The Social Media Landscape in China


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A high level overview of the social media in China, including market trends and approaching the market for international brands.

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  • 1 in 5 people in the world are chinese.
  • And 44% of them are connected to the internet
  • Flatter growth line over the past year compared with the previous 5.Not at the end of 2013 though.
  • Creative – some type of growth arrow in the slide…
  • Creative changed – henrik happy with the sizing of this now?Dialouge – still have an expected 3.3m people to come online in 2013
  • Creative changed – henrik happy with the sizing of this now?Dialouge – still have an expected 3.3m people to come online in 2013
  • Mirrors the growth rate of the economy which as it starts to grow is slowly opening doors to other services.
  • 22.35 hours is the average in australia
  • Fastest growing age bracket is actually 40-60 years old.
  • And are growing at a much smaller rate than urban chinese internet users.Growth rates are much slower than urban – rural is growing at 0.55% per year compared with 3.5 the previous year.
  • There are over 230,000 brands using sinaweibo.There are over 1000 brands using Tencents new Wechat
  • Competitors act differently and across social media can be defamatory and deliberately misleading.
  • The Chinese government are intervening in socially created content to stem what's called “false rumours” from being written and spread. Whilst it is initially to address political dialogue it is a small leap to include corporations in this type of legislation.NOT HARD TO DO IN A COUNTRY WITH nearly 600 MILLION INTERNET USERS
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  • Importance here is the difference between tier one and tier two cities. Each one has a reach of its own.
  • Change title to Adapt Strategy
  • China found the US character tested really badly with local audiences – that they displayed undesirable characteristics in people.The result was an ad focused on team work and collaboration. Much like the advert for adidas.
  • The Social Media Landscape in China

    1. 1. The Social Media Landscape in China Nov 2013
    2. 2. Source: CNNIC
    3. 3. The Social Landscape
    4. 4. In 2013, social media users have grown by Source: CNNIC
    5. 5. Source: CNNIC
    6. 6. Source: CNNIC
    7. 7. China’s Social Consumer China’s Social Consumer
    8. 8. Source: CNNIC
    9. 9. Source: CNNIC
    10. 10. Down from 70% in 2011
    11. 11. 28% Of internet users are rural
    12. 12. Source: CNNIC
    13. 13. Over half of users have clicked to a product after seeing it on Weibo
    14. 14. Social Competitors
    15. 15. Platforms
    16. 16. Allow full range of social activities including photo sharing, games, and profile personalisation. Mass Market China’s Facebook Highest Active User % Area Focused Largest User base University Students Higher penetration in Tier 1 cities Gigs, News, Events Lowest Engagement Low Active User % Event Guide
    17. 17. Source: Warc
    18. 18. Video
    19. 19. Video
    20. 20. Case Studies
    21. 21. Source: Warc
    22. 22. Source: Warc
    23. 23. Video
    24. 24. Ashley McVey Head of Strategy Next Digital