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Recruiting Guide - How to leverage social media -


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A perfect slide-guide on social recruiting.

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Recruiting Guide - How to leverage social media -

  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Social media has become an indispensable tool for companies leveraging it to generate sales, increase brand awareness and build communities around their brands. It offers companies a way to connect and engage with consumers, but that’s not all. Companies are using social networks more and more to source candidates for employment.   Today, staffing and corporate recruiters can leverage social media to post jobs and recruit talent, but it’s still new for a lot of organizations—which is why we’ve created this e-book. This e-book will show you how to set up your social media profiles and highlight some social recruiting tips for finding the right talent for your business. Let’s get started!   TM 3
  4. 4. WHY SOCIAL RECRUITING? 2/3 of online adults use social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. TM Source: PEW Internet, November 2011 4
  5. 5. 14.4 MILLION people used social media to find their last job in 2011. TM Source: Career Enlightenment, August 2011 5
  6. 6. The average user has 634 social ties in their overall network ­ technology users — have even more. TM Source: PEW Internet, June 2011 6
  7. 7. 88 %  “… of employers rate employee referrals as their No. 1 source of above-average candidates.” DR. JOHN SULLIVAN TALENT MANAGEMENT THOUGHT LEADER PROFESSOR, SAN FRANCISCO STATE UNIVERSITY “The key elements that social media brings to recruitment is targeted reach, engagement opportunity, identification of targets and keeping personal, corporate and employer brand in the shop window.” BILL BOORMAN FOUNDER OF #TRUEVENTS RECRUITER TRAINER, KEYNOTE SPEAKER TM 7
  8. 8. There are over 135 MILLION members on LinkedIn.  …and more than 80 % of them are decision makers. TM Source: LinkedIn, June 2011 8
  9. 9. The average FACEBOOK USER accesses the site from both the PC and mobile devices is connected to 80 8 sends friend requests per month pages, spends an average events and groups 23 has of minutes on the site per visit 130 friends TM Source: Facebook, Social Media Today 2011 9
  10. 10. There are over 100 MILLION active users on Twitter ...typing in 1.6 BILLION search queries per day. TM Source: Viral Media Solutions, August 2011 10
  11. 11. are they searching for YOU? your voice? your your company? brand? your jobs? TM 11
  12. 12. PROFILES & SETUP The following three chapters will show you how to set up your LinkedIn, The first step to social recruiting is to set up effective social media profiles. Having a strong online reputation that highlights the best qualities Twitter, and Facebook profiles of you as a recruiter and your business brand and help you get will help you attract and retain top talent. Each started with social network uses different elements of information recruiting on these that you supply in your social profile. popular networks. TM 12
  13. 13. LinkedIn RECRUITING Fill in your name and email to sign up for a LinkedIn account (if you haven’t already). Then follow the next few steps to set up a complete profile. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, skip to page 15. TM 13
  14. 14. LinkedIn RECRUITING Build a complete profile by filling out all of the information on your professional account. Optimize every field, providing links that direct candidates back to your blogs and corporate site from LinkedIn. Be sure to use good keywords in your job titles for current and previous positions. This will help strengthen your brand’s visibility in search engines. TM 14
  15. 15. LinkedIn RECRUITING Use LinkedIn Applications to enhance your professional profile by adding more data like blog posts, events or favorite business books. If you choose an application from the LinkedIn menu, it will provide you with the instructions to add the app to your page. TM 15
  16. 16. LinkedIn RECRUITING REAP THE SEO BENEFITS OF BEING ON LINKEDIN A well optimized LinkedIn profile will appear on the first page of Google search results for keywords matching your profile… it’s the best way to be found! TM 16
  17. 17. LinkedIn RECRUITING TIP #1 Search for candidates using LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search feature. You can filter your results and save your search parameters if you’d like LinkedIn to run the searches again and email you the new results. TM 17
  18. 18. LinkedIn RECRUITING TIP #2 Use Google to extend your LinkedIn network by typing in specific search parameters using the following format: (parameter) TM 18
  19. 19. LinkedIn RECRUITING TIP #3 Post your open jobs on LinkedIn regularly using social recruiting tools like Bullhorn Reach. Your connections will see your job postings in their newsfeeds. Add a personalized message to the listing like “Great opportunity! Know anyone that might be a good fit?” TM 19
  20. 20. Twitter RECRUITING Signing Up is Easy TM 20
  21. 21. Twitter RECRUITING PICK YOUR TWITTER HANDLE (Don’t Make It Too Long) Keep in mind that you can only use 140 characters per message when choosing your Twitter handle. Don’t be afraid to use capital letters like @MarySmith as opposed to @marysmith. TIP: Set up a distinct Twitter feed just for your jobs (e.g. @RadicalEventsJobs) TM 21
  22. 22. Twitter RECRUITING RT Retweet to gain followers and influence your talent communities. @ Engage your candidates using the @ symbol for replies and mentions. TWITTER TERMINOLOGY DM # Follow and create your own conversations using hashtags. Direct Message is a personal message sent via Twitter to one of your followers. TM 22
  23. 23. Twitter RECRUITING Start connecting on Twitter, join conversations, share industry news articles and build a talent community around your brand. TM 23
  24. 24. Twitter RECRUITING TIP #1 Use hashtags (#) in your messages in front of key search terms so your tweets become instantly searchable. Here are a few hashtags that you might want to use: #jobs, #careers, #hiring, #staffing and #employment. TM 24
  25. 25. Twitter RECRUITING TIP #2 Find candidates to follow via Google and then engage those candidates with meaningful content. TM 25
  26. 26. Twitter RECRUITING TIP #3 Quickly and easily distribute your jobs through your Twitter network using social recruiting tools like Bullhorn Reach. TM 26
  27. 27. Facebook RECRUITING Fill in your name and email to sign up for a Facebook account (if you haven’t already). Then follow the next three steps to set up your profile. If you already have a Facebook profile, you can skip to page 32. TM 27
  28. 28. Facebook RECRUITING STEP ONE: Find your “friends” on your various existing networks. TM 28
  29. 29. Facebook RECRUITING STEP TWO: Fill out your profile info so it’s easy for friends, coworkers, classmates and candidates to find you… TM 29
  30. 30. Facebook RECRUITING …Facebook also gives you the option at many points in the setup process to add potential “friends” that you may know. TM 30
  31. 31. Facebook RECRUITING STEP THREE: Your profile picture portrays your online brand identity – choose it wisely. “Strike a balance between professional and casual.” ART PAPAS CEO & FOUNDER OF BULLHORN TM 31
  32. 32. Facebook RECRUITING GROW YOUR NETWORK Now that your Facebook profile is set up, you will want to find and request friends. Once you have a network of Facebook connections, you can begin recruiting on the network. TM 32
  33. 33. Facebook RECRUITING TIP #1 Search for candidates using Facebook’s search feature. Simply type your search query in the bar at the top and then filter your results by location, company and education. TM 33
  34. 34. Facebook RECRUITING TIP #2 Post your open jobs on Facebook regularly using social recruiting tools like Bullhorn Reach. Your connections will see your job postings in their newsfeeds on the Facebook homepage. TM 34
  35. 35. Facebook RECRUITING Stay connected with current and former employees by creating a company fan page on Facebook. TIP #3 Promote the page and use it to share open jobs and ask fans for referrals. Don’t confuse your personal account with your fan page. Keep in mind you do need a personal account in order to create a company page. CLICK HERE TO SET UP YOUR COMPANY FAN PAGE TM 35
  36. 36. WHAT’S NEXT? Here are a few next steps to help you attract and recruit Congratulations! You are now ready to jumpstart your social recruiting strategy using these three popular social networks — but you’re just getting started. Sure, you’ve created your accounts, but there’s so much more to social recruiting. You have to be active. You have to work to engage your audience and establish relationships to top talent: • Share Articles • Post Videos on YouTube • Create a Blog • Post Pictures • Drive Traffic to a Career Site • Measure the Results build your network. TM 36
  37. 37. ABOUT BULLHORN REACH You have the potential to reach millions of prospective candidates in less time than it took to read this e-book. Extend your recruiting reach with the right social strategy. Leverage the power of social media to find and recruit the best talent — fast with Bullhorn Reach. Create your free account today at Accelerate your referral program or boost your team’s social recruiting performance using the social sourcing suite. TM STAY CONNECTED Visit Us Join Us Friend Us Follow Us Watch Us Ask us for more info at 37