French 2 Living in France Webquest


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French 2 Living in France Webquest

  1. 1. Habitons en France! A Webquest
  2. 2. Introduction:Oh là là! You have been accepted by the French government to teachEnglish in France for a year! You have been notified about the program andwere told that you can choose any city to live in which you feel you will bemost comfortable. But time is running out! You only have eight days to doyour research, find a city and an apartment to live in, and convince yourparents that you’ve made the right decision… or your spot in the programwill be taken! The Task: You have been accepted by the French government toteach English in France for a year. You will be given a 500-euro-a-weekstipend (pay). However, your parents aren’t thrilled about the idea of youbeing away for a year on your own. They are worried about you finding asuitable roommate, an affordable apartment, and knowing enough French toget by. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you; thus your goal is todo your “homework” and then prepare a convincing presentation for yourparents in French convincing them that you’ve made the right decision. Working in pairs, you will prepare a presentationexplaining where you will be living in France, what the apartment youwill be living in is like (how much it costs, what it looks like, and whatit’s near,) and why you feel you’ve made the best possible choice. Youmust also explain what distinguishes your city and apartment fromothers you’ve researched. Your presentation may be created in whateverformat you prefer: Power Point, letter/email with pictures, audacity file,Prezi, poster board, etc. Remember: Be creative and convincing! You onlyhave two days before your spot in the program is taken. Bonne chance! 
  3. 3. The Process:Cities in France:The first step to convincing your parents you can survive in France for ayear is to learn more about its cities and be able to share your findings withthem. Use the following links and questions to guide your search. 1. What kind of climate do you prefer? Which cities in France have this climate? Think about some worries your parents may have. Why is climate so important? 2. What kinds of landmarks do you think would be most beneficial to live near? (Restaurants? Tourist attractions? Shopping Centers? Grocery stores? Etc…) Why? 3. What other information could you give to your parents about the city of your choice to prove to them that you’ve made a smart decision? (Think about population, crime rates, public transportation available, etc) in France:The second step to convincing your parents you can survive in France for ayear is to educate yourself about living arrangement options and share yourfindings with them. Again, use the following links and questions to guideyour search. 1. How much money can you afford to spend on rent if paid 500 euros a week? Think about/factor in possible food costs, public transportation costs, recreation/travel costs, etc. You will most likely need a roommate or two to help cut costs in half. What are your plans for finding a roommate?
  4. 4. 2. What does your apartment of choice look like? What amenities/comforts does it offer? Is the apartment furnished, or will you have to provide your own furniture? 3. What other information could you give to your parents about the city of your choice to prove to them that you’ve made a smart decision? Again, think about safety. On which floor is your apartment located? In which area of town is your apartment located? ***Convince your parents you have chosen a safe, affordable place to live! property/search/path/france/sr/r/t/apartment/* Now that you have finished researching, it is time to organize a convincing presentation. After you have developed your presentation, you will present it to your “parents” (aka:Madame Wilson,) and I will decide whether you will be permitted to accept your offer into the English-teaching program. :) See evaluation criteria below for more details!
  5. 5. Evaluation (Peer Grade)
  6. 6. Objective: F= 10-12 D= 13-14 C= 15-16 B= 17-18 A= 19-20 ScoreStudents Will… Work co- Contributes to Contributes Contributes Works toward Consistentlyoperatively group To group to group group goals most and actively in pairs. only when with without of the time; works prompted. occasional prompting; usually sensitive toward prompting; shows some toward feelings group goals; participates sensitivity to of others; is sensitive in needed partner; willingly helps toward changes with makes partner identify feelings of occasional needed and make others; helps prompting. changes necessary partner when shown changes. identify and what needs make to be necessary changed. changes.Commun- Occasionally Speaks Speaks Actively speaksConsistently icate in speaks French French when French when French when and actively French when doing doing doing doing research speaks research and research and research and and working French working with working with working with with others; when doing others; does others with others, rarely sometimes research and not prepare some resorting to encourages working presentation in prompting; English; others to speakwith others; French. presentation presentation French; always written in written in presentation encourages French, but French, but written in others to contains at contains 7-9 French, but speak least 10 errors. contains 4-6 French; errors. errors. presentation written in French with only 1-3 errors.Questions Did not use Used Had trouble Had trouble with Worked resources resources with provided well finding provided to provided, but provided resources, but answers to answer didn’t focus resources; still answered all questions questions in on the therefore questions in using “process” assignment unable to “process” provided section; not on enough to answer all section. resources; task. answer all questions in successfully questions in the “process” answered all “process” section. questions in section. “process” section.Creativity Presentation is Presentation Presentation Presentation Presentatio unorganized; is written in an written in a clear, n written in listing of rote unorganized; innovative, convincing and a clear, facts; no mixture of convincing innovative innovative, pictures; rote facts and manner; very manner; convincing
  7. 7. Conclusion: Congratulations! You have now completed theresearch portion of your journey through France. You will soon bepresenting your presentation, complete with your findings to your parentsin hopes that they will agree to you living in France this coming year.Now that you’ve learned more about France, French life, and thevocabulary that goes along with describing it, I’d like you to take sometime to reflect on the assignment. What do you like about the Webquest?What don’t you like about it? What would you change about theassignment to make it more meaningful to you? *Please write youranswers to these questions in French and turn them in with your finalproject!* 