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MobileVaani is the definitive social media platform for those in predominantly rural communities, who do not have the economic means to own screens that serve internet based social media, BUT have access to mobile networks, and are at the very bottom of the economic pyramid.

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Gram vaani introduction sep 2012

  1. 1. Gram Vaani Community Media SEPTEMBER 2012 VOICE OF THE VILLAGE goonj: social media for everyone
  2. 2. About us Vision: “Build citizen-driven media platforms that give communities a voice of their own” Working at the interface of  Technology | Media | Development Strategy  Evolve synergies between communities, the government, large development institutions, and media agencies We work all across India with more than 30+ non-profit organizations, and now in Africa too Awards and recognition  mBillionth award 2012  Rockefeller Challenge 2012  Finalists in Vodafone Mobiles for Good 2012  10 most innovative companies in India (by Fast Company)  Economic Times Power of Ideas 2010  Manthan Award 2009  Knight News Challenge 2008 goonj: social media for everyone
  3. 3. Our projects 1. GRINS: Automation system for community radio stations  28 deployments across 12 states in India, 6 deployments in Africa  Campaigns on NREGA, PDS, primary education, maternity health across our network of stations 2. vApps: Community engagement tools  Indian deployments: Jharkhand, AP, UP  International: Afghanistan, Pakistan 3. FullCircle: Social audit tools for communities  Monitoring of garbage sites, in partnership with MCD in Delhi  Evolving into a citizen-government engagement platform: Mericity goonj: social media for everyone
  4. 4. Details of our work in building technologies and processes for community media GRINS: Automation system for community radio stations vApps: Community engagement services FullCircle: Social audit tools for citizen-government engagement goonj: social media for everyone
  5. 5. What is community radio? FM station, run by a non-profit 15-20km range Content  Community talk  Interviews of politicians  Programs for school kids  Youth events  Educational programs Leads to empowerment, awareness, community building Capital cost: 6L Operating cost: 30K per month goonj: social media for everyone
  6. 6. GRINS radio automation system GRINS: Gramin Radio Inter Networking System Makes it easy to run community radio stations Full telephony support: People can call into the station and leave voice recordings, or go live on air Content management and statistics on programs played out Internet streaming of live broadcast Community database: The station can maintain a database of volunteers, staff, community resource people, etc, and reach out to them through group SMSes and voice messages goonj: social media for everyone
  7. 7. GRINS is running successfully in 30+ community radio stations across the world  Radio Bundelkhand in Orccha, Madhya Pradesh in partnership with NGO Development Alternatives (DA)  Gurgaon ki Awaaz in Gurgaon, Haryana in partnership with NGO The Restoring Force  Sangham Radio in Pastapur, in partnership with Deccan Development Society  Kumaon Vani in Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand, in partnership with TERI  BOL Hyderabad in Hyderabad, in partnership with University of Hyderabad  Tashi Delek Radio in Dharamshala, in partnership with Tibetan Children’s Village  Jago Mumbai in Mumbai, in partnership with Khar Residents Welfare Association  Radio Atlantis, in South Africa, in partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning goonj: social media for everyone
  8. 8. CR India network Used GRINS footprint to bring stations in India on the same platform Networked with over 30 stations across 12 states. Cumulative listenership ~ 6L, word-of-mouth ~ 25L goonj: social media for everyone
  9. 9. Information campaigns on the CR network 5 stations, from Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Uttarakhand, MP 3 themes: NREGA, PDS, RTE Three phase process: At each station…  Survey 10 villages to get introduced to different stakeholders, and understand specific problems related to the government schemes  Consult with us to create interesting radio programs based on the feedback  Encourage listeners to call back and report problems, give feedback, tell their own stories Creates a two-day conversational mechanism for communities to understand rights and entitlements under different schemes Outcome: Better than standard broadcast information campaigns on radio and TV goonj: social media for everyone
  10. 10. Building technologies for community media GRINS: Automation system for community radio stations vApps: Community engagement services FullCircle: Social audit tools for citizen-government engagement goonj: social media for everyone
  11. 11. vNews: local community news in voice A mobile phone based platform for crowd-sourcing of local news from across a stateVillage groups call into Validated storiesa toll-free number to are publishedtell stories and onlineexperiences Valuable statistics The submitted stories and reports can be are validated and derived from the moderated by a trained information editor collected Validated stories are also published for access on same toll- Other people can call into the toll- free number free number to listen to the validated stories goonj: social media for everyone
  12. 12. vNews in Jharkhand ~ 1500 calls per day ~ 10,000 callers ~ 4 min average time per call ~ 6,000 returning callers Main areas: Khunti, Lathehar, Dhanbad, Giri dhi, Sarai Kela Topics: Casual folk songs, opinion, NREGA and PDS feedback, disease outbreaks, government announcements, women stories goonj: social media for everyone
  13. 13. Social media over phoneMon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat SunGovernance Health Education Agriculture Women Culture LivelihoodAnnounce- Advisories Career Seasonal Stories, Tribal songs, Jobments, by ANMs counseling, needs, careers – harvest openings,people’s and doctors, exams, information, ANMs, celebrations, incomesuggestions, notifications, children KVK Samakhya, poetry, jokes advisegrievances, health news interviews SHGs, caseentitlements programmes studies Special segment each day Channelization for topic-specific news Broader base of channel partners and local entrepreneurs Job postings Local classifieds goonj: social media for everyone
  14. 14. Partners for vNews in Jharkhand Sesame Workshop -> Education Gram Swaraj Abhiyan -> Panchayati Raj Public Health Resource Network -> Community health workers Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti -> Education NREGA Sahayata Kendras -> Livelihood Krishi Gram Vikas Kendra -> Agriculture Leads Trust -> Education … Continuously adding more partners on different themes goonj: social media for everyone
  15. 15. Other deployments of vNews Afghanistan: Mahaal News Network  5K+ calls per day, publicized across 40 radio stations Pakistan Uttar Pradesh, India: With UNDP and Video Volunteers goonj: social media for everyone
  16. 16. The vApps suite of applications vSurvey  Customized survey design on IVR  Being used in eastern UP to collect data on micro-insurance awareness and feedback of SHGs on their federation vHelp  Patching of calls with a network of volunteers  If all volunteers are busy, the call gets archived much like voice mail  Used to manage a journalist helpline, helpline for the homeless vNews  Local news-over-phone service  Can proxy as a community based question-and-answer system  Local classifieds  Customize to combine with other applications goonj: social media for everyone
  17. 17. Building technologies for community media GRINS: Automation system for community radio stations vApps: Community engagement services FullCircle: Social audit tools for citizen-government engagement goonj: social media for everyone
  18. 18. MCD: Complaint management with public scrutiny People call into an IVR system and leave message recordings about complaint details MCD officials listen to the recordings and categorize them goonj: social media for everyone
  19. 19. Public scrutiny through FullCircle Statistics are automatically plotted on complaint redressal rates, repeat complaints, etc Published on Facebook and newspapers. Puts pressure on government officials to improve redressal rates goonj: social media for everyone
  20. 20. New avatar: Citizen based monitoring of garbage collection sites MCD is keen to scale initiative all across Delhi. Has improved their internal tracking and reporting processes goonj: social media for everyone
  21. 21. Moving into a comprehensive citizen-government engagement platform Solicit citizen feedback in fund utilization, prime issues that need attention, and improve awareness In partnership with NGOs Satark Nagrik Sangathan and Action IndiaPilot project in May2011 with ActionIndia: Slum coloniesin East Delhi goonj: social media for everyone
  22. 22. Our partnersMCD Delhi IIT Delhi Knight Fndn. goonj: social media for everyone
  23. 23. Our teamStrategy and management Dr. Aaditeshwar Seth Assistant Professor, IIT Delhi, Aaditeshwar leads the technology Co-Founder Ph.D, University of Waterloo, development and product design, bringing new generation solutions to the B.Tech, IIT Kanpur rural Indian context Roshan Nair 2 years with US startups in the Roshan brings a combination of rural, Director, Programs energy sector, 2 years community research, and financial experience to the development in tribal areas in India team. He helps structure projects and MPA and BBA from UT Austin their implementation. Mayank Shivam Business head with Jabong,com; 5 Mayank advises on the overall strategy Co-Founder years with McKinsey & Co. as and business partnerships, bringing to management consultant, bear his rich consulting experience MBA, IIM Lucknow goonj: social media for everyone
  24. 24. Our teamTechnology Dinesh Kapoor 3 years with Microsoft Dinesh leads the development of voice Product Manager Voice M.Tech, IIT Delhi applications and is driving the current Applications vAct and vNews applications B.Tech, IP University Balachandran C. B.Tech, IIIT Allahabad Bala architected the voice platform and Technical Consultant ensures that our technology is converted into relevant and user-friendly applications Zahir Koradia Ph.D candidate, IIT Mumbai Zahir leads the development of the Product Manager GRINS M.Tech, IIT Kanpur GRINS platform for community radio stations Kapil Dadheech BTech, Arya College of Engg Kapil single-handedly manages 30+ Technical Support installations of GRINS and 10+ Engineer installations of voice applications Rohit Jain MCA, Sikkim Manipal University Rohit manages remote installations of System administrator Microsoft certified sys. admin. GRINS and voice applications goonj: social media for everyone
  25. 25. Our teamProject coordination Sayonee Chatterjee MA Sociology, Pune University. 5 Sayonee manages our and Project manager years experience with PRADAN and MCD initiatives in partnership with PRIA NGOs various NGOs in Delhi Aparna Moitra Gold Medalist & MSc Development Aparna manages our Jharkhand Researcher Communications and Extension, deployment of mobile news and Lady Irwin College coordination with field staffRanchi office Shambhu Mahto LLM, Ranchi University Shambhu manages the field operations of State coordinator for JMR Jharkhand Mobile Radio in Ranchi, popularizing it and managing our district coordinators goonj: social media for everyone
  26. 26. Thanks G r a m Va a n i C o m m u n i t y M e d i aWebsite: ht t p:/ /w w w.gra m vaa ni.or g Email: goonj: social media for everyone