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PGPEx IIM Shillong


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This is the profile of Participants fo PGPEx batch. The average experience of the batch is 5 years. And we have a diverse batch profile. If you are interested in any particular candidate or if you are interested in campus placements. Kindly contact us at the mail ID stated in Brochure. If any clarifications kindly post in comments.

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PGPEx IIM Shillong

  1. 1. Executive Post Graduate Programme in International Business Recruiters Guide 2012-13 Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management, Mayurbhanj Complex, Nongthymmai, Shillong – 793 014
  2. 2. From theDirector’s DeskDear Recruiter, It gives me immense pleasure to introduce you to thePGPEX class of 2013. Launched in collaboration with the OceanUniversity of China, PGPEX is a full time Post Graduate Program inInternational Business for Executives that focuses on emergingeconomies specially China. The growth potential of the emergingeconomies has not only opened up new business opportunities butalso new challenges. The course has been designed by key facultymembers of Sino Indian business schools to prepare leaders forconducting business in such economies and incorporates bestbusiness practices of both India and China. This Programme aims at enabling the participants with skills for conducting businessin the Emerging Economies, inculcating global outlook by synergizing all functional areas ofmanagement; equipping them to operate at strategic levels. The participants of the program havegone through the rigorous academic process of IIM Shillong and as a part of the program, spent fivemonths at Ocean University of China where they took courses on doing business in China, businessculture and language besides interning in reputed Chinese companies to integrate classroomlearning with practical experience. PGPEX-2013 is the first ever batch of management graduates (globally) who have anin-depth training in the business practices of both India and China. The unique advantage of thisprogram is supplemented by the diverse profile of the batch.I am confident that within the batch ofPGPEx-2013, you will find highly motivated individuals who have the necessary skills, globalexposure and cross cultural management experience to bring utmost value to your organization.Prof Keya SenguptaDirector, IIM Shillong PGPEx IIM Shillong - 2
  3. 3. Director - Ocean University of China"Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learningis perilous." -The Analects, Confucius Ever since the economic reforms were initiated,China has come a long way from being a closed economy to anation clocking double digit growth consistently over the past threedecades. China has the twin advantages of being a global economicpower as well as a vast market. This has stimulated the interest ofmany countries & multinational companies in the mystic nation.In light of the recent global economic turmoil, the emphasis on quality management education hasincreased. The need of the hour is leaders who are equipped with the skill-set to handle crisissituations. The rising political clout of BRICS reiterates the heightened responsibilities China and Indiahave on the new global stage. Under this scenario the need for leaders who possess the management perspectives ofboth west and east has arisen. We have designed this course to nurture such leaders who can takethis management approach to the next level. The course structure is well thought out to be acombination of theoretical principles supplemented with practical exposure to the same. Havingunderstood the challenges China can pose to an overseas business, all aspects of Chinese culture,Chinese Language, Chinese Business Management, Chinese Marketing Management and China’sapproach to world economics are covered in the course. Industrial visits to major establishments areorganized to enable the participants get a glimpse of their business practices. Finally the participantsare subjected to a full time 10 week internship to help them apply the knowledge they gained in topractice. We are delighted that the 35 participants of this course are tailor made to itsrequirements. They have demonstrated high levels of enthusiasm, dedication and inquisitivenessthroughout. We are sure that they will stand as models for the vision we had while creating thecourse. We have no doubts that this batch of 35 leaders will revolutionize the business practices in theindustries they are absorbed while fostering the friendly ties of China and India .Professor Dai HuaDirector, Ocean University of China PGPEx IIM Shillong - 3
  4. 4. Program Chair - PGPEx Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Shillong hascreated a niche for itself among the premier business schools inIndia through its innovative approach towards business education.The first ever Sino-Indian management program for executives isanother step forward in this direction that aims to develop globalleaders for the future. The program is in response to ever growingneed of professionals who have the necessary skills and expertiseto work in emerging markets specially China. The 35 participants of the PGPEX-2013 have been carefully selected through arigorous selection process based on incisive personal interviews, quality of previous workexperience and excellent CAT/GMAT score. Consequently we have a batch that has participantswith immense potential drawn from different sectors. This unique, challenging and globallyoriented Programme’ s main objective is to produce future leaders who can handle currentmarket turbulences and dynamic corporate environment effectively. Designed for professionalswith substantial work experience, the key attribute of this Sino – Indian PGPEx in InternationalBusiness is its focus on emerging economies. The PGPEX curriculum is meticulously designed to prepare the participants in allaspects of management before they enter global organizations. The participants have gonethrough intensive classroom teaching through case study based pedagogy in India as well asduring the China module. The classroom teaching has been supplemented by periodic industryvisits, seminars, corporate lectures and 10 week internship opportunity with reputed Chinesecompanies. At the onset of the Programme, we had envisaged to develop global leaders havingtemperament to work in a multicultural environment along with strong domain knowledge totake their respective organizations to newer heights. Having closely monitored the progress ofthe batch as Chairman of the programme, I can assure that the present batch of PGPEX-13 hascome out exactly the way we had envisaged. On behalf of the PGPEX team, I invite you to be a part of recruitment process andlet the participants of PGPEX-2013, whom we have nurtured to be global leaders of tomorrow,do wonders for your organization.Professor Rohit JoshiChairman PGPEx, IIM Shillong PGPEx IIM Shillong - 4
  5. 5. PGPEx Vision of Students “Enabling the participants withbusiness skills for conducting business in theEmerging Economies having a globaloutlook by synergizing all functional areasof Management, equipping them to operateat strategic levels.”Eminent Professors’ Feedback “This is a flagship program between IIM and OUC. It will carry the ambitious and enterprising people from these two institutions and sail to a land of vast opportunities.” - Prof. Gao Jintian, School of Economics, OUC “It is really a wonderful experience to get involved in this unique Sino- Indian Program and share my views with this amazing group of Indian business elites. I am honored.” - Prof. He Yiming, School of Economics, OUC “It has been quite an exciting and rewarding experience for me to be associated with the students of The IIM-OUC program. Highly motivated and energetic, these students have impressed me with their drive, industriousness, and eagerness to gain knowledge. In this group I see outstanding future business leaders in a rising Asia.” - Prof. Xibao ‘Tony’ Zhang, Management College, Qingdao University PGPEx IIM Shillong - 5
  6. 6. PGPEx Course: Innovative Inside The PGPEx curriculum incorporates best business practices to face the issues affecting the world with focus on India and China. It provides participants with a broad & balanced worldview of business environment and cultures of both the rising economies. Each participant has learned to analyze problems, think strategically, and build organizations. Moreover, they developed leadership skills, with emphasis on working with multicultural global teams. Some of the innovative approaches in the course are:I. Seminar ModuleIt has two objectives• To supplement class-room learning by engaging with global business leaders• To expose students to the world outside of management for holistic leadership development.II. Comprehensive International ProjectThe objective of the project is to apply the concepts andmethodologies learned in the Programme to the real-world management issues and to integrate classroomlearning with practical experience to manage businessinternationally.III. International Immersion - China The International Immersion module in the PGPEx is designed to give participants insights into the emerging economies of India and China. The insights include the economic, social and cultural aspects of these countries. In this regard, the participants stayed for five months in OUC, Qingdao and took courses on business management aspects of China.IV. Language Course One of the unique features of the PGPEx curriculum is the training in the foreign languages. IIMS-OUC offers a choice of foreign languages like Chinese and French. PGPEx IIM Shillong - 6
  7. 7. Course Elements - The Building BlocksFinance and Economics• Financial Markets • Retail and Investment Banking in Emerging Markets• Financial Reporting and Analysis • Merger and Acquisition in Emerging• Corporate Finance Markets• Countries, Firms, and Market • Global Business Environment• Open Economy Macro-economics • International Finance & Forex Markets • Business Potential of Trading Blocks • Emerging Markets and FDIOperations and Systems• Information System for Organisation • Revenue Management & Dynamic Pricing Performance • Strategic Supply Chain Management• Data, Models, and Decisions • Lean Thinking and Six Sigma• Modelling for Strategic Decisions • Sustainable Infrastructure Building &• Global Operations Management Project ManagementLeadership and Management• Corporate Ethics • Strategic Leadership• Managing Cross-cultural Diversity • Managing Negotiation• Dynamics of Mentoring • Creativity and Innovation• Management of Organisational Behaviour • Change ManagementMarketing • Green Marketing• Markets and Value Creation • Marketing Matrix• Managing Communications • Customer Relationship Marketing• Product & Service Marketing • Consumer Behavior• Strategic Brand ManagementStrategy• Strategies for Corporate Growth • IPR & Patents• Legal Aspects in International Business • CSR & Corporate Ethics• Information System for Organisation • Competitive Strategy Strategy • Managing Risk• International Business • Business ConsultancyChinese Module• China and World economy • Investment in China• Business Management in China • Marketing Management in China• Investment in China• Marketing Management in China • Core Courses• Chinese Culture • Elective Courses• Basic Chinese language PGPEx IIM Shillong - 7
  8. 8. Faculty of IIM ShillongAccounting and Finance International Business, Marketing Quantitative Techniques,Naliniprava Tripathy and Retailing Décision Sciences and SystemM.Com,M. Phil, Ph.D.,D.Litt S. Shajahan DynamicsP.Saravanan MBA, Ph.D Santosh Kr. PrustyPh.D.-Commerce Phd (IIT Kharagpur), FDP (IIM A) Marketing and LogisticsBehavioral Sciences D.K. AgrawalRohit Dwivedi Sustainable Development MBA , Ph.D. (IIITM-Gwalior) Sanjeeb KakotyD.Phil. & M.Psy. (HRDM) MA & PhD Pradip H Sadarangani Tapas Kumar GiriBusiness Ethics B.Tech (IIT Bombay), MBA (Michigan), Phd (IITSanjoy Mukherjee MSc. , M.Phil & PhD Bombay)PGDM (IIM C)Ph.D (Jadavpur University) Operations Management Shankar PurbeyEconomics BE & PhDKeya SenguptaMA & Ph.D (Economics) Operations Management andNatalie West Kharkongor Information SystemsPh.D (Development of Banking Swapan Kumar Majumdarand Financial Institutions in PhD (IIT D)Meghalaya) Mphil (Imperial College of Science Technology)Tara Shankar ShawPh.D (Economics) Organizational Behavior Sonia NongmaithemInformation Systems & PhD (IIT G)Strategic ManagementHarsh Vardhan Samalia Quality, Operations and Supply ChainMBA (IIITM Gwalior) ManagementPh.D.(Strategic Management Rohit Joshiand Intellectual Property Rights) B.Tech (Mechical Eng.) M.Tech (Industrial Eng.)Information Technology PhD (IIT D)Achyanta Kumar SarmahMCABasav Roy ChoudhuryPh.D (Computer Science)Debasis ChandaBE (Jadavpur University)PGDBM (IIM Calcutta)Ph.D (Jadavpur University) PGPEx IIM Shillong - 8
  9. 9. Faculty ofOcean University of ChinaChinese Culture Basic ChineseProfessor Dai Hua Ms. WanghuDirector, OUC Chinese Language Faculty, International Student Centre, OUCChinese Business Ms. ChuEnvironment Chinese Language Faculty,Professor He Yiming International Student Centre, OUCSchool of Economics, OUCChina and The World Taiji Mr. Cheng WeiEconomy College of Physical Education, OUCProfessor Dawn Shuguang LiuSchool of Economics, OUC Business ExcursionsChinese Business Professor Su MengManagement School of Economics, OUCProfessor Tony ZhangSchool of Economics,Qingdao University PGPEx IIM Shillong - 9
  10. 10. PGPEx 2013 Class Profile Consulting, 14% Marketing, 6% Banking & Finance, 11% Operation, 20% Supply Chain, 3% R&D, 3% HR, 3% IT, 40% Past Employers Ministry of IT & Sapient ACI Worldwide Cisco IBM Communications Consulting Sterling Adobe CSC iGATE Mphasis Commerce Angel Debt & TATA Consultancy Capital Market Dr. Reddys Infosys ONGC Limited Services Ltd. Bajaj Electricals Ernst and Young ITAAS Oracle TATA MotorsBank of Bahrain & Oriental Bank of Escorts Limited ITC Tech Mahindra Kuwait Commerce BEL Evalueserve Maruti Suzuki Penguins Unilever BSNL Gillette Mercer POWERGRID Verizon Telecom Reliance Capgemini HP Mindtree Limited Wipro Industries PGPEx IIM Shillong - 10
  11. 11. PGPEx 2013Class Profile Work Experience 3-5 Years 22 6-10 Years 11 Above 10 2 Total 35 Age Distribution 20-24 1 25-28 28 29-32 4 33-36 2 Total 35Prior Industry Experience Aerospace & Defense Fashion Oil & Gas Automotive Banking & Financial Services Pharma Consulting FMCG Power Consumer Electronics IT/ITES Telecom PGPEx IIM Shillong - 11
  12. 12. Student Profiles Abhishek Kumar Jha Senior Engineer, POWERGRID • Part of a team for Installation, Testing & Commissioning 2012PGX101 of Substation power equipment and switchgear B.Sc. (Engg), associated with POWERGRID 765/400/220 KV Gaya Electrical Engineering, Substation B I T, Sindri • Handled Operations and Maintenance matters of 765 KV Switchyard of POWERGRID Gaya Substation. • Contract Management at site level • Took the initiative and resolved conflicts pertaining to Project affected persons of POWERGRID Gaya Substation5 years of work experience in PowerTransmission Sector Ajay Kumar Engineer, Valdel E&C Pvt. Ltd. •Designed safety valves and prepared Piping & 2012PGX102 Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) for various projects B.Tech., •Analyzed/Designed hydraulics for pumps and pipelines Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur Manager, Reliance Industries Ltd. •Provided technical support in projects for capacity expansion, Ethylene Oxide reactor installation and Carbon Dioxide removal •Analyzed performance of Ethylene Oxide reactor to ensure optimum selectivity of the catalyst •Performed utilities balance for the plant and requirement4 years of work experience in Oil of the same for new production facilitiesand Gas & Petrochemical Sector •Secured AIR-9 in the National Certification Ex amination for Energy Auditors conducted by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), India
  13. 13. Amit Juyal Manager, Evalueserve 2012PGX103 •Helped clients in corporate strategy development, business model innovation and business growth strategy B.E., formulation Mechanical Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering •Projects dealt with commercial due diligence, competitive intelligence, innovation management and improving effectiveness of client’s sales team •Responsibilities included project management and delivery, training, recruitment, and business development •Worked on projects in Automobile, Heavy Equipment, Logistics, Aerospace, FMCG, Maritime, Energy, and Retail industry5 years of work experience inBusiness Research & Analytics,Consulting Aseem Chaturvedi Business Head, Penguins 2012PGX104 •P&L responsibilities •Setting up of distribution channel MIB, •Planning & execution of business ideas and strategies International Business, D.A. University, Indore Brand Manager, VST Industries Ltd. •Trade marketing •New product development •Planning & execution of growth strategies •Brand strategy development & implementation12 years of Strategy & Marketing Executive, Gillette India Ltd.experience across diverse industries, •Channel Salesproduct categories & markets •Merchandising •Training & development of sales force PGPEx IIM Shillong - 13
  14. 14. Ashish Jude Michael Team Lead/ Section Head of Assembly 2012PGX105 (Production), Bharat Electronics • Managed Assembly section; led a team of 40 operators B.Tech., and ensured optimum utilization of resources Mechanical Engineering, Uttar Pradesh Technical • Adhering to requirements of AS9100 & ISO14001, University (UPTU) meeting production schedule and Vendor Assessments • Worked on prestigious DFCC, main computer of Tejas (LCA) Aircraft – India’s Indigenous Fighter Aircraft • Successfully completed FAI for Boeing DL- II project and delivered On-Time, published in national newspapers 5 years of work experience in Aerospace & Defense, Production Ashwini Kumar Maharana Technical Consultant, Computer Sciences 2012PGX106 Corporation (CSC) •Team lead and Quality SPOC for Insurance projects B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering, •Subject Matter Expert for developing SRS and Business National Institute of Technology, models for Commercial/Liability insurance policies Rourkela •Involved in Resource training(technical & business) and Quality Management •Awarded "CSC Recognition award" and "CSC Best team" award from Insurance client Application Developer, IBM5 years of work experience in •Application developer for Data Ware-House and BankingProduct development & Consulting Projects •Dealing with Entity & Customer Relationships andin IT industry maintaining Integrities in Accounts, TIN, CIN •Continuous Development for applications related to various transactions in banks •Received "Best of IBM" Award PGPEx IIM Shillong - 14
  15. 15. Deepti Gupta Lead Auditor, Ernst & Young • Conducted operational and financial audit for various EY 2012PGX107 clients and helped them in improving their business B.Com. (Hons.), processes Daulat Ram College (Delhi • Analyzed and re-structured the audit engagement University) process, prepared proposals for new business opportunities and worked on customer retention PGD in Human Resource strategies Management, • Internally developed a "Time Tracker" tool which Jiwaji University increased efficiency in budget and expense analysis for EY clients and conducted trainings for staff and seniors • Coordinated with diverse client teams and EY teams3 years of work experience in across various cities in India and USFinancial & Business ConsultingServices Ashish Bhure Manager, Diliigent Power Ltd.; 2012PGX108 Asst. Manager, Reliance Power Ltd. •Sourcing & contract manage ment considering projects B.E., deliverables of quality, cost & time Electrical Engineering, Sardar Patel College of •Managed procurement process and supply base Engineering (SPCE), Mumbai efficiently and effectively •Develop integrated purchasing strategies that support organizational strategies, goals and objectives •Received ‘Excellent performer award’ for financial year 2010-11 at Reliance4 years of work experience in GlobalSourcing & Contract Management PGPEx IIM Shillong - 15
  16. 16. Gaurav Madan Sr. Executive, Procurement Technology, Unilever 2012PGX109 • Market Intelligence, Market trends and megatrends, strategic Supply Base Analysis, Cost Modeling B.Tech., • Operations management (worked in Global Chemical Engineering, Coimbatore Institute of Procurement Strategy Team Operations management) Technology (C.I.T.), Tamil • R&D Associate: Global detergent formulation Nadu development, brand support & Project Management • Production Executive: Plant erection, operations and manpower management, TPM & TQM 4 years of work experience in Global Procurement Strategies & Product Development Gaurav Raj Manager, Oriental Bank of Commerce •Traded in Government Securities, Corporate Bonds & 2012PGX110 Money Market Instruments PG Diploma in Banking & •Credit appraisal & internal rating of SME borrowers along Finance, with monitoring of Special Mention Account (SMA) at the National Institute of Bank Regional Office level Management (NIBM), Pune •Successfully set-up Interest Rate Futures & Money Market trading Desk in the Bank •Successfully brought down SMA by INR 500 million and streamlined credit operations of one of the largest branches of the bank4 years of work experience in IndianBanking Industry PGPEx IIM Shillong - 16
  17. 17. Himanshu Singhi Issue Manager, ACI Worldwide • Led teams for product management activities 2012PGX111 • Interacted with clients and collaborated with teams B.Tech., from different nationalities across hierarchies Information Technology, • Responsible for business development, pre-sales Bharati Vidyapeeth College activities, quality assurance and client satisfaction of Engineering, Pune • Engaged in People Management activities - recruiting, mentoring, training and developing project teams4 years of work experience inBanking Financial Systems Solutions& Project Management Kanchan Phogat Deputy Manager, Maruti Suzuki India Limited 2012PGX112 (MSIL) • Handled Maruti Genuine Parts (MGP) as Brand B.Tech., Manager, developing & imple menting advertising Mechanical & Automation strategy, customer education programs (with FICCI) & Engineering, training. Indira Gandhi Institute of • Responsible for competition analysis, media & budge t Technology (IGIT), Delhi planning, market research and marketing communications. • Developed radio campaign, that was awarded by Lintas, India and appreciated in Economic Times by chief editor.4 years of work experience in • Received "Appreciation Award" thrice and rated in top 15% of employees for excellent work in marketing.Marketing, Strategy & BrandBuilding PGPEx IIM Shillong - 17
  18. 18. Lianzalal Vaiphei Corporate HR Manager, NEREFS Ltd. 2012PGX113 •Worked with HR senior management team at corporate office and regional HRs on PMS, Strategic Planning EMBA, •Recruitment & Selection, Employee Retention, training Human Resources, needs identification, implementation appraisal & PIP KSOU, Mysore •Disciplinary proceedings, Coordinator of HRIS at offices to give the HR division a more strategic role in the company •Recipient of ‘Employee of the Year 2010’ and ‘Most Innovative Employee’ on ERP implementation-2011 Executive, Exl Service (P) Ltd.6 years of work experience in •Worked in the back-end/office transactions department and. secured information by completing data baseHuman Resources & Services backups using SAP •Processed orders, forms and applications; prepared reports by collecting and analyzing infor mation; supported manger in other operational works •Recipient of Star Performer awards Nishant Kimothi Senior Software Engineer, Computer Sciences 2012PGX114 Corporation (CSC) •Onsite Project Coordinator & Liaison in USA for a team of B.E., 22 executives for 22 months Electronics & Communications •Subject Matter Expert (SME) for client communications Engineering, •Implemented a value add leading to around 99% effort Maharishi Dayanand University, reduction; nominated for Shiela Venkat award for the Rohtak same •Implemented a key product which the competitor even failed to develop; received Star of the Quarter award for this effort Software Engineer, Infosys Technologies Ltd.6 years (2.5 years international) of •Worked on complete Software Development Life Cycle;work experience in IT Solutions extensively on Analysis, Design and Development •Maintained quality processes and peer reviewsDelivery PGPEx IIM Shillong - 18
  19. 19. Neeraj Kumar Singh Manager, Escorts Ltd. •Design & Development of new product engines for 2012PGX115 Agriculture & Construction Equipment M.Tech., •Handling project operations entailing Planning, Resource Thermal Engineering Utilization, Project Cost & Vendor Development B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering, IIT Kharagpur. Manager, TATA Motors Ltd. •Design & Development of engines for passenger & small commercial vehicles •Feasibility study, validation and ensuring compliance with stipulated quality standards5 years of work experience in •Mathematical modeling / Simulation and DFMEA analysis at every design & development stageAutomotive Research & • 1st prize in Quarterly Technical Seminar organized byDevelopment TATA Motors ERC P Balakrishna Assistant Manager, Dr. Reddys Laboratories Ltd. 2012PGX116 •Single point of contact (SPOC) – Formulations patent prosecutions M.Sc. Tech – Chemistry, •Designed marketing strategies for US, Europe (EP), Japan BITS - Pilani (JP), India (IN) and emerging markets •Worked with US, EP and IN attorneys during the prosecution of legal cases involving various products •Co – Inventor in Four Patent Applications and Co –Author of Six Analytical Research Papers6 years of work experience inIntellectual Property Management PGPEx IIM Shillong - 19
  20. 20. Pawan Malik Senior Associate, Sapient Consulting 2012PGX117 •Created business proposals for new opportunities and provided inputs to management for strategic planning B.E., •Analyzed trade data for a big Canadian bank using BI tools Instrumentation, to help the bank create strategic plans for the future NSIT, New Delhi Senior Engineer, MindTree Ltd. •Setup and managed a team at onsite to transfor m a legacy application into a scalable and flexible web application •Coordinated with multi location cross functional teams to step-up business development and project execution •Independently implemented business rules for baggage6 years of work experience as a handling in commercial air travel industryTechno-Functional Consultant Poorimitla Brahmaiah Deputy Manager, Data Networks Circle , BSNL, 2012PGX118 Govt. of India • Roll-out of new services, Tariff implementation and B.E., Electronics & Project life cycle management Communication • Led teams for various telecom projects including Engineering, reduction of O & M cost by 98% for OSS/BSS systems CBIT, Osmania University • Vendor manage ment, Business acquisition strategy and customer Life Cycle Management PG. Diploma in Cyber Laws, • Network management, Data Center (NOC) and NALSAR University, IT/Telecom infrastructure management Hyderabad12 Years of cross functionalexperience in Telecom Domain & ITInfrastructure Management PGPEx IIM Shillong - 20
  21. 21. Scientific Officer, National Informatics Center, Prateek Gupta Ministry of Communications & IT 2012PGX119 •Provided software solutions for automation of various government departments B.Tech., Information Technology, •Initiated the formation of a Java development cell at Himachal Pradesh Chandigarh unit University, Shimla •Coordinated & imple mented a nation-wide project for Department of Animal Husbandry in the region Technical Associate, Tech Mahindra •Provided error free software builds to the customer by using rigorous testing techniques •Coordinated between developers & integration testing4 years of experience in IT Project teams for smooth execution of the projectManagement in government & Engineer-Sales Support, Insat Techno Servicesprivate sector •Worked with the sales & marketing team to market products to new & existing customers •Educated the sales team about technical aspects of products •Coordinated and ensured timely installation of the equipment at customer site location Rahul Dugar Associate, Rawat Shyam & Co. 2012PGX120 •Audit Planning, Statutory Audits, Tax Audits of Clients •Investment advisory CA, B.Com. (Hons.), •Managed Taxation Issues; Represented clients at tribunals St. Xaviers College, Kolkata and before IT authorities •Project Financing Associate, Saumya Mining Ltd. •Preparation of Financial Statements & Reports •Budgeting, Cost Control, Cost Manage ment, Periodical Analysis and reporting5 Years of work experience in •Liaison with Financial institutions & Banks and ensuringAccounting, Finance & Operations compliance with regulatory frameworks •Part of team handling financial restructuring exercise atDomain Saumya Mining Limited PGPEx IIM Shillong - 21
  22. 22. Rahul Rajusha IT Analyst, TATA Consultancy Services 2012PGX121 • Development, Imple mentation and Delivery of new requirements and enhancements B.Tech., • Member of Solution Team responsible for providing high Electrical Engineering, level solutions for various client requirements National Institute of Technology, Bhopal • Responsible for conducting technical interviews • Training & development of associates5 years of work experience inTelecom Business Domain in ITsector Rajat Raghuvanshi Senior Systems Engineer, TATA Consultancy 2012PGX122 Services • Managed offshore support model for Application B.Tech. , Development, Support & Database Management Electronics & Communication Services Engineering, • Managed Motorola Separation project, which included K.I.E.T. Ghaziabad, U.P.T. University. separating the entire IT infrastructure of the company • Managed team of 24 DBAs to suppor t over 1100 databases for TCS’ clients like Motorola and NYK (Yusen) • Worked in Database Architecture Group to provide solutions for Sybase and Oracle database architecture4 years of IT Product Development& Production Support PGPEx IIM Shillong -22
  23. 23. Raman Dhiman Manager, New Product Introduction (NPI) – Domestic & International Business Products, 2012PGX123 TATA Motors B.E., • Project Manager for applications on Light, Medium and Mechanical Engineering, Heavy commercial applications Thapar University, Patiala (T.I.E.T.) • Project Manager for Special Strategic Projects involving International Technical collaborations • Selected in Talent Pool of TATA and exposure of Chinese, Russian, and European Automobile markets • Successful project completion & display of Modular Cargo Body in Auto Expo 2010, & Y1 in Auto expo 2012 5 years of work experience in New Product Development (NPI) – Automotive Industry Ravi Kumar Singh Associate System Engineer, IBM 2012PGX124 • Team Lead for SAP ABAP to support clients located in UK and Poland B. Tech., • Onsite Coordinator (USA) - coordinated with offshore Electrical Engineering, team at two different locations in India Indian Institute of Technology • Worked as Pricing Lead at onsite and responsibilities (IIT), Roorkee included designing and developing complex objects • Actively mentored and groomed new team members6 years (2 years International) ofwork experience in ERP Consulting(SAP) PGPEx IIM Shillong - 23
  24. 24. Sai Chandan Systems Specialist, Product Development and Design, Verizon Telecom 2012PGX125 • Conceptualization, imple mentation, and monitoring of B.Tech., customer centric initiatives using project management Civil Engineering, techniques Nagarjuna University • Problem identification and remediation through sustainable framework model PGDCL & IPR, Hyderabad Central University • Was involved in new product launches, deciding KPIs, process enhancement, and suggesting strategic solutions to business problems • Recipient of ‘On the SPOT’ award for automating tasks which lead to a saving of 20 hours per week (50%6 years of work experience in reduction of effort)Product Design, Development &Implementation in Telecom sector Samrat Mandal Analyst/Consultant, Mercer Consulting (India) 2012PGX126 Pvt. Ltd. •Developed and implemented project plans for various Six Sigma Green Belt, compensation and benefit survey ISI Bangalore •Researched and analyzed activities to assist other B.Sc. (Hons) consultants and teams in completion of survey Dibrughar University •Contributed to development and imple mentation of sales and marketing plans for any marketing segment •Compensation structure analysis and Salary benchmarking for various companies6 years of work experience in MIS-Officer/Consultant, Mphasis an HPAnalytics & Consulting company •Planned, directed, organized and controlled all suppliers’ MIS activities in order to keep track of their performance •Acted as liaison or Point Of Contacts (POC) between the Global Sourcing Team and its suppliers by reviewing their MIS reports •Responsible for publishing monthly/quarterly/yearly MIS reports to senior level of management PGPEx IIM Shillong - 24
  25. 25. Satyabrata Sahoo Senior Consultant, Oracle Financial Services •Involved in end-to-end project manage ment and 2012PGX127 implementation in Data-warehousing environment B.Tech., •Appreciation from client for timely delivery & coordination Computer Science & of release activities with multiple onsite teams Engineering, College Of Engineering and Technology, IT Analyst, TATA Consultancy Services Bhubaneswar •Led an offshore team on Production Support projects for BPUT Deutsche Bank and Roche clients Senior Software Engineer , iGATE7 years of work experience in •Worked as a developer in development, testing, QuerySoftware Development across tuning, deployment and documentation •Appreciation from iGATE Account Manager for preventingdomains business loss from GE through effective crisis management Saurabh Sharma Research Associate, Media Lab Asia •Managed and implemented several National level projects 2012PGX128 •Experience of IT Project Management and complete B.Tech., Software Design Life Cycle implementation Instrumentation & Control •Worked on end-to-end development of software products Engineering, from budgeting to deployment Bharati Vidyapeeths College of Engineering, New Delhi Associate Technology L-2, Sapient •Worked on various Trade & Risk Management (Energy Derivatives) domain projects for Investment banks •Worked as software developer on various tools and technologies such as .NET, SQL and Java •Reviewed code and deliverables on regular basis5 years of Information Technology •Met clients for business development and projectProject Management work executionexperience in BFSI/IB domain PGPEx IIM Shillong - 25
  26. 26. Sudhanshu Shekhar Project Lead, Hewlett- Packard (IPG R&G Hub) • Served as a Business analyst and Developer of multi- 2012PGX129 million dollar Cloud solution B.E., • Solely responsible for design, development, testing and Electronics & delivery of imaging and printing test tools Communication • Received U.S. Scientists appreciation for overcoming an Engineering, obstacle in building the world’s fastest printer PES Institute of Technology • Presented a new business model of HP (PESIT), Bangalore worldwide online and offline total printing solution6 Years of work experience inProduct Development and BusinessAnalysis Surya Bhushan Assistant Vice President, Bank of Bahrain & 2012PGX130 Kuwait B.S.C. •Successfully set-up and led the Trade Credit Advisory & MBA Marketing Desk; handled business worth $6 bn International Business, •Managed a team of relationship managers and handled Institute of International day to day operations of the Trade Credit Advisory Desk Business & Research, Pune. •Maintained relationships with Indian & Foreign Banks for the Trade Finance business •Formulated strategies to target existing & new corporate for Working Capital/Term Loan requirements7 years of work experience in Senior Manager, Angel Debt & Capital Market •Set product-wise targets for branches in Mumbai,Banking & Financial service industry Rajasthan, MP & Gujarat, and ensured they were achieved •Secured new businesses through sales channels like Sub- Brokers and Franchisees •Designed and implemented promotional strategies to drive sales PGPEx IIM Shillong - 26
  27. 27. Swhail A Mazumder Executive Engineer, ONGC Ltd. 2012PGX131 •Handled core operations, project manage ment and planning B.E., •Planned, collected and analyzed different functional and Mechanical Engineering, technical data related to operations Jorhat Engineering College •Initiated and spearheaded cross-functional jobs and implemented process enhancement initiatives •Worked with different service providers to ONGC on high- tech projects5 Years of work experience inPetroleum Sector Varoon Narang Founding Director, ET Interactive Design Pvt. 2012PGX132 Ltd. •Start-up incubated by Rural Technology Business Bachelor of Fashion Technology, Incubation cell at IIT (Madras) Apparel Manufacturing, •Strategic planning, recruitment, cost planning, budge ting National Institute of Fashion and performance analysis technology (NIFT), Chennai •Handled clients like Khadi Village Industry Corporation, IL&FS (CDI), Nike India and Wildcraft Assistant Production Manager, Shahi Exports5 years work experience in Social Pvt. Ltd. •Responsible for reviving and managing plant of 350Entrepreneurship Consulting & machinesOperation •Production Planning, vendor development, Job outsourcing and Technical analysis of the plant PGPEx IIM Shillong - 27
  28. 28. Venkatesh Srinivasa Rao Project Engineer, Wipro Technologies 2012PGX133 •End-to-end ownership of products and Test management •Enhancement of existing products for Operating system - B.E., Sun Solaris Electronics & Communication Engineering, Test Engineer, Computer Sciences Corporation Easwari Engineering College, Anna University (CSC) •Implementation of PayPal Direct debit mode of transac tion in Brazil •Managing deliverable from third party vendors5 Years of work experience in IT Software Engineer, Nichepro Technologiesdomain •Design and implementation of Automation framework •Delivering Cisco Syste ms “Digital Network Control System” to clients, Comcast and Time Warner, in USA Vikas Mittal Software Engineer II, Adobe Systems 2012PGX134 •Handled a team of 8 people while managing major release of Adobe’s legacy product B.Tech., •Consulting OEMs for printing processes & certifying their Computer Science & products for compliance with Adobe’s brand value Engineering, •Responsible for project manage ment, recruitment, Indian School Of Mines Dhanbad Industry trend analysis and competitor analysis •Awarded ‘Spot Award’, ‘Star performer of the month’ & Recognition Bonus (Given to Top 10% of total employees) Software Quality Engineer-II, Sterling Commerce5 years of work experience in •Responsible for conceptualizing and improving new processes to increase team productivityConsulting & Product Development •Understanding customer requirements andSupply Chain suggesting/implementing new features •Meeting with Customers, Product Managers, Third Party Vendors •Awarded ‘Extra Mile’ Award for one of the top 10 innovative ideas across the company PGPEx IIM Shillong - 28
  29. 29. Yuvraj Pratap Senior Engineer, Computer Sciences Corporation 2012PGX136 (CSC) •Instrumental in securing deals worth USD $40 million, with 2 B.E., Computer Engineering, Delhi College of Engineering insurance companies to upgrade their insurance system (D.C.E.), University of Delhi •Effectively handled various aspects of project management including industry analysis , project planning and delivery Software Engineer, ITAAS Inc. •Led a team of 8 engineers to successfully deliver a critical project resulting in more business from the client • Responsible for design, development, testing and delivery of4 years of work experience in IPTV and network security solutionsproject management and ITconsulting Founder, USD9.COM •Founded and managed having of more than 5000 users/customers •Developed 4 innovative online products which are being used by major blogs and websites •Did market research to assess customer needs and new product opportunities PGPEx IIM Shillong - 29
  30. 30. Recruitment– Process & GuidelinesPre Placement Talks/Corporate Presentations:These activities enable organizations to apprise studentsof company’s business, work culture, structure, careergrowth and opportunities to help students arrive atinformed decisions. Average presentation duration shallbe of 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of Q & Asession. Companies can approach placement committee7 days in advance to schedule pre-placement talk,beginning from 15.01.2013.Campus Recruitment:Companies can plan (their) visit to IIM Shillong campusfor Corporate Presentations followed by job offers tosuitable candidates during placement period. Companiesshould inform placement committee 2 weeks in advancefor on-campus recruitment. Placement committee can beapproached for guidance on transport, lodging and otherfacilities on campus.PGPEx Placements Calendar (2012-13) December January February March AprilPre-placement TalkOn-Campus RecruitmentOffer Negotiation and CommunicationNegotiations on compensation and employment terms should be between company andshortlisted candidates. Any other type of offer communication (preliminary/final) should be routedthrough IPO and Placement Committee. PGPEx IIM Shillong - 30
  31. 31. Contact : Placement Committee, IIMShillongPoint of Contact for Placement ActivityPlacement OfficeMr. Sidhyabrat Dash (International Placement Officer)Email: sbd@iimshillong.inPhone Number: +91 8794735978Land Line: 0364 2308000(Ext-8032), 0364 2308032Student Placement CommitteeAshish BhurePh No. +91 9612115320Email: ashish.pgpex12@iimshillong.inLianzalal VaipheiPh No. +91 9560671872Email: lianzalal.pgpex12@iimshillong.inNeeraj Kumar SinghPh No. : +91 9818818202Email: neeraj.pgpex12@iimshillong.inRajat RaghuvanshiPh No. +91 9711588008Email: rajat.pgpex12@iimshillong.inSai ChandanPh No. +91 9492756747Email: saichandan.pgpex12@iimshillong.inVikas MittalPh No. +91 9990444236Email: vikas.pgpex12@iimshillong.inYuvraj PratapPh No. +91 9999223050Email: PGPEx IIM Shillong - 31
  32. 32. How to Reach IIM Shillong Campus Origin Flight and Time Taxi Destination Air India AI-401 09:05 Air India AI-9719 13:20 Taxi New Delhi 07:00 Kolkata 11:40 (Kolkata) Shillong 30 Minutes IIM Shillong JetKonnect 12:05 Taxi New Delhi 9W-7079 09:50 Guwahati 3 Hours IIM Shillong Spicejet SG-3004 10:25 IndiGo 6E-292 17:25 Taxi Bangalore 09:05 Chennai 13:30 (Chennai) Guwahati 3 Hours IIM Shillong IndiGo 6E-339 09:25 Air India AI-9719 13:20 Taxi Bangalore 07:00 Kolkata 11:40 (Kolkata) Shillong 30 Minutes IIM Shillong IndiGo 6E-523 10:25 Air India AI-9719 13:20 Taxi Chennai 08:10 Kolkata 11:40 (Kolkata) Shillong 30 Minutes IIM Shillong IndiGo 6E-292 17:25 Taxi Chennai 13:30 Guwahati 3 Hours IIM Shillong IndiGo 6E-319 10:30 Air India AI-9719 13:20 Taxi Mumbai 07:45 Kolkata 11:40 (Kolkata) Shillong 30 Minutes IIM Shillong IndiGo 6E-321 14:30 Taxi Mumbai 09:40 Guwahati 3 Hours IIM Shillong Air India AI-9719 13:20 Taxi Kolkata 11:40 Shillong 30 Minutes IIM Shillong IndiGo 6E-353 08:10 Air India AI-9719 13:20 Taxi Hyderabad 6:05 Kolkata 11:40 (Kolkata) Shillong 30 Minutes• The above schedule is subject to change. Please confirm the timings with respective airlines PGPEx IIM Shillong - 32
  33. 33. Rajiv Gandhi Indian Institute of Management Mayurbhanj Complex, Nongthymmai, Shillong – 793 014 Phone: 0364 – 2308000IPO: Director: © 2012-13 Indian Institute of Management Shillong. Compiled by PGPEx Placement Committee, IIM Shillong.