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Effects of Video Games on Children


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Effects of Video Games on Children

  1. 1. Effects of Video Games on ChildrenAshle e K ea ne, Sh a rlene Sm it h, BrieWh iteh ead- G a rc ia, De v on R odriguez
  2. 2. StatisticsVideo: to a study of 1,178 children in the U.S.,almost 9% of child gamers are pathologically orclinically addicted to playing video games.More than 70% of American teenage boys have playedthe violent and adult-rated Grand Theft Auto videogame, and those teens are more likely to have been ina fight than those who have not played, according to aGallup poll quoted in the Washington Post.
  3. 3. Article 1“Video and Computer Games: Effect on Children and Implications for Health Education” Discusses the health risks associated with spending too much time playing video games Risks include: Cardiovascular implications: from not getting enough physical activity Video game induced seizures: Video games may provoke a seizure response more easily than television because video games usually consist of geometric figures and they are played with the participant sitting closer to the screen Nintendinits: a severe pain in the extensor tendon Aggression
  4. 4. Article 1: ContinuedAggression Theories General arousal theory: implies that children when aroused most likely will behave in a manner most recently observed. Hence, the arousing nature of video games may increase aggressiveness regardless of the game content. Social learning theory: suggests children behave in a manner reinforced by a significant other.Accordingly, playing a video game allows children to practice aggression and be rewarded for successful aggression. Catharsis theory: holds that experiencing a specific emotional drive reduces the likelihood of behavior related to that emotional drive. Video games, then, offer children opportunity to act out their aggressive behavior on the game or fantasy, resulting in lower levels of actual aggressive behavior.
  5. 5. Article 2 “Is Aggression in Children with Behavioral andEmotional Difficulties Associated with Television Viewing and Video Game Playing?” Looked for associations between vide game playing and children’s aggression. Three experiments were conducted with children with behavioral and emotional problems found increased aggression after playing aggressive video games opposed to non aggressive. The majority outcome was that children are influenced by video games with violent behavior.
  6. 6. Article 3 “Violent and Nonviolent Video Games Differentially Affect Physical Aggression forIndividuals High vs. Low in Dispositional Anger”Investigated wether video game contentdifferentially influences aggression as a function ofindividual differences in trait angerParticipants of the study were randomly assigned toplay violent or non violent video games beforecompleting a task in which they could behaveaggressively.Results showed that participants who exhibited atrait of higher anger where the most aggressiveafter playing a violent video game.
  7. 7. ConclusionAll articles show a connection between violentvideo games and an increase in aggressivebehaviorsBut, children with the trait of high anger reactmore aggressively.
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