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Stories and the loop


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This 'Stories and the Loop' presentation demonstrates that to get better at producing video content in a social media age we should look at historical fact to understand the origins of brand content and social media and how that is applicable in our work today.

Some key points:
- The start of the the British documentary movement and its close link to marketing
-How brands and filmmakers have worked successfully together since the 1920s and even before in Soviet propaganda
-Success of the film Night Mail in saving the Royal Mail from privitisation.
-The work of Norbert Weiner during WWII on feedback loops which lay behind the way facebook and social media works.
- 1960s - a film called Snow funded by a brand wins an oscar and gets a global audience.
- 1960s - A revolutionary ad man - Howard Gossage applies feedback loop and stories to advertising and creates interactive advertising

We give our recommendations from those learnings and conclude that:

To create online videos you need to engage an audience with relevant and inspiring stories.

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Stories and the loop

  1. 1. Stories & The Loop14th September 2010
  2. 2. Who we areAshley Pollak - Founder/Creative DirectorAshley was a student at the prestigious Screen Academy Scotland, and studied Documentaryfilm making, he then went on to have a successful career in advertising & strategy for bothagencies and clients alike. Ashley has worked for some of the largest UK and global brandsincluding Marks & Spencer, P&G, The BBC, Barclays Capital, Panasonic, Novo Nordisk and Emap.Megan Price - Production DirectorMegan has worked as a successful television Producer and Director on a diverse range ofprogrammes such as Horizon, Crimewatch, Live at the Apollo, & The Paul O’Grady Show.She has produced video campaigns for The New York Times, Help The Aged, M&S, The Church ofEngland and Diva Magazine. Megan has a degree in Economics from The University of Edinburgh.Rebecca Perfect - Account DirectorRebecca has had a successful career as a PR professional working on a variety of brands such asFremantleMedia, Sony, Aeroflot, Nissan, Phillips and Habanos Cigars.She has a Masters in Marketing from The Birmingham Business School and is also a workingactor and presenter. 
  3. 3. So why are you here to listen to us?
  4. 4. Overview✤ All of you use facebook, twitter, linked in, flickr, you tube and four square✤ There is no point in analysing what you already know✤ Look at history to understand origins of brand content and social media✤ Apply lessons learnt to current challenges
  5. 5. John GriersonRockerfeller Fellowship - “Psychology of Propaganda”Father of documentary
  6. 6. ‘Documentary’✤ A creative treatment of actuality✤ Moving pictures playing a key role in the democratic process✤ A form of social and political communication.✤ A mechanism for social reform and education.
  7. 7. Dziga VertovExperimental pioneerCapturing realityRegarded drama as “the opiate of the masses”Further the communist cause
  8. 8. Kino Pravda“Film Truth”The Agit Prop trains
  9. 9. Man with theMovie Camera1929
  10. 10. Man with the Movie Camera
  11. 11. Empire MarketingBoard"The elect have their duty. I look on cinema as a pulpit, anduse it as a propagandist."EMB - government agencyPromote British world trade and unityGrierson sets up it first Film Unit
  12. 12. General Post Office(GPO)1933
  13. 13. Night Mail193630 minute film shown in cinemasPost train between London and Edinburghdir - Basil Wrightmusic - Benjamin Brittenpoetry - WH Auden
  14. 14. Night Mail
  15. 15. Effectiveness
  16. 16. EffectivenessMythical status in British CinemaSaved the Post Office from PrivatisationImproved moraleLaunched the British Documentary Movement
  17. 17. The problem:Luftwaffe bombing
  18. 18. Norbert WeinerFamous mathematics child prodigy
  19. 19. Cybernetics &Feedback loops“The Art of Steering”Basis behind social media - Facebook
  20. 20. Feedback LoopsDate
  21. 21. SnowGeoffrey Jones1963“The Big Freeze”
  22. 22. Snow
  23. 23. EffectivenessAcademy Award7 film festivalsGlobal audienceFunded by a brand
  24. 24. ShellGeoffrey Jones
  25. 25. Howard GossageApplying feedback loops to advertising
  26. 26. Eagle Shirtsone ad at a time - see response
  27. 27. EffectivenessA book - The Postman Hardly Ever Rings 11,342 timesIrish Whisky campaignAn ad that started the modern environmental movement
  28. 28. How is this relevant?Date
  29. 29. In summary✤ Grierson - The start of ‘documentary’ - originally based in marketing✤ Vertov - Film truth - revealing real stories✤ Weiner - Feedback loops - the start of the theory behind social media✤ Jones - Can a piece of brand content win an Oscar?✤ Gossage - Applying the loop to a social, interactive form of advertising
  30. 30. How do we apply those learnings today?Date
  31. 31. Recommendations 1✤ Social media world✤ Increasing viewership of online video✤ Computers becoming tvs✤ Content not broadcast✤ How to optimise?
  32. 32. Recommendations 2✤ How to engage ‘audiences’ on a deeper level?✤ Thankfully the answer is quite simple✤ Brands as content creators✤ Working with advertising to reinforce brand campaigns
  33. 33. Create videos that engage an audience withrelevant and inspiring stories.
  34. 34. Case studiesDate
  35. 35. Best Practice:End of the Line“To support the launch of such an important filmwas an absolute must for Waitrose. With manyspecies on the brink of extinction there has neverbeen a more pressing need to bring this issue tothe fore. The End of the Line shows that we can allenjoy fish, but encourages viewers to think morecarefully about where their fish is coming from.”
  36. 36. The End of the Line
  37. 37. Best Practice:Whopper Virgins
  38. 38. Whopper Virgins
  39. 39. Thank you for listeningAny questions please get in touch:Email - - 07852 197398