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Firefox for Android Nightly (Fennec) Testing


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Firefox for Android nightly (Fennec) Testing .

These slides contains details about how to get start as QA with mozilla for Firefox for android .

being open source you can access daily nightly builds and test and file bugs on them.

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Firefox for Android Nightly (Fennec) Testing

  1. 1.  Firefox Nightly Testing By Ashish Namdev Mozilla Reps  Software Developer
  2. 2. Firefox Nightly is extremely important to Mozilla’s mission. We are delivering an exceptional mobile Web experience for users, with the performance, perso security they expect. We are also providing developers a platform to keep the Web open by est Gecko as a top-tier Web platform on Desktop and Mobile. And we do all of this work in the shared Mozilla source repositories so all platforms, desktop and mobile, benefit each other.
  3. 3. Nightly Desktop/Mobile Testing  We're looking for a diverse group of Mozillians (not just engineers) to join the program.  We'll have some loaner phones for those participants who don't already have an Android smartphone .  As a Mobile Test Drivers Program participant, you'll be expected to  test daily (or nearly daily, we understand there's other Mozilla work to be done) - make orders off of Amazon, surf Facebook, buy movie tickets, check your bank balances, etc.  file bugs as soon as you run into them  participate on the mailing list - does today's build feel faster than last week's? would you make today's release your default browser?  Have a good time! this is cutting edge Mozilla software, and it's amazing for us all to have the opportunity to help out.
  4. 4. How to Test  set up Sync (on another Firefox installation go to Preferences/Sync/Pair a device)  use Flash  play games  fill in forms  place order of Amazon  surf facebook  find and buy movie tickets  play a video from twitter app  play a video from twitter app
  5. 5.  go to your favorite blogs  read the news  open lots of tabs  keep the app open overnight  login to email via the browser  check the weather  read horoscopes  open and respond to an online invitation (eg: evite)  explore travel destinations  check the scores for your favorite sports team  read recipes from your favorite food blog  ... anything you'd normally do on a smartphone  And of course, when you find them, file a bug through the browser :)
  6. 6.  Provide Daily Feedback  First make sure you're on the latest build. Then go to below link for a link to the latest survey.  Respond to Feedback Requests from  In announcements, we'll sometimes ask for specific feedback. Please respond and help us out!
  7. 7. How To File a bug • Create a Bugzilla Account  If you don't have a Bugzilla account, go to the and Signup.  Use The same email you signed up for the Test Drivers Program with, if possible. • Did Firefox Crash?  Type about:crashes in your address bar and copy the Crash Id.  Put this in a safe place and add it to the bug you file below
  8. 8.  If this is your first time in Testing , you probably don't have the log capturing app installed already, please install it as per the instructions below and then try to reproduce your issue.  Install the free app 'aLogCat' on your device  Open aLogCat, pause the logs, go to the app's menu and "Clear" the log, then restart the log gathering  Close aLogCat and go to Aurora, do your tests or reproduce the steps that caused the issues you're seeing.  Once you've reproduced the issue(s), close Aurora and return to aLogCat where the in-app menu gives you the option to "Share" the logs gathered. Share to yourself via email or other method that gives you a way to grab the log and create a text file that you will be able to attach to a bug If possible, get a Log
  9. 9. If possible,take screenshots  If you are able to take screenshots of the issues, or take photos of the screen with another device, those images can also be useful to the developers and can be attached to a bug along with log files.  On Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich): hold volume down and power buttons at the same time
  10. 10. File the Bug Report at Here are tips on filing the actual bug report:  take the time to write:  An accurate summary of your issue. “Nightly crashes when trying to load an image on” is way more useful than “Facebook doesn't work”  A description that explains what you see, what you expected to see, and any other pertinent information  Steps to reproduce. If you can take a reproducible sequence of actions to cause a bug to manifest, we will be really grateful, and the bug is much more likely to be fixed than one we have to guess at
  11. 11.  A description of your device and the version of Fennec you're using. Something like “Samsung Galaxy S2, Android 2.3.4, Nightly build from 2012-05-04” is enough. You can find out your Android version in the Settings application.  You can ignore everything but the "Summary" (bug title) and "Description".  "Steps to reproduce" are a rough outline of how you found the problem. The more info, the better. If you don't know how you got into a situation, try to reproduce the issue. If you can't, please still file a bug!
  12. 12. Watch for "bug mail", and reply if necessary  You'll sometimes get emails with a subject similar to "[Bug xxxxx] When moving the page around, the page continues to glide":  Please read these emails and look for any questions directed at you  If a reply is necessary, click the link at the top of the email and then input a reply in the text box at the bottom of the page.