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Geography Presentation

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  1. 1. SiberiaBy Ashlee Keane, Ashley Baczkowski, Rachel Morales
  2. 2. Location and Physical EnvironmentLocation Encompasses much of the Eurasian Steppe Extends eastward from the Ural Mountains to the watershed between the Pacific and Arctic drainage basins, and southward from the Arctic ocean. Makes up about 77% of Russia’s Territory
  3. 3. Physical Environment The climate in the southernmost part along the Trans-Siberian railway, where most of the population lives, is humid continental climate with cold winters but fairly warm summers January averages about 5℉ and July about 66℉ most common climate in Siberia is continental subarctic with the annual average temperature about 23℉ and roughly -13℉ average in January and 63℉ in July.
  4. 4. Siberian Winter
  5. 5. Siberian Summer
  6. 6. Who lives in Siberia?Population growth has ceasedEconomically, they are significant to Russia because theirhydroelectric power is covetedExportation of raw materials such as gas, coal, petroleum, timber,metal ores, minerals, and energy sources maintain the economicstatus.Being one of the coldest places on earth inhabited year round theylive by small amounts of herding, hunting, and forms of pastoralism
  7. 7. HistoryJoined Russia in the late 16th centuryRussia began stripping Siberia of its natural resourcesRelationship became strained, and even today it is this wayIt was more commonly seen as a place where Russia sentcriminals and banished citizens. More predominantly in the late 16th century, early 17th century, and again in the 20th century.
  8. 8. Why is Siberia unique and special?Throughout history, literature, and media Siberia is painted as adesolate wasteland, a hub for the unwanted and barbaric.In one of the most famous psychological crime novels ever written,Crime and Punishment, Siberia is a place of redemption.There is still an entire group of people who survive and thrive here, inwhat some say is the harshest place on this planet, with both politicalturmoil, economic turmoil, and one of the harshest climates.
  9. 9. Why we chose this regionSince Siberia is considered one of the most desolate places onearth we wanted to find out more about it and why it became thatway politically and geographically.We also wanted to learn more about the people that live thereand what they do to survive.
  10. 10. Sources
  11. 11. The End!