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Text mining with R-studio


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MeasureCamp 9.

Just to note that the contents of slide 4 are from Mark Edmondson's deck from MeasureCamp V. Forgot to add a citation before uploading.

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Text mining with R-studio

  1. 1. Text mining with RStudio | @AshLindley
  2. 2. Who am I? I'm Ashley, I SEO things for a Media Agency in London.
  3. 3. Why? As part of a website redesign and migration we undertook a large piece of analysis. The output was fantastic but it took a lot of people a very long time. Great for a one off project, but unfeasible to run with any kind of regularity in its current format. Keyword Analysis Social Listening COMPETITIVE LANDSCAPE Landscape Gaps / Opportunities STRUCTURE, CONTENT & FORMAT OF NEW SITE Keyword Mapping URL Structure Landing Pages NEEDS ANALYSIS
  4. 4. Why use R? WHY
  5. 5. WHYR?WHY Recipe: Packages tm: A framework for text mining applications within R reshape2: Reshape data dplyr: A grammar of data manipulation stylo: easy-to-use implementations of various established analyses in the field of computational stylistics
  6. 6. WHYR?WHY Recipe: Functions First are the functions that will be used to remove all the rubbish: • shortened links • “RT” and “via” • usernames • non-alphanumeric Second is to setup the word/phrase frequency function to use after the data has been cleaned.
  7. 7. WHYR?WHY Recipe: Cleaning Here we remove numbers, capitalisation, common words, punctuation, and otherwise prepare the text for analysis.
  8. 8. WHYR?WHY Recipe: ngrams
  9. 9. RECIPEWHYR?WHY What next?
  10. 10. Feedback? Questions? | @AshLindley