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Last presentation in a summer series of tutorials about social media. Gives an overview of video sharing sites, photo sites and podcasting.

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  • Video Sharing Stats (Pew Internet & American Life Project, Jan 2008): Telephone survey. 48% of internet users visit video-sharing sites-2008, in 2007 only 33% had visited video sharing sites --22% of Americans make own videos, 14% post the videos online --We’ll be looking at sites with at least 1 million unique visitors/month 1.YouTube: 71 mil unique users 2. MySpace Video: 70 million users—this is for the overall site 3. Metacafe: 40 million unique viewers/month 4. Yahoo Video: 40 million/month 5. DailyMotion: 37.1 million unique users/month
  • A few facts about YouTube: --Started in 2005 by employees of PayPal --Bought by Google in 2006 --Allows easy upload of videos and encourages sharing by providing embed code and url to video on YouTube site Let’s visit YouTube: Log into account and show features YouTube Channels
  • 1. Flickr—most popular, is now owned by Yahoo! Has the same services—organization, prints etc. Can also enable other users to help you organize photos. 2. Picasa—Google, includes free photo editing software (most services do)—allows you to create a movie of your photos and upload them to YouTube by clicking on a button 3. Smugmug—really nice interface, 14-day free trial then costs money 4. Photobucket—25 million users, owned by Fox. Also offers photo products such as prints etc. 5. Shutterfly—Store your photos and order prints. Can pick up the prints at Target. Also has other products that you can buy Facebook is also a huge photo sharing sites, as of April 2009: “5 billion photos uploaded in total, an average of 220 million new pictures posted each week, and at its busiest, 550,000 images being loaded each second.” How can photo sharing enhance a strategy? Ask what other people think the applications of these sites could be. This could be a way to send photo’s of an event to a client or share with a larger community. Need to consider whether will be sharing photos on Facebook and if this is enough or if want a separate photo storage. Picasa could be a great way to quickly create slideshows for our digital archives and then share them via other SM
  • Record Audio—this can be done with a computer or external equipment that can then export the sound file to be edited—or record with software Edit the sound file—Free software can be used, make sure you have downloaded any extras need to save the sound file as an MP3 (, (all in one solution)) Export the file and add tags which will help search engines find the podcast Upload podcast to internet, requires someone to host it ( free podcast hosting, can upload to a blog but will need to have a plug in/add in, Create an RSS feed for podcast— Submit podcast to search engine— --All in one solution:
  • Interactive news room Sound bytes for reporters to download Interviews with spokespeople instead of written text Internal applications: announcements that people can listen to at their leisure training
  • Video, Photo Sharing and Podcasts

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