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Personal Branding Discussion - Kean University

Slides from a discussion I held with Kean University students about online personal branding. Includes beginner tips, tricks and suggestions on getting started.

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Personal Branding Discussion - Kean University

  1. 1. Beginner tips to expand your personal brand into the digital world
  2. 2. Personal Branding“Personal branding is theprocess whereby peopleand their careers aremarked as brands.”-Source: Wikipedia
  3. 3. What is personal branding?• As it relates to your career, personal brandingencompasses who you are in your “professionallife.”□ Experience□ Communication Style□ Expertise□ Physical Attributes□ Track Record□ Mannerisms□ Knowledge□ Industry/NicheOnline Personal Branding(OPB)
  4. 4. Your resume is no longer enough.• According to recruiting technology companyJobvite, 92% of companies use LinkedIn,Facebook and/or Twitter to find talent.LinkedIn | 89%Facebook | 26%Twitter | 15%
  5. 5. They will find you…86% of recruitersreview your social mediaprofiles whether or notyou share those linksPro Tip:Add yourprofessional socialprofiles to yourresume to ensureyour profile doesn’tget confused withanother person.
  6. 6. Other reasons to create an OPB• Gain creditability with prospective employers• Show off your skills and portfolio• Meet new people/gain new connections• New opportunities
  7. 7. What makes a good personalbrand/OPB?• Ultimately answers the question:“What are the best things about methat I want employers to know?”▫ Unique▫ Creative▫ Shows Personality▫ Steers clear from extremes▫ Is approachable
  8. 8. OPB Step 1:Audit the web (a.k.a. Google yourself)• Find what represents you on the web▫ Search photos, video, blogs, news, social media etc.▫ Don’t just stop with your name…combine search terms, (name and college attended, name andhometown, sports played, etc.)***Clean up your web presence (if you can)*** -OR-Work on pushing undesirable posts toward the bottom of search engines by creating moreprofessional channels and populating them with fresh content that reflects your professionalinterests (P.S. Keg stands do not qualify as a highly desirable skill…But strong leadership skillsdo!) *wink*TIP: If you have a Google/Gmail account, makesure you log out beforecompleting searches!
  9. 9. OPB Step 2:Become inCREDIABLE• LinkedIn is a good place to startbuilding your OPB▫ Start w/ your paper resume by addingpositions▫ Upload a professional photo▫ Write in first person▫ Add a summary that mirrors your elevatorspeech▫ Customize your URL▫ Request recommendations▫ Build your network (classmates, colleagues,family friends, relatives)***Only connect with people you knowPro Tip: Add yourstrongest portfoliopieces to yourLinkedIn profile byuploading them toSlideShare & thenlinking to themfrom your profile.More LinkedIn Tips &Profile Examples:
  10. 10. OPB Step 3:Advanced OPB• Building blogs and websites are agreat way to expand your onlinepersonal brand and show yoursubject matter expertise• Also essential for showing yourportfolio of projects▫ Blogging Tools Tumblr Google’s▫ Your own website Google Sites▫ Vlogging YouTube Vimeo▫ Prezi –
  11. 11. OPB Dos & Don’ts• DO conduct the search engineaudit to see what shows upbefore you do anythingrelated to your OPB• DO choose your domainswisely (Tip: use your namewhenever possible)• DO create a website. Thereare a number of free and easytools (see previous slide) andit makes you look veryprofessional!• DON’T feel like you have toget rid of every single negativething that’s out there (use yourjudgement)• DON’T start a blog if you can’tkeep up with it (people wantto see fresh content!)• DON’T stop building out yourconnections on LinkedIn.Make sure you keep in contactwith your connections, younever know when you mayneed them!
  12. 12. Additional Resources• The YouTern Blog “The Savvy Intern”:▫ A great blog for new college graduates to help youland an internship/your first jobs• Article: Digital First Impressions Make or BreakYour Job Search [Infographic]
  13. 13. Thank You!Ashley| @AshleyCheretes||’M HIRING!Learn about Avis Budget Group &