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Google search tips and tricks part 1


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Google Search is a powerful tool, but are you using it to its fullest? Take a look at these power tips and your searches will be more powerful than ever.

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Google search tips and tricks part 1

  1. 1. Google Search: Tips & Tricks Part 1 I was reminded recently while doing some research, just how powerf ul Google Search can be. I had f orgotten the kinds of things you can do with search, and how it can help you with so many tasks. It was while I was exploring this f antastic blog Traf f ic Generation Caf e (f rom Ana Hof f man – if you don’t know it and want to learn about traf f ic go there now). Ana had a great post on f inding blogs to comment on and gave the specif ic Google search queries you would use to f ind them. Isn’t she great! Here is one example she gave inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “ADD YOUR KEYWORD” Looks like Chinese to you? Don’t worry we will go through the dif f erent parts below. Once I tried this search out and realised what I had been missing, I took another “long hard look” at Google Search. Then, being the self ish person that I am, I decided to share what I f ound with you all. (Not that this stuf f isn’t easily f indable via Google, but I f igured some of you might not have looked :>) WARNING: The f ollowing is tedious and boring – BUT, take 15min to learn a f ew of these, try them out and your searching will never be the same again – guaranteed!! If it is not true, write to me and complain. Really. Do it. I stand behind my guarantees!! Google Search Shortcuts, Symbols and Syntax
  2. 2. In this f irst section I will explain most of what Ana used in her search terms above. At the end of this section you should understand what she did and repeat it f or your own searches. Yes, you will be a search ninja!! Search for an exact word or phrase Say you are looking f or a specif ic phrase, you can f orce Google to look f or this by putting it between quotes. If you don’t Google uses their algorithm to look f or similar things, using their best guess. This sometimes leads to some strange results. Search: “I want this exact phrase in my results” ** use this power with caution, as it will exclude similar results. Exclude a specific word If you want to exclude a specif ic word f rom your search results, you just need to add a minus and the word (eg. -not_this_word) to the list of search criteria you have chosen. Then results with that word will not be shown. Eg. If you are searching f or blogging sites but don’t want blogs about “camels” Search: “blog” -camel Search within a particular website If you have a particular website in mind, and want to search f or posts on a specif ic topic this would be your best bet. Use the “site” keyword. Eg. If you want to search the ever popular quicksprout blog f or SEO posts you would do Search: “SEO” Searching inside a webpage / title /url / anchor Using similar techniques to the site above, you can search f or specif ic words in specif ic places on a webpage. The f ollowing are the options you have and what they do: intitle – searches in the page title (note: title is not see in the page itself , but is used in SEO) inurl – searches in the pages url inanchor – searches in the text used f or links intext – inside the main text of the webpage Search for similar words Say you are searching f or pages with this word, or words that begin with that you could use the asterisk (*) symbol Search: myword*
  3. 3. This would give you results f or myword and any words that begin with myword. Another example of this is to look f or a phrase that has various options in a specif ic position. Google calls this “f illing in the blank” searches. Search: The man in the * sweater was sitting on the * Searching for Two options If you have a search that has two (or more) options you can do it like this Search: red OR blue sweater In Google’s examples they also demonstrate that you can search f or two specif ic phrases, which could also be quite handy. Search: “the man on the bike” OR “the woman in the car” Search for a number range This is a search you might not use too of ten, but is handy when you are working with numbers. Say you want to f ind something in a price range, or between two values. Here we use two dots between two numbers. Find very cheap German cars!! Search: Porsche $50..$100 You can also use it to give upper (two dots bef ore a number) and lower ranges (two dots af ter). This would f ind Mustangs up to $1000. Search: Mustang ..$1000 Tip: Use only one number with the two periods to indicate an upper maximum or a lower minimum. Search for a file type This one may seem a little strange, but if you were searching f or a pdf (say a users manual) or a power point (ppt) f ile you can do that with the “f iletype” keyword Search: how to use an umbrella f iletype: pdf Google Advanced Search Filters Google also of f ers an Advanced Search Page where you can tweak other search options and do so more easily. The f ollowing are the values they currently of f er as alternatives f or the above hand entered options all these words this exact word or phrase any of these words none of these words numbers ranging f rom So you have the choice in many cases of using the “shortcut” words in your search (as above) or coming to this page to do the work f or you.
  4. 4. Other options you can use, which are best done f rom this page only are: Language Region Last updated date Site or domain Term Appearing (Where the search terms appear on the page) Saf eSearch f ilter turned on or of f Reading level File type Usage rights (related to licensing) Takeaways Search is a powerf ul tool, you have all been told that. But now you can see why!! Learn a f ew power shortcuts to enhance your search-f illed-lives. It really is worth it. Don’t f orget you can also use the advanced search page to help you achieve almost the same thing AND f urther tweak your searches with even more f ilters! This is only part 1. Yes, there is more to come. Google search is now an ecosystem and can do so many things f or you. Stay tuned f or Part 2 where will will explore more search tips and tricks to make your lif e easier and help you to become the search ninja you had always dreamed of becoming! Author Hi, I’m Ashley. I blog about all things web, blogging and social media on Mad Lemmings. I have over 12 years of experience working with companies on developing websites and web applications. I want to share my experience and make your lif e easier at the same time. Together we will learn how to unleash the web’s power by creating your own website, whether it is f or business or pleasure, prof essional or hobby, blog or business website. We will demystif y some of the things you need to work on a website. Solve many problems in as simple a f ashion as possible. All in all, this will be the place you come to f ind the inf ormation you need to improve or f ix your website or blog.