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Minutes 1


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Published in: Education
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Minutes 1

  1. 1. Meeting Minutes Tuesday 3 December 2013 rd ATTENDEES Chair: Ashleigh Gow Paul Pope Jordan Potsig-Simpson Matthew Elliot (Set Designer) Jordi Williams (Technical Manager) John McDermott Gemma Johnstone (FOH Manager) Jordan Simpson (Marketing Manager) Lucy Andrew Rachel Leyland Andrew Turner Mark Edgington SCRIBE Paul Pope MINUTES Rachel started that with just over a week to the event, there are concerns with regard to the raffle. She stated she would wish for the Raffle to start being marketed as the prizes we have collected are very expensive and so we are very likely to make money for our charity with this. Rachel suggested the Raffle open sooner to staff that may not be able to attend the event on the night. This could maximise profits. John from FOH suggested that this not be practical as this may mean the raffle would have to be drawn on a separate night. The group discussed the possibility of this and there was mixed opinion as to whether this would be possible. FOH Voiced the concern that they would have to take a name and number of each person that a raffle ticket was sold to so they could be contacted in the event that they win. Rachel stated that there are people currently in college willing to participate in the raffle and we must consider if we are willing to turn them down now to save us a small job. It was then unanimously agreed that the raffle would be open ASAP to staff members and it would be drawn after the event, this would maximise profits.
  2. 2. We then discussed what price the raffle tickets would be sold at. Rachel and Mark suggested they be sold at £5 a strip. FOH voiced concerns that this is too expensive and people may not be willing to pay so much money. However Rachel and Mark stated that all of the prizes are so expensive that £5 is a little price to pay considering this gives the audience a chance of winning a prize worth at least £40. It was then unanimously agreed that the strips be sold at £5 In order for the raffle to be marketed, Jordan and Anna suggested that there be a deadline for prizes. This was unanimously agreed that by Friday, all prizes will be collected. John suggested that the raffle also be open to students, however it was unanimously agreed that students are less likely to buy a raffle ticket. In order not to add additional pressure to the cash office, it was decided that raffle tickets would be sold through P1.10 by Rachel and Mark. Paul suggested that once all the prizes have been collected, a display be worked out for the night of the event. Mark asked what the situation was with alcohol. FOH stated that the cheapest they could find Mulled wine was from Iceland and it would cost £75. They have also enquired with a friend who owns a pub about having 40 wine glasses. However as this would not be enough, it was suggested that plastic glasses be purchased as this may be cheaper and they are less likely to break. Rachel asked for the mulled wine to be costed so she could give the money to them. They are also due to receive 70 Christmas cakes from Sophie in the base. And also are planning on getting 70 mince pies. Lucy will discuss with Sarah Graham to see if the Arley Event can be advertised during the performing arts Winter showcase. Sophie will ask her Mother who is a head chef and Hancock and Wood if she can bake the pies. In regard to the scrolls the group discussed having them printed on card however the marketing team stated that this was too expensive. The Tech team stated that they will be using cloth/material to cover the piano and/or speakers for decorative purposes. The group discussed concerns that posters were still left in P1.10 when they should all have been distributed. The Tech team also stated that the use of projectors is no longer an option and so small pc screens will have to be used.