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Connected Car by Ashish Bhasin


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Connected Car trend by Ashish Bhasin. This give snapshot of how Automotive is evolving and future trend in connected car.

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Connected Car by Ashish Bhasin

  1. 1. Future of Connected Car Technology knowhow By:- Ashish Bhasin Sr. Business Manager
  2. 2. Introduction Not so long ago • proprietary headunit • AM/FM/CD – only • No connectivity What we can expect today… • common OS • 2-way connectivity •Software Driven architecture 2002 OEM focus 2012 OEM focus 2
  3. 3. Technology Trends in Automobile Convergence :- convergence between the automotive and TIME(Telecommunication, Information technology, Media and Entertainment) industry. Harnessing the power of cloud computing:- The cloud enables remotely storing enormous amount of data and accessing collected data in the car. Intelligent System • The combination of network connectivity – coupled with anytime, anywhere access to executable data – has transformed embedded systems of devices into “intelligent systems” • To support the development of new technologies, OEMs are simplifying the number of automotive platforms. • Software is driving product innovation. It is estimated software components will increase from 20% today to 50% by 2020. Interface • Consumer expect the same connectivity when on the move, with access to smartphones, tablets and mp3 players, as well as satellite navigation. • Partnership/alliances would enable to reduce cost and Time to market for various OEMs. (Slide X talks about the alliances) Low Carbon Emission • „Green‟ issues are not just a luxury afforded by developed markets; will also significantly increase within all BRIC countries.
  4. 4. What is a connected Car
  5. 5. Why now -> LTE
  6. 6. How Connectivity has helped 2.5 G/Edge 0.2 MPS 3G/UMTS 7 MPS 3G +/ UMTS 14 MPS 4 G/LTE 100 MPS eCall Breakdown M2M Real-time mapping Traffic updates Search Youtube Facebook Internet Radio Media Streaming Car and User Personalization Access to Cloud Dynamically loaded apps and content Mobile office • Better coverage/ stability at car speeds • High through-put and low latency • Evolves infotainment system from device-centric to content centric
  7. 7. Ecosystem of connected Car
  8. 8. Trends of connected Car
  9. 9. 9 Opportunities in Connected Car Location Technology Communications Technology Voice-recognition Convergence of Navigation Systems Mayday Systems Car PCs Audio/ Video Systems Integrated Telmatics System Upcoming Applications Emergency call Device-to-device communications Interactive on-board entertainment Navigation and route guidance services Remote vehicle access and diagnostics E-commerce applications Commercial fleet management Remote vehicle theft tracking
  10. 10. • Real time Traffic • Real time weather •Car tracking •Safety and security •Remote diagnostics • Streaming Audio • mobile search • Eco-telematics/navigation •Smartphone integration • EV telematics connectivity • integration with Smartphone apps • HMI enhancements (HTML5) • Cloud based contents • Software OTA updates • Advanced remote diagnostics • Usage based insurance • Collision avoidance • V2V and V2I applications Y 2005 Y 2010 Y 2015 Y 2020 Infotainment Services roadmap
  11. 11. Trends by OEM • By 2015 new infotainment platforms will be operating on Standard operating platforms. This will bring cloud based system • Multiple connectivity options co-exist – will provide redundancy and choice • The rate at which people start switching over to data consumption the embedded module depends upon data plan pricing.