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2017 Beta Change Annual Report

We are proud to present the 2017 Annual Report for Beta Change! Find out what we got up to within our first year out and about. Some highlights include setting up our website and sharing stories through our Virtual Roundtables and Minisodes.

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2017 Beta Change Annual Report

  1. 1. 2017 Annual Report
  2. 2. Our Vision To create a world where diabetes is not a barrier to living a full life. Our Mission Our Values To create a global network and foster collaboration between all stakeholders within the diabetes community & together provide adequate and sustainable access to diabetes medication, equipment, education and support to all people living with diabetes by 2025. We create opportunities. We bring people together. We strive for equal access. We empower people with diabetes. Be empowered. Be inspired. Be the change.
  3. 3. Medication Our goals are to: Improve access and affordability of insulin by collaborating with policymakers and industry partners. Support innovation and research by collaborating with industry and academic partners. Equipment Our goals are to: Improve access and affordability of diabetes equipment by collaborating with policymakers and industry partners. Support innovation and research by collaborating with industry and academic partners. Education Our goal is to: Improve access to ongoing diabetes education & appropriate resources by collaborating with academic partners and diabetes organisations. Support Our goals are to: Provide mentorship to leaders who want to make a difference within the diabetes community through our mentorship program. Provide peer support for leaders. 4 Strategic Pillars
  4. 4. 2017 Pillar Achievements Medication February 2017: Virtual Roundtable on Access to Medication featuring special guest Elizabeth Rowley, Founder of T1International. Equipment April 2017: Virtual Roundtable on D-Tech & the Privilege Bubble featuring special guest Renza Scibilia, author of the blog Diabetogenic. August 2017: Minisode with Stella Chew, founder of Dogs and Diabetes Singapore. Education December 2017: Minisode on Live1tBlue with Paula Chinchilla Ortega and Daniela Rojas Jiminez that explored the need for multilingual resources. Support August 2017: Minisode with Nicole Reed, founder of the NYU Chapter of the College Diabetes Network (CDN) November 2017: Minisode with Georgie Peters, founder of Diabetes Eating Disorders and Awareness. All of the resources we produced in 2017, in addition to those mentioned above, link back to raising awareness, inspiring the community, and fostering diabetes education. These include our Global Postcard series, blog articles, social media posts, original photos, and more.
  5. 5. Resources Brand Guidelines and regular team meetings BeLive platform for live broadcasts on Facebook with users in multiple locations Guides for using the BeLive platform for guests and hosts of our Virtual Roundtables and Minisodes Social media best practices guide to refine the Beta Change voice Virtual Roundtable and Minisode platforms Media release form for guests and guest contributors Template for sourcing written and live streaming content
  6. 6. Elizabeth Rowley | Founder, T1International Renza Scibilia | Diabetogenic Anna Poh | Anna’s Kitchen (Mother’s Day Minisode) Lisa Hynes, PhD. | Researcher, D1now study Lou Vickers-Willis | Young Adults with T2 Diabetes Stella Chew | Founder, Dogs and Diabetes Singapore Nicole Reed | Founder, NYU Chapter of College Diabetes Network Georgie Peters | Diabetes Eating Disorders and Awareness Daniela Rojas Jiminez and Paula Chinchilla Ortega | Founders, Live1tBlue These guests joined us live on Facebook using our BeLive platform for a Virtual Roundtable or a Minisode in 2017. Guest Appearances
  7. 7. 9 Newsletter Updates ● Newsletter reach: 100 subscribers 41.4% open rate 9 Minisodes ● Average reach: 616 per Minisode ● Largest Minisode Facebook reach: Australia’s National Diabetes Week (1,039) Membership Program interest: Goal: 100 | 2017 EOI total: 7 *Note: We are still prioritizing our goals and looking back helps us focus on what’s important! Making Connections 6 Virtual Roundtables ● Average reach: 531 per Roundtable We created a website!
  8. 8. Social Media Notables Largest Facebook post reach: Diabetes Emergency Kits post (1,410) FB* Goal Followers: 1,000 | Followers in 2017: 333 (232 new) Twitter* Goal Followers: 200 | Followers in 2017: 172 (122 new) Twitter Impressions: Average of 4,269 per month YouTube Views: Average of 22 per Roundtable Channel subscribers: 4 in 2017 *We also featured many Facebook and Twitter contributors in 2017 across various themes and campaigns
  9. 9. Original Series ● Global Postcards ● Blog posts* Lisa Hynes Nicole Reed Cassidy Robinson Mercedes Howlin Tammy Moran Carrie Hetherington Stephanie Haack Chipimo Chisanga Written Content & Guest Contributors To These guests contributed written content and/or photos that were featured on the Beta Change website in 2017. *also includes articles by Beta Change team members Fiona Scott, Ashley Ng, and Pei Yan Heng
  10. 10. Media Appearances Beta Change was mentioned in the Spring 2017 print and online versions of Diabetes Wellness magazine, a publication of Diabetes New Zealand. Article by Katie Doyle.
  11. 11. Team member Fiona Scott was interviewed for an article that appeared in the Summer 2017 print and online versions of Diabetes Wellness... ...and the Beta Change Virtual Roundtables also got a shout-out! Article by Katie Doyle.
  12. 12. While Beta Change accomplished a lot in 2017, I’m really proud of two things in particular: our live broadcasts and our written web content. These are two specific ways in which we engage the diabetes community and share stories that reach past what is currently available in the The past year has been unbelievably rewarding at Beta Change. It’s amazing what you can achieve when you set your mind to it, and then multiplied when the team comes together to realise your goals. As a result, we have been able to connect with diabetes space. We are continuing to refine these channels and reach even further as time goes on. Words from the TeamPresented in alphabetical order, L-R, on both pages: Robert Brooks, Stephanie Cesile, Katie Doyle, Pei Yan Heng, Ashley Ng, Fiona Scott amazing people from around the world and bring that directly to YOU in a variety of platforms! It’s only early days for Beta Change and I have an inkling that our greatest days are yet to come, on this exciting journey. Working with the Beta Change team and interacting with our community has been a reinvigorating experience. We continue to scale our network and leverage new approaches and channels to deliver education and content, and every day brings exciting new opportunities. The Beta Change network plans on be a pioneer by bringing this to forefront of the global diabetes community and connecting stakeholders around the world.
  13. 13. 2017 was a steep learning curve for all of us. When we decided to kick-start Beta Change, we knew the journey filled with ups and downs. At Beta Change, we don’t just share stories and create content about diabetes. We connect, create, collaborate, and synergize across the globe. Even ordinary people have stepped up to contribute to the diabetes community in any way they can. You CAN make a difference! 2018 will be a year of more exciting journey to everyone. meeting at 11pm, but when you get to dream and plan with colleagues and friends from other parts of the globe you can’t help but think how lucky you are to be part of something as extraordinary as Beta Change. Thankfully, the team consists of passionate individuals who are full of enthusiasm, determination and compassion. Together, we support each other and work hard to bring the idea of Beta Change to life. With what we have achieved in the past year, I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings. I am confident that we will help to make the world a place where diabetes won’t be a barrier to living life. It was a privilege for me to join the team in 2017. The team are incredible, each one of them a pioneer in the world of diabetes advocacy. I never dreamed I would get excited about doing a I am happy to see how much we have achieved over the past year since we started Beta Change.
  14. 14. Looking Ahead to 2018 Margot Vanfleteren is joining us as our web content manager in the second quarter of 2018! Look out for a new web design to streamline access to all of our media. We are developing a new podcast series led by Robert and Fiona. Our live streaming content will shift in focus from Virtual Roundtables to Minisodes to better cater to our audience across social media. We’ll continue to explore our future as an incorporated organization, a registered charity, a charitable trust, or even an organization using blockchain technology.