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Minutes 5


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Minutes 5

  1. 1. Meeting Minutes Tuesday 5 November 2013 th ATTENDEES Chair: Ashleigh Gow Paul Pope Jordan Potsig-Simpson Anna Brown Jordi Williams (Technical Manager) Joel Murray (Lighting Designer) Sophie Brown Andrew Turner Lucy Andrew Matthew Elliot (Set Designer) Jordan Simpson (Marketing Manager) Gemma Johnstone (Front of House Manager) Mark Edgington Julie Parker Rachel Leyland SCRIBE Paul Pope AGENDA Ashleigh will inform all attendees of what questions were answered by Sheila in yesterday’s phone call. MINUTES FOH will have the main living room with the fireplace and the ‘hall’ with the stairwell to serve coffee and tea in the interval. Sheila does not mind if other things are sold or given out i.e. Mulled Wine or mince pies however FOH will be responsible for the purchasing and distributing of these. The Waiting on staff that Arley are providing will only serve tea and coffee. FOH assistant John suggested he take on the responsibility of finding mince pies. Rachel suggested that due to budget constraints these must be free
  2. 2. Sheila said that FOH will have 2 staff members to help serve tea and coffee however this will be their only responsibility, all car parking issues will have to be settled by members of our team. Sheila stated that we will also be in charge of selling tickets on the ground that we liaise with her on how many we are selling due to the 100 seat capacity. Sheila says that the price of the ticket is up to us Rachel suggested that we discuss pricing of tickets in our next meeting. We will also be in charge of designing the tickets and sending them to Arley. Sheila said that any department could go next Thursday and Friday to walk around the house and ask her questions. Ashleigh said that she would look into arranging this as a whole team visit. The event will start at half 7 and Sheila confirmed that we have the whole day to set up and organise the event. Meeting adjourned 13:00