Minutes 2


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Minutes 2

  1. 1. Meeting Minutes Friday 8 November 2013 th ATTENDEES Chair: Ashleigh Gow Paul Pope Jordan Potsig-Simpson Anna Brown Joel Murray (Lighting Designer) Andrew Turner Lucy Andrew Matthew Elliot (Set Designer) Jordan Simpson (Marketing Manager) Gemma Johnstone (Front of House Manager) Mark Edgington Julie Parker SCRIBE Paul Pope AGENDA Each department is to present their initial ideas and/or concepts MINUTES The lighting Designer Joel has decided upon some colours he would like to use as part of a colour scheme. Golds, Purple, Whites, Red (ideally 029) He has collected gels himself ready to begin producing designs. He plans on using LED Parcans for backlighting and also to light the architecture of the house as well as the performers. Any lanterns we have in stock that will be used will be hung on booms. He wants to create a warm and Christmas-esque atmosphere. Julie made it clear that as other events are running alongside this one, certain lights from the stock will not be free to use, so a discussion must happen between herself and Joel. Drew suggested we look into other aspects of lighting. Perhaps candles?Fairy Lights?Rope lights? Mark highlighted that a decorative candelabra is present at the hall Ashleigh said that she would ask Sheila if this is true and request use of it. She will also ask what lights they have in stock to avoid taking too much of our own equipment. Julie agreed and said that due to limited power of the stately home, using too many lanterns from our stock would not be ideal.
  2. 2. Set Designer Matt began to discuss his ideas for the event. With the understanding that the performance will be ‘End On’, with a variety of chairs, he doesn’t want to accentuate the space with too much of his own set. However he does want to look into raising Mark or the choir. However he would like to see the space before he makes any final decisions. Ashleigh is organising a visit to the Hall on Thursday 14th and suggested that all members from the departments attend, or at least the department heads. Mark and Julie offered the use of their car and Gemma said she would ask the absent John McDermott from her department about using his car. This was unanimously agreed as it would be too expensive and take too much time to organise the use of the college minibus. Mark suggested that when Ashleigh discusses this with Sheila, the visit should be after 14:30. The Marketing department then discussed their initial ideas and concepts. Jordan has spoken to Andrew Moores who has helped him develop the departments own ideas. The colour schemes for websites/posters/tickets were presented. These were Golds, reds and browns. They then agreed to add purple to coincide with Joel’s lighting design. Gemma and Lucy stated that they disliked the font, and the group unanimously agreed. Lucy pointed out that the font resembles ‘Art Deco’. However there is nothing Art Deco about the house. Therefore this may give an impression to a paying audience that we will not live up to. Anna suggested that many of the pieces are classical, and so that was why the font was decided as it looks very 1920s. However Mark pointed out that many of the musical theatre pieces that are in the set list are not classical. The Marketing Team agreed to change the font and perhaps present several ideas by Tuesday 12th so that the group could vote on a preferred scheme. Then by Friday 15th the designs can be completed ready for the campaign to begin. The department then discussed what outlets they wish to market the event into. Residential Homes to appeal to an older audience that may be more interested in an event of this nature. Gemma made the suggestion that if we advertise to older people, then car parking and disables access may be an issue, it was unanimously agreed that we advertise more in retirement villages as appose to care homes. They would also wish to advertise on the Radio. Andrew Moores has contacts with Wire FM or Media City in Manchester. And posters and flyers could be advertised all over Warrington Town Centre.
  3. 3. Online outlets in which they are marketing include the ‘In House’ website, Twitter and Facebook. Andrew Moores had suggested that we contact Arley ASAP to organise the selling of the tickets ourself, as they may not wish to have full control and also we can keep track of sales to see if our campaign is working. FOH stated that they will require at least 5 people to man the Car Park, directing the cars to suitable spaces and directing audience members to the house. They will ask Sophie who aided our previous event if she could bake mince pies or Christmas themed cakes. Action points were discussed and issued by Jordan PS Meeting Adjourned at 12:30