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Architecture Portfolio Ashley Davis


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Architecture portfolio through third year. Still very much a work in progress.

Published in: Design, Education, Business
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Architecture Portfolio Ashley Davis

  1. 1. ARCHITECTURE PORTFOLIO Ashley Davis Senior Architecture Major Clemson University
  2. 2. Additional Design Work Design Studio: U.S. National Whitewater Center Master Planning Design Studio: U.S. National Whitewater Center Open Air Storage Building Sketches CV About + i
  3. 3. Sketches Examples of my sketching.
  4. 4. Budapest, Hungary (Left) Budapest Park, pencil (Right) Statue in Heroesʼ Square, pencil and sketching pen
  5. 5. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain (Left) Exterior, pencil (Right) Interior, pencil
  6. 6. Bridge of Sighs Replica, Barcelona Spain 11x17 Pen and sharpie
  7. 7. Design Studio: U.S. National Whitewater Center Master Planning U.S. National Whitewater Center Design Studio Project, Sophomore year, Professor Nick Ault Stage 1: Master Planning for Kayaking and Paddle Boarding Area
  8. 8. Maintenance Facility Current Conditions Storage Facility Master Plan Map Different Users
  9. 9. Different Users Identifying the different users Mapping their activities and routes taken as well as where any potentially dangerous collisions could occur. Maximizing efficience for both visitors and workers.
  10. 10. U.S. National Whitewater Center Kayaking and Paddle Board Dock Objective: Master planning for a maintenance shelter and storage unit orth
  11. 11. Site Analysis Typical Path of Kayak/Paddle Board User 1. Parking Lot 2. Sign In/Waiver Release 3. Gear Storage 4. Dock Potential Collision 1 2 3 4
  12. 12. Current Conditions Site map with current conditions
  13. 13. 600 610 620 590580 waterline dock 620 dock 1/8 mile Current Conditions Current area used, roughly 225 ft x 105 ft
  14. 14. Maintenance Facility Considerations for the Maintenance Facility At least 400 sqft for maintenance work and tool storage. Separation from visitor pathways to ensure safety for workers, equipment, and visitors.
  15. 15. Storage Facility Considerations for Storage Facility At least 1,500 sqft with storage for combination of 150 kayaks/paddle boards
  16. 16. Master plan Altered circulation to reduce the number of potential collisions between users to one area with better visability. Master Plan Map
  17. 17. 600 610 620 590580 waterline dock 620 1/8 mile New Circulation dock Employee path for the trailering of kayaks down to the dock resuses an exisiting bike path. Maintenance Building Storage Facility
  18. 18. Design Studio: U.S. National Whitewater Center Open Air Storage Building U.S. National Whitewater Center Design Studio Project, Sophomore year, Professor Nick Ault Stage 3: Storage Facility for Kayaking and Paddle Boarding Area
  19. 19. Process Orthogonal Views Detail Render
  20. 20. Process Initial sketches and process
  21. 21. Process Wood construction basic frame developed during “Maintenance Shelter” phase.The next step of the project involved taking the frame and creating a storage shelter.
  22. 22. Process sketches Frame evolution
  24. 24. Orthogonal Views Plan and elevation
  25. 25. Kayaksarelimitedtostakcingt spaceaswellasprovidingawpro 610 620 1/8mile
  26. 26. Elevation 1/16 scale
  27. 27. Detail Wall detail for kayak storage
  28. 28. Moving Wall Detail 1/8 scale Using typically wasted vertical space OpenClosed
  29. 29. Render
  30. 30. Wall Feature Kayaks are limited to stacking three high. In order to provide more storage space as well as providing a way to move kayaks out of reach, the double wall provides multiple orientations and flexibility for the space.
  31. 31. Additional Design Work Supplementary work Graphic design work including t-shirts and fliers. +
  32. 32. College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities T-shirt Contest 2014 Winner College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities AAH Clemson University Think critically, be creative.
  33. 33. College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities AAH College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities AAH Clemson University Think critically, be creative. Clemson University Think critically, be creative. Final Design Layout “Your design was selected as the winner of the AAH t-shirt design contest. We had several excellent submissions, but yours stood out as the overall best.” Suzanne Price, AAH Graduate Assistant Advisor
  34. 34. Additional Design Work APX +Work done for APX, Alpha Rho Chi, as the “Design Chair.” Design Chair Fall Semester 2013 Founding Member of APX Clemson
  35. 35. APX Cadency Mark The cadency mark is the symbol by which each chapter is represented. Clemsonʼs mark is the passant dexter Bengal Tiger. This heraldic charge references Clemson Universityʼs mascot. In heraldry, this charge represents fierceness and valor.
  36. 36. Work done for APX, Alpha Rho Chi, as the “Design Chair.” “Founding Fathers” t-shirt design. (Left) Front pocket design, full scale (Right) Back design, 1/2 scale
  37. 37. Work done for APX, Alpha Rho Chi, as the “Design Chair.” Fliers done for “Winter Remix” Social Mixer. Both designs were used. WINTER REMIX 2013 DECEMBER 7, 2013 FROM 6-9 PM IN THE WEDGE CLEMSON GALA WEDON’TMAKEITRAIN...WEMAKEITSNOW. SOMETHING ABOUT ENTRY PRICE SOMETHING ABOUT TABLE CONTESTS Winter re*mix saturday december 7,2013 in the wedge CLEMSON GALA We don't make it rain... we make it snow. presented by*
  39. 39. CV
  40. 40. educationabout work skills interests contact T.L. Hanna High School Class of 2011 honor graduate Palmetto Fellows Clemson University Class of 2015 Architecture major Deanʼs List Presidentʼs List: Fall 2012 Spring 2014 Current GPA 3.74 Barcelona Architecture Center Spring 2014 Study Abroad Ashley Davis Anderson, SC Architecture major Packaging Science minor I possess an eclectic personality and a love of traveling coupled with an obsession to keep moving. I have an ardent wish to gain experience and knowledge, to learn, to move forward. Big Water Marina 2007- Present small business sailboat marina on Lake Hartwell Manager, advertising, website, social media HabitatforHumanity Spring 2013 construction experience, building homes “HowtoPromotions” Summer 2013 freelance design tshirts and logos Sketching Software Proficient in: Adobe Suite (CS6) Illustrator Photoshop AutoCad SketchUp (2012) Rhino SolidWorks ArtiosCad Vray for SketchUp Mac and Windows Platforms Microsoft Office APX, Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity Founding member 2013 Philanthropic Chair Spring 2013 Design Chair Fall 2013 Event Coordinator (in) Spring 2015 HabitatforHumanity member since 2012 Clemson Sailing Club member since 2012 864-221-1683 i +
  41. 41. About i Just some facts
  42. 42. Ashley Davis Hometown: Anderson, South Carolina Architecture Major, Packaging Science Minor Interests: Traveling, reading, cooking, the making of things, and my motorcycle