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Minutes 3


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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Minutes 3

  1. 1. Meeting Minutes Friday 15 November 2013 th ATTENDEES Chair: Ashleigh Gow Paul Pope Jordan Potsig-Simpson Matthew Elliot (Set Designer) Joel Murray (Lighting Designer) Jordi Williams (Technical Manager) Anna Brown Jordan Simpson (Marketing Manager) Gemma Johnstone (FOH Manager) Lucy Andrew John McDermott SCRIBE Paul Pope AGENDA Relay Information that was discussed at yesterday’s trip to Arley. Disucss each Departments Progress MINUTES Jordi has rung Cheshire Pianos however he did forget to inform the owner that the event is for charity and so to hire a baby grand for the night would be £450. However when Jordan rang again to explain this, Cheshire Pianos insisted that they did not have a positive working relationship with the college’s music department and so they would not be willing to help. Jordi discussed with Mike Grainger who suggested we ring Dawson’s. This will have been done by our next meeting. Jordan and Anna stated that as the ticket sales will be purchased through the cash office, and we are advertising to the public, the posters must detail that when the public ring college they must ask for the cash office. Therefore initial designs for the posters will now change. However they may still print today. They also discussed Radio advertising and this does not look promising. Capital FM will not advertise for us and the team have yet to E-mail Key 103, Wire FM and Radio City. They will also E-mail Manchester Capital to discuss TV advertising. Joel discussed using the 10 battery Powered LED lights as appose to the larger lanterns we have in stock. He now believes that he will not be using Gels.
  2. 2. He will use a small amount of Fresnel’s on Booms for additional lighting. As the house’s Chandelier and lamps can be used, he will also be using these. As a Christmas Tree is being using in the room, he will also be counting on this as a lighting source. Ashleigh will Email Shelagh asking for electrical Blueprints of the house. Joel agreed to have is design completed by the 20th. Matt believes he has enough space for staging for the choir and mark to perform on, however he would like to know the size of the piano before he completes his design. He also agreed a deadline for the 20th regardless of information on the Piano. FOH discussed additional staff needed. Gemma suggested at least 5 IB students or First year production Arts students for carparking and waiting on. Regarding an E-mail from Rachel, The Marketing Team will take pictures of Mark in the suit he will be wearing on the night next week, the exact date is yet to be decided. Anna suggested we go back to Arley to take pictures and although the group agreed it would look better, it was unanimously agreed that this was not possible due to both ours and Arley’s schedule.