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Running order (2)


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Running order (2)

  1. 1. Running Order Documentary: Cake Glorious Cake Channel: BBC3 Scheduling:19:30-20:00 Duration:28 minutes Vox pop of public’s opinion on their favourite cake. Variety of answers of different cakes. Opening Titles Slow motion, panning shots of cake shops, people with cake in medium close ups.Voice over introduces the topic, explaining the trends, culture and history. History/culture cakes. Regional cakes, trends in history(Archive Material) Interview with Dodgson’s bakery talking about history and trends Interview with supermarket talking about history, culture and trends Interview with Cadburys talking about history and trends Cupcake van – Interview talking about trends Interview with Fleur Ashley and cutaways over interview Dietary needs Miss Mccartersnephew, niece about his egg allergy Interview with cake baker ,Fran chapel Archive material of images and magazine cuttings from different celebrations Pipe Dreams Interview talking about cakes and special occasions Interview with Vanessa Green , Cake Maker for birthdays ,etc Interview with Cameo Cakes Interview with Liverpool Cake Shop, what has been there most memorable cake, how much people are willing to pay? Vox pops of people talking about their most memorable cakes outside of the shop Footage of people eating cake, voice over talking about the different cakes that are made to suit different people’s needs Interview with the staff from Morrison’s talking about diabetic cakes Footage of gluten free and diabetic cakes and wheat free cakes Interview with Miss Elliot talking about her wheat problems, when they started and how they have affected her with events (birthdays) Archive footage of people making diabetic cakes Interview with Marge Magee on having diabetes and not being able to eat cake Montage of pictures of meat cake at Marge 60th birthday at YAMAS Interview with the staff at YAMAS about their cakes and culture of Greek cakes Footage of Greek cakes Interview with Nepal Barchha about Indian cakes and the culture of Indian cakes, Indian birthday cakes?, Indian wedding cakes? Footage of Indian wedding voice over about facts about wedding cakes Footage of wedding fair Interview with Wedding cake maker, about the most popular cakes, are traditional cakes still popular? 20 seconds 20 seconds 25 seconds 20 seconds 40 seconds 45 seconds 40 seconds 40 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 40 seconds 30 seconds 30 seconds 40 seconds 30 seconds 20 seconds 20 seconds 10 seconds 40 seconds 10 seconds 40 seconds 10 seconds 20 seconds 10 seconds 40 seconds 20 seconds 10 seconds 30 seconds