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2018 Beta Change Annual Report

Our second year of Beta Change saw many changes to the way we shared stories. We introduced Global Postcards and continued with our Minisodes. Check out our report to see what else we got up to.

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2018 Beta Change Annual Report

  1. 1. 2018 Annual Report
  2. 2. 2018 at a glance... ● We continue to make inspiring additions to the Global Postcard series with our Audio and Video postcards. ● We published 18 Beta Change Global Postcards and several articles on our blog. ● We produced a total of 9 Beta Change Minisodes in 2018. ● We sharpened our focus on telling diverse stories to reach the global diabetes community.
  3. 3. Our Vision To create a world where diabetes is not a barrier to living a full life. Our Mission Our Values To create a global network and foster collaboration between all stakeholders within the diabetes community & together provide adequate and sustainable access to diabetes medication, equipment, education and support to all people living with diabetes by 2025. We create opportunities. We bring people together. We strive for equal access. We empower people with diabetes. Be empowered. Be inspired. Be the change.
  4. 4. A Word from the Beta Change Team Every person experiences the world in a different way, and each story provides a new and unique perspective to the world we live in. As members of Beta Change, we often hear people with diabetes say that living with this condition can be isolating and lonely - until they meet someone else living with diabetes or discover the diabetes community online or IRL. As healthy as it is to share our experiences of what it’s like to live with diabetes in our day-to-day lives, no one will really understand better than someone else who also lives with it. Exchanging these stories gives hope and inspires those in a dark place not to give up. They motivate others to fight harder for their community and remind us that life is precious. Some stories change us and stay with us forever. These stories can also help those who don’t live with diabetes better understand what we go through each day, and the challenges we face and the achievements that are meaningful to us. Most importantly, these stories contribute toward a shift in the way people think and talk about diabetes, which is important in this society where we constantly hear noise about the negativity and blame associated with diabetes. Our stories remind others that there is a person behind the condition and that human lives are complex and not just about diabetes management. At Beta Change, we show the world what people with diabetes can achieve - and that none of us are doing this alone. Adapted from the Beta Change Blog Post: The Power of Sharing Stories Published June 8, 2019
  5. 5. Medication Goals: Improve access and affordability of insulin by collaborating with policymakers and industry partners. Support innovation and research by collaborating with industry and academic partners. Equipment Goals: Improve access and affordability of diabetes equipment and support innovation and research by collaborating with policymakers, industry partners and academic partners.. Education Goals: Improve access to ongoing diabetes education & appropriate resources by collaborating with academic partners and diabetes organisations. Support Goals: Provide mentorship to leaders who want to make a difference within the diabetes community through our mentorship program. Provide support for diabetes advocates. Four Strategic Pillars
  6. 6. 2018 Achievements Medication April 2018: Article from Nete Holm, from Denmark, about the DrugStars program. December 2018: Minisode with the late Cate Ndwiga, from Kenya, on Universal Health Coverage Day. Equipment September 2018: Audio Global Postcard from Florence, who lives in Zambia, about the without reliable access to tools like blood glucose meters. Education July 2018: Video Global Postcard featuring prominent members of the diabetes community highlighted the benefits of attending a diabetes camp. Support August 2018: Minisode with Nicole Reed fon balancing diabetes and college. November 2018: Minisode with Sara Mobäck, from Sweden, on diabetes and eating disorders. Here are a few instances in which we used our strategic pillars to impact the global diabetes community in 2018.
  7. 7. Here are a few of the countries we heard from in our 2018 Beta Change international community! 2018 Global Contributions
  8. 8. Nicole Reed | Founder, NYU Chapter of College Diabetes Network Returning Guests Guests from over 10 countries around the world joined the Beta Change community by sharing their unique stories in 2018. We welcomed the following guests to our Minisode series for the first time: Cassidy Robinson, United States Anita Herlambang, Indonesia Eliza Bartlett, New Zealand Peidra James, Jamaica Weronika Kowalska, Belgium/Poland Sara Moback, Sweden Fiona Scott | Beta Change, Fiona Scott Diabetes Education And her dad, Kevin Taylor! New Faces
  9. 9. We also welcomed a special person, Cate Ndwiga, to our December Beta Change Minisode about Universal Health Coverage Day 2018. Katie spoke with Cate about the challenges she faced living in Kenya with type 1 diabetes. Cate was a bright light and a ball of passion in her efforts to improve conditions for people living with diabetes around the world. She was an advocate with T1International, working with our friend Elizabeth to have an impact on the community that reached beyond Kenya. In early 2019, Cate passed away due to complications from surgery. Her loss is felt throughout the diabetes community. We thank Cate for sharing her light with us and hope her story continues.
  10. 10. Wei Teng Chen Emily Wilson Alex Williams Yemurai Machirori Noor AlRamahi Amanda Lenehan Daniela Rojas & Paula Chinchilla The Grumpy Pumper Chipimo Chisanga Peidra James Nete Holm Carrie Hetherington Nicole Reed María Inés Garriga Written Content & Guest Contributors These guests contributed written content and/or photos that were featured in the Beta Change Media Room in 2018: *Written content also includes articles and updates from the diabetes community by Beta Change team members Fiona Scott, Ashley Ng, and Pei Yan Heng Don Muchow Doug Masiuk Caitlin Willsher Mohammad Y. Al-Bahar Scott Jozefowski Tracey Herbert Elizabeth Rowley
  11. 11. 9 Newsletter Updates ● Newsletter reach: 119 subscribers 18% 48% av. open rate 16% 9 Minisodes ● Average reach: 746 per Minisode 21% ● Largest Minisode Facebook reach (2,457): Our Minisode featuring guest Sara Mobäck (@Diabeteskvinnan on Instagram) about diabetes and developing healthy relationships with food had our highest reach. Making Connections
  12. 12. Twitter Goal Followers: 250 | Followers in 2018: 25 46% Twitter Impressions: Average of 6,666 per month 56% Social Media Notables Largest Facebook post reach: Beta Change Minisode featuring Sara Mobäck (Diabeteskvinnan) on diabetes and healthy relationships with food (2,457 people reached) Facebook Goal Likes: 500 | Likes in 2018: 454 (116 new) YouTube Views: Average of 12 per video Channel subscribers: 8 in 2018
  13. 13. Media Appearances A Beta Change Video Global Postcard about the value of diabetes camps was featured on the DiabetesCamps website in August 2018 under the “Diabetes Camp to Me” tab on the main page. Thanks to Terry Ackley for promoting our Postcard, which featured Kerri Sparling, Kyle Jacques Rose, Paul Madden, Renza Scibilia, Jeff Hitchcock, Franco Giraudo, and Jen Hanson.
  14. 14. Beta Change co-founder and Deakin University Alumni member Ashley Ng was profiled and featured for World Diabetes Day in 2018 on the university’s website. Ashley shared how she uses her education at Deakin to give back to the diabetes community.
  15. 15. 1 Beta Change relies on the goodwill of volunteers to keep going. Juggling full time work and running a small organisation is not easy! In September 2018, Ashley wrote a guest blog post for The Happy Academic on balancing life in academia with running Beta Change while managing her health. 2 Wei Teng Chen, author of Murphy, See How You Shine!, mentioned her involvement with Beta Change in an interview with Sassy Mama. We’re excited to grow the Beta Change community with contributors like Wei Teng!
  16. 16. Coming in 2019 We’re looking out for a website content manager to help streamline access to all of our media. If this is you, feel free to reach out to the team: Our written content will focus on sharing stories from the community through our Global Postcards (in text, audio, and video) in multiple languages to make our content more globally accessible. We will shift away from publishing articles in lieu of sharing thoughts from the Beta Change team on our blog. We’re trialing the use of LinkedIn as platform to connect, support and empower diabetes advocates around the world. Find us on Beta Change - Diabetes Advocate Network and let us know what you think! We are continuing to develop a new podcast series. 2019 could be the year we take the plunge to formally register as an organisation - we would love your thoughts on this, so feel free to reach out to us with your ideas or expertise.