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Minutes 4


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Minutes 4

  1. 1. Meeting Minutes Thursday 14 November 2013 th ATTENDEES Paul Pope Jordan Potsig-Simpson Shelagh Bebington Gemma Johnstone John McDermott Mark Edgington Joel Murray Sophie Brown Matthew Elliot SCRIBE Paul Pope AGENDA Discuss with Shelagh about aspects that need confirming thus far for the event MINUTES FOH Questioned the car parking issue. Shelagh confirmed that the roads will be lit, and the timer turned off so that they will stay lit. However she suggested some signage or extra staffing may be required as Arley Hall is a distance from our audience. In regards to licencing, they Hall does have an alcohol licence and a performance licence, however we will be in charge of obtaining a PRS licence. The hall with the staircase will be used to serve tea and coffee, Shelagh said that she will be selling tea and coffee yet prices have yet to be confirmed. The small dining room will also be open to the public so that the room does not get too crowded. We can use The Generals Room for getting changed and storing equipment and the Drawing Room will be used as a green room for the choir. Shelagh said that we may serve mulled wine; however we will be in charge of heating it up and must bring our own utensils and pots as they are not present at the hall. Shelagh also suggested that the FOH serve soft drinks as well for those people that are driving and do not want a hot drink. She also highlighted that Mulled Wine should not be brought into the Gallery and so signage should be made for this. Shelagh said that she can e-mail Ashleigh Floor plans and electrical plans for the lighting designer and technical team.
  2. 2. Shelagh suggested that when Marketing has finished with posters and leaflets she would be willing to advertise round the Hall if we send some to her. She also said that the Gallery will not be open until the performance begins, the audience will wait in the hall way and the small dining room until then. The Hall has a PA system that we can use, so we need not bring our own sound system, we will however have to provide our own music. A Classical Christmas selection was suggested. Mark suggested that during intervals the audience be aware of the cause the concert is aiming to raise money for. Perhaps using projection, therefore a montage should be made by Marketing, this will be discussed in tomorrow’s meeting.