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What is DH? And What’s it Doing at the Claremont Colleges?


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In this presentation, Alex Juhasz, Director of the Mellon DH Grant and Professor of Media Studies at Pitzer College, along with Ashley Sanders, Digital Scholarship Librarian and DH specialist, will describe

(1) what the digital humanities is (and digital scholarship more broadly)
(2) the opportunities the Mellon DH grant and the Claremont Colleges Library provide for faculty and students to learn more, and
(3) present a snapshot of some of the exciting work already happening at the 7Cs.

Published in: Education
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What is DH? And What’s it Doing at the Claremont Colleges?

  1. 1. DH at the 7Cs What is DH? And What’s it Doing at the Claremont Colleges?
  2. 2. Alex Juhasz, Ph.D. Mellon DH Project Director & Professor of Media Studies, Pitzer College Ashley Sanders, Ph.D. (History) Digital Scholarship Librarian Claremont Colleges Library
  3. 3. Roadmap 1. What is digital humanities? 2. What opportunities does the Mellon DH grant offer? 3. Library support & resources 4. DH@CC projects
  4. 4. What does “digital” mean to you? How do you define “humanities”? What does/might the intersection look like? 1. What is digital humanities?
  5. 5. Definitions of DH Voyant Tools: Word Trends 1. What is digital humanities?
  6. 6. 1. What is digital humanities? Data Visualization: Micki Kaufman, “Quantifying Kissinger.” See:
  7. 7. 1. What is digital humanities? Geospatial & Temporal Modeling:
  8. 8. 1. What is digital humanities? Network Analysis:
  9. 9. 1. What is digital humanities? Topic Modeling:
  10. 10. What is DH? DH is the study, exploration, and preservation of, as well as education about human cultures, events, languages, people, and material production in the past and present in a digital environment through the creation and use of dynamic tools to ▫ visualize and analyze data ▫ share and annotate primary sources ▫ discuss and publish findings ▫ collaborate on research and teaching for scholars, students, and the general public. (Ashley Sanders, 18 December 2013, 1. What is digital humanities?
  11. 11. DH @ CC Definitions: • Digital humanities is a conglomeration of professional practices that simultaneously enhances and disrupts humanistic inquiry through interactions with technologies. • Digital Humanities means tackling both old and new questions in the humanities using newly digitized sources and tools for exploring new digital cultures. The digital humanities embraces new forms of scholarship that value open access and collaboration. • …it offers new ways of reaching hearts and minds in community and in the classroom. It is a powerful tool that can be taken up by many, but it must remain critical and accountable, and bound to the ethics of humanity. 1. What is digital humanities?
  12. 12. 2. What opportunities does the Mellon DH grant offer? • $1.5 Million 5-Year Grant • 25 new or redesigned digitally-infused courses • 2 Week-Long Summer Institutes (2015 & 2016) • Spring Symposium
  13. 13. Programming • “Intro to DH” Short Course • DH Workshop Series at the Library • DH Project Design 1-1 Consulting ▫ Ashley Sanders • GIS Workshops and 1-1 Consulting ▫ Warren Roberts • Audio/Video Consulting ▫ AJ Strout 2. What opportunities does the Mellon DH grant offer?
  14. 14. Emerging Technology ▪ Google Glass ▪ Arduino ▪ Epson Smart Glasses ▪ Oculus Rift ▪ GoPro Cameras ▪ Raspberry Pi 3. Library Support & Resources
  15. 15. Library DH Support
  16. 16. Library DH Support
  17. 17. COMING SOON! • 2015-2016 In Progress: ▫ Digital Tool Shed • Beginning October 2015: ▫ Intro WordPress Workshop Series • Beginning January 2016 ▫ Digital Research Studio ▫ Intermediate DH Professional Learning Communities ▫ Digital Shakespeare 3. Library Support & Resources
  18. 18. Digital Tool Shed: What is it? • A vibrant, open, accessible, technology-rich, inviting space for the Claremont Colleges community to extend faculty and student knowledge and collaborative experience with digital research tools. • Incubator • A space for exploration, practice, engagement, and experiential learning • A services-oriented space • A place to build cross-functional, intercollegiate teams for innovative research and to design new tools for scholarship in the humanities and beyond. 3. Library Support & Resources
  19. 19. Digital Tool Shed: What is it? It will also provide access to software for data analysis and visualization. It will be a space to explore and use the technology to create both seed projects and finished products. We are investigating the possibility of creating a data visualization wall, as well as a “green screen” for video and photo shoots. 3. Library Support & Resources
  20. 20. Digital Research Studio (Mellon Funded) • Complete 4-5 faculty-designed DH projects through 2019 • Application process • Teams of qualified undergrad & grad students • Overseen by Digital Research Studio Director 3. Library Support & Resources
  21. 21. Faculty Projects Snapshot • Interactive, multimedia timeline of ancient Jerusalem’s history • Multiple and cross-readings of unique photograph collection • Creating digital course hubs • Integrating GIS into the classroom • Building archive of recent local music history • Documenting women in Mariachi bands • Archiving, sharing, and designing digital exhibits of unique primary source materials 4. DH@CC projects
  22. 22. New/Revised Digitally Infused Courses 4. DH@CC projects
  23. 23. SurveyResponses
  24. 24. Intro to DH Short-Course Registration Sign up here:
  25. 25. Questions? Contact: