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Make Your Facebook Donors Fall In Love With You

It doesn't matter whether you are digging wells in India or providing disaster relieve in South Carolina. Facebook is a powerful tool for charities and non-profit organizations to create awareness and raise money. With more than 30 million active Facebook fan pages, and 700 million people using Facebook Groups daily, how do you stand out? How do you touch the hearts of donors and keep them following you? We've compiled a few examples of non-profits that are doing a great job getting their donors on Facebook to fall donation over volunteer hours in love with them!

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Make Your Facebook Donors Fall In Love With You

  2. 2. Keep Your Donors is key COMMUNICATION Informed Facebook is a great place to connect with your donors. It's okay to be emotional and heartfelt. Tell a story with  photo collections that show them how donations are making a difference. Example
  3. 3. giving easy Make Be Helpful Be ready and open to all the donations and volunteer time your followers want to shower you with. Create events for volunteers and install Facebook donation application. Example
  4. 4. Let Them Know Personalize You Know They Follow You know they are there lingering on your every post. Make it more about them. Use sharing buttons that allow Facebook followers that land on your website to share your content back to their personal page. Click example
  5. 5. Community Create A Since Invite Them To The Conversation Invite them in. Using hashtags the right way can be fun and engaging. Don't over do it. Choose one or two that are simple and catchy. It allows your followers to be a part of the conversation. Click example
  6. 6. Let Them Know Say Thank You You Appreciate Them This is a simple tip. But, it's easy to forget when you are so focused on your cause. It's important and no one likes to feel unappreciated. So, simply find a way to say Thank you! Click example
  7. 7. tips helpful? Do you find these We have more! Subscribe to BP Studios' blog for more tips and information to help non­profits get the most out of social media and all their digital marketing efforts. subscribe