a comfort and 11:35 Refreshment break and networking weight reduction trade off be achieved? • For which major challenges are oEMs and seat 12:05 Seat weight reduction through alternative manufacturers especially looking for innovative solutions? H ig material of PU foam h oEM lig • Challenge for the new seat ht Insight Discuss these and other questions with selected conference • Focus for an alternative material of PU foam : speakers. o Technology o First results Chair: Dr. Ralf Kümper, o Perspectives Vice President and General Manager, Laurent Bauvineau, LEAR Corporation GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Vehicle Interior Project Manager for the Innovation Phase, PSA Peugeot Citroën, France 18:00 Closing remarks of the chairman & end of conference day one 12:45 Networking luncheonTo Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 | E info@iqpc.de | www.seating-conference.com/MM
  4. 4. 7th International Conference InnovAtIvE SEAtIng2012 ConFEREnCE DAY tWo | Wednesday, 8 February, 2012 08:30 Registration & coffee 12:15 Networking luncheon 09:00 Chairman’s welcome 13:45 2nd 3rd row – The compromise between comfort Meinhard Behrens, package and functionality Acquisition Director, R&D Product & Process, • Cargo management Faurecia, Germany • Kinematics • Comfort optimization SEAT DESIGN FoR DRIVER SAFETY • Weight reductions • Jit and metal synergies 09:05 The seat development process in Fiat Group Meinhard Behrens, Automobiles Acquisition Director, R&D Product & Process, oEM • Main factors in seat design Faurecia, Germany Insight • Description of system requirements • Deployment of performance target at component level SEATING IN AIRCRAFT AND CoMMERCIAL VEHICLES • overview of seat development process • Commonalities and differences between vehicle applications 14:25 Major trends, developments and challenges in aircraft Salvatore Demontis, seating Designer Responsible Front Seat, • Solving the profitability/comfort trade-off Interiors – Seats Department, • Weight reduction through innovative design Fiat Group Automobiles S.p.A., Italy • Comfort parameters and human factors Dr. Holger Friehmelt, 09:45 ECG Seat: The seat that monitors the heart activity Product Manager Economy Class, H ig oEM • Ford’s ECG monitoring seat is designed to monitor the Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. KG, Germany hl ig heart activity of drivers at the wheel using advanced ht Insight electrode technology 15:05 Refreshment break and networking • Ford envisions driver heart telemetry linking with medical centers and Ford safety systems to provide an additional 15:35 Seat-pressure-distribution-test-rack: A new method H ig layer of security for drivers and fellow road users to analyse seat comfort in the serial production hl oEM ig • Initial testing proves the Ford ECG monitoring seat can • Seat comfort - measurement methods and analysis in ht Insight successfully monitor 95 per cent of drivers’ hearts 98 the development per cent of the time – even at an early development stage • Comfort results in the development phase and in the Jeroen Lem, serial production - two different faces Research Engineer, Vehicle Interior Technologies, • First ideas and the prototype phase for a seat comfort Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbH, Germany test rack • Comfort test rack in the production - problems and first 10:25 Refreshment break and networking results Diplom-Physiker Peter Hillebrand, CoMFoRT PERCEPTIoN, TESTING AND AMELIoRATIoN Seats Testing and Comfort, Commercial Vehicle Design, Volkswagen AG, Germany 10:55 Innovations in comfort systems • Comfort systems with reduced component weight 16:15 Closing remarks of the chairman & end of conference day two • Compact lumbar system • Functional integration as a method for weight reduction • Compact massage system Attending companies from our previous seating conferences: • Material substitution in seating upholstery: PET fiber BMW AG • Ford Motor Company • Fiat S.p.A. • TOYOTA Central instead of PU foam, a new technology entering the R&D Labs., INC. • Renault SAS • Alstom Transport • S.A. • Aplix S.A. production • Aviointeriors Spa • Benecke-Kaliko AG • Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro Jan Petzel, GmbH • Brand KG • Federnwerk • Brose Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Manager Ergonomics & Advanced Development, Co. KG • Coba Plastics Ltd. • Compin • Corus Automotive • Dow • Leggett & Platt Automotive Europe Headquarters Automotive Systems • Emirates Airline • ESI GmbH • Eurocopter GmbH, Germany SAS • Ipeco Holdings Ltd • Faurecia Automotive • Seating • Faurecia Interior Systems S.A. • Freudenberg NOK Mechatronics GmbH & Co. 11:35 Consequences of using hand held devices for vehicle KG • FRIMO Lotte GmbH • Futuris Automotive Interiors PTY Ltd • seat design Greiner PURtec GmbH • Huntsman (Europe) bvba • Hyundai & Kia • What are the new used hand held devices (e.g. ipad, R&D Center • Hyundai Motor Europe Technical Center GmbH • Iveco smart phone and laptops)? SpA • JSP International SARL • KAB Seating • KOKI TECHNIK Seating • What are consequences for the design of seats and its Systems GmbH • Konrad Hornschuch AG • L&L Products Europe SAS • L&P Automotive • Europe Headquarters GmbH • Mazda Motor environment? Europe GmbH • Clerprem SPA • Metzeler Schaum GmbH • Muhr • Consequences for arm support and device support und Bender KG • OKE Group GmbH • Paul Craemer GmbH • pro- • Consequences for adjustablility and space of the seat seat GmbH + Co. KG • Harita Seating Systems Ltd. • Saint-Gobain • Example of a seat design made for working with hand Performance • Plastics Pampus GmbH • Sitech Sitztechnik GmbH • held devices SITZ!GMBH • SNCF Innovative and Research Department • SUSPA • Effects tested with end users using this seat GmbH • Takata Petri AG • Tata Johnson Controls Automotive Ltd. • Prof. Dr. Peter Vink, TPV d.d. • W.E.T. AG • Walter Henrich GmbH • Woelfel Beratende Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Ingenieure • Johnson Controls International • Magna Seating • Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands Germany GmbH • Recaro Aircraft Seating GmbH & Co. KG • Lear CorporationTo Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 | E info@iqpc.de | www.seating-conference.com/MM
  5. 5. 7th International Conference InnovAtIvE SEAtIng2012 WoRKSHoPS | Thursday, 9 February, 2012 08:30 Registration & coffee 10:30 Refreshment break and networking Workshop A: 09:00 – 12:00 Workshop B: 09:00 – 12:00 Seating comfort made visible Future demands on added value factors in automotive seating The workshop will show a selection of comfort aspects with the During the workshop the participants should try to define which methods of evaluating the specific aspect. Methods of measure- added value factors in connection with automotive seating are ment are shown and the results are discussed. The focus is on the relevant for future markets. Different types of seats will be analysed comfort systems that allow the adjustment of the contour of a like basic seat, comfort / ergo seat, spots seat, motor sport seat, light vehicle seat (e.g. the adjustable lumbar support, the adjustable bolster weight seat. If possible and necessary an additional type of seat could system and massage systems). The second part of the workshop will be defined which meets the needs and wants of future customers. show the effect of massage systems on the driver. A literature study of the effects of massage and a comparison of different massage Different exercises in small teams and together with the whole group methods is presented. The last part of the workshop shows three will focus on some of the future relevant themes like: examples for weight reduction solutions. Demonstrator parts are • ECo factors e.g. efficiency, flexibility, light weight, Eco fun presented and discussed. • Sensuality: increasing interior perception concept for all senses • Increasing focus from customers and manufacturers on the interior Main aspects of the workshop are: and C&T design • How to evaluate seating comfort in vehicle seats? Methods for • Space efficient solutions in combination with measuring and evaluating aspects of comfort with application visible construction / seat adjustment / focus on secondary zones examples • Craftsmanship interpretations • Improving seating comfort through application of massage systems. • other topics will be defined during the workshop Study of massage effects, massage methods in vehicle seat applications, evaluation of massage systems The result of the workshop should be a rough checklist for future • Innovative comfort systems to reduce system weight. Examples of relevant added value factors for different types of seats. weight reduction by optimization of functions, functional integration, minimized component dimensions and material substitution. Jörg Friedrich, Managing Director, Car Men GmbH, Germany Jan Petzel, Manager Ergonomics & Advanced Development, Leggett & Platt Automotive Europe Headquarters GmbH, Germany 12:00 Networking luncheon 14:30 Refreshment break and networking Workshop C: 13:00 – 16:00 Workshop D: 13:00 – 16:00 objective measures of seating comfort Weight reduction through innovative layout and design The seat is the main contact area between occupant and the car, and The lumbar support systems that we find in vehicle seats today have therefore seating comfort has a large influence on the occupant’s been designed to meet comfort and durability requirements. But since satisfaction with the car. Much seating comfort research is focused weight reduction gains importance for all automotive components, on the subjective responses of the occupants, but the relationship also comfort components are requested to contribute to this trend. to the underlying biomechanics and mechanical properties of the The workshop will deal with the optimization of components, new seat is often misunderstood. system arrangements and material substitution and will thereby This workshop will look into objective methods of measuring seat demonstrate how to decrease the weight of complex comfort sys- mechanical properties that relate back to the biomechanics that elicit tems. Furthermore we will discuss weight reduction to be achieved the subjective responses. by material substitution for seating upholstery. The challenge for the future is to decrease the weight of material. one approach is to Manfred Wagner, simply find alternatives for PU-foam. Several approaches will be dis- Group Research, cussed, analysing all advantages and disadvantages. Daimler AG, Germany For further information please visit our website: www.seating-conference.com/MM 16:00 End of the dayTo Register | T +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 | F +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 | E info@iqpc.de | www.seating-conference.com/MM
  6. 6. InnovAtIvE 4 Ways to Register SEAtIng 2012 Fax: +49 (0)30 20 91 32 10 Post: IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH Friedrichstraße 94 6 – 9 FEBRUARY 2012 | Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel Darmstadt, Germany 10117 Berlin, Germany online: www.seating-conference.com/MM If undeliverable, please return to: IQPC GmbH | Friedrichstraße 94 | D-10117 Berlin, Germany Email: info@iqpc.de For further information Phone: +49 (0)30 20 91 33 30 BooKINGCoDE PDFW Venue and Accommodation Maritim Rhein-Main Hotel Darmstadt Am Kavalleriesand 6 64295 Darmstadt, Germany yOUR DETAILS: PLEASE CoNTACT oUR DATABASE MANAGER (VERTEILER@IQPC.DE) AND INFoRM THEM oF ANY INCoRRECT Tel.: +49 (0)6151 303-0 DETAILS WHICH WILL BE AMENDED ACCoRDINGLY Fax: +49 (0)6151 303-111 Early Bird I Early Bird II Congress Packages (Book and pay by (Book and pay by Standard Price Email: reservierung.dam@maritim.de 18 November 2011) 16 December 2011) www.maritim.de Titan Package Save € 350,- € 3.149,- +VAT Save € 175,- € 3.324,- +VAT € 3.499,- + VAT 3 day conference plus 2 workshops Accommodation: A limited number of reduced rate rooms Platinum Package 2 day congress plus 2 workshops or Save € 300,- € 2.699,- +VAT Save € 150,- € 2.849,- +VAT € 2.999,- + VAT are available at the conference hotel. Accommodation can pre-conference-day be booked by calling the central reservation number. Gold Package Save € 270,- € 2.429,- +VAT Save € 135,- € 2.564,- +VAT € 2.699,- + VAT 2 day congress plus 1 workshop Please always quote the booking reference IQPC-Berlin. Bronze Package € 2.299,- + VAT Hotel accommodation and travel costs are not included 2 day congress in the registration fee. Workshop Day € 1.499,- + VAT Please indicate choice of workshop on 9 February 2012 Workshop A I Workshop B I Workshop C I Workshop D Pre-conference-day (choose for Platinum Package) on 6 February 2012 We have a variety of packages available A: Seating comfort made visible to suit your requirements. For all Sponsorship B: Future demands on Added Value factors in automotive seating C: Objective measures of seating comfort and Exhibition opportunities call D: Weight reduction through innovative layout and design David Jackson +49 (0)30 20 91 33 70 or only one discount applicable per person. email david.jackson@iqpc.de CANT MAKE IT TO THE CONGRESS? PURCHASE THE 2-DAy CONGRESS DOCUMENTATION FOR € 595,- +VAT. Delegate Details Please fill out in Capitals! DELEGATE Mr Mrs Ms Dr Family Name First Name Payment Terms Position Email Telephone Fax Payment is due on receipt of the invoice. organisation Address Cancellations and Substitutions CANCELLATIONS AND SUBSTITUTIONS DELEGATES MAY BE SUBSTITUTED AT ANY TIME. IQPC GESELLSCHAFT FüR Postcode/Town MANAGEMENT KoNFERENzEN MBH DoES NoT PRoVIDE REFUNDS FoR CANCELLATIoNS. HoWEVER, SAVE WHERE WRITTEN NoTICE oF CANCELLATIoN Approving Manager: IS RECEIVED MoRE THAN SEVEN (7) DAYS PRIoR To THE CoNGRESS, A CREDIT To THE VALUE PAID AT THAT DATE WILL BE ISSUED, WHICH MAY BE USED Signature AGAINST ANoTHER IQPC GMBH CoNGRESS FoR UP To oNE YEAR FRoM ITS DATE oF ISSUE. FoR CANCELLATIoNS RECEIVED SEVEN (7) DAYS oR LESS I agree to IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH payment terms. PRIoR To AN EVENT (INCLUDING DAY SEVEN), No CREDIT WILL BE ISSUED. IN THE EVENT THAT IQPC GMBH CANCELS AN EVENT, PAYMENTS RECEIVED AT Yes, I would like to receive information about products and services via email. THE CANCELLATIoN DATE WILL BE CREDITED ToWARDS ATTENDANCE AT A FUTURE IQPC GMBH CoNGRESS oR, IN THE EVENT oF A PoSTPoNEMENT BY Payment Methods IQPC GMBH, A RESCHEDULED DATE. IF THE DELEGATE IS UNABLE To ATTEND THE RESCHEDULED EVENT, THE DELEGATE WILL RECEIVE A CREDIT IN LIEU PAy By BANK TRANSFER qUOTING REFERENCE DE11296.006: oF PAYMENTS MADE ToWARDS A FUTURE IQPC GMBH EVENT, VALID FoR IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH, oNE YEAR FRoM THE DATE oF ISSUE. IQPC GMBH IS NoT RESPoNSIBLE FoR ANY LoSS oR DAMAGE AS A RESULT oF A SUBSTITUTIoN, ALTERA- HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt AG, BLz 300 308 80, Konto-Nr. 430076019 TIoN, PoSTPoNEMENT oR CANCELLATIoN oF AN EVENT DUE To CAUSES IBAN: DE32 30030880 0430076019, SWIFT-BIC: TUBDDEDD BEYoND ITS CoNTRoL INCLUDING, WITHoUT LIMITATIoN, NATURAL DISAS- TERS, SABoTAGE, ACCIDENT, TRADE oR INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES oR HoSTILITIES. By CREDIT CARD: Please debit my credit card yOUR DETAILS PLEASE CoNTACT oUR CUSToMER SERVICE MANAGER (TEL: +49 (0)30 20913330 oR VERTEILER@IQPC.DE) AND INFoRM THEM oF ANY INCoRRECT DETAILS Card No WHICH WILL BE AMENDED ACCoRDINGLY oR IF YoU PREFER NoT To GET / INFoRMATIoN PER FAx EMAIL oR PHoNE ANYMoRE.Congress code DE11296.006 SPEAKER CHANGES Expiry date Security code oCCASIoNALLY IT IS NECESSARY FoR REASoNS BEYoND oUR CoNTRoL To ALTER THE CoNTENTS AND TIMING oF THE PRoGRAMME oR THE IDENTITY oF Cardholder’s name THE SPEAKERS. DATA PROTECTION Signature PERSoNAL DATA IS GATHERED IN ACCoRDANCE WITH THE DATA PRoTECTIoN ACT 1998. YoUR DETAILS MAY BE PASSED To oTHER CoMPANIES WHo WISH To CoMMUNICATE WITH YoU oFFERS RELATED To YoUR BUSINESS ACTIVITIES. IF YoU Do NoT WISH To RECEIVE THESE oFFERS, PLEASE TICK THE Box BELoW. Card billing address (if different from Company address) PLEASE Do NoT PASS MY INFoRMATIoN To ANY THIRD PARTY. By CHEqUE: Made payable to IQPC Gesellschaft für Management Konferenzen mbH © IQPC GESELLSCHAFT FüR MANAGEMENT KoNFERENzEN MBH