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Communication Tracker Screenshots


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Communication Tracker is an organization's central repository of communication. This approach can bring a great deal of order in the communications and demonstrable substantial savings to an organization. Visit for details.

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Communication Tracker Screenshots

  1. 1. Communication Tracker Managing Communications Centrally Screenshots Communication... Shared understanding! © Acism Software Private Limited, All rights reserved
  2. 2. Project List View This is the first page that a user lands on. It shows the projects that are assigned to the user. A project is nothing but a communication room where all assigned users can communicate with one another, and all assigned users have access to all communication within the room. The count of open tasks (high, medium and low priority) is also visible. The project progress is calculated from the effort requirement of open and closed tasks in the project. The count of green, yellow and red discussions in a project denotes the health of the communication in each project. Red indicates someone being upset, Green indicates normal tone and Yellow would be something inbetween.
  3. 3. Project View Up to 5 recent tasks and up to 5 recent discussions in the project are shown on the project page. More can be seen by clicking the 'More' link (not seen). The presence of a Clock icon indicates an effort driven task. If you are assigned to the task, then you can log effort by clicking on it. Based on the due date, the progress and possibly the effort in case of the effort driven task, whether a task is ahead of schedule or behind schedule is estimated.
  4. 4. Starting a Discussion  Create a discussion with the title of the topic and the subject of the first message under the topic.  Set the status (message mood): Green if normal, Red if you are upset and Yellow to indicate a potential problem.  Add your message (formatting is possible with rich text editor) and optionally add an attachment. Once you click Save, a new discussion page will be created, and the message can be edited by the author for the 15 minutes from there.
  5. 5. Replying to a Discussion  One can go to the Discussion page and add the reply (a message).  The status (mood) of the last message in a Discussion defines the status of the entire discussion.  The message is editable by the author for 15 minutes.  A message can be linked from outside. The url can be obtained.  A message may be moved to another discussion by the Project Manager as considered appropriate.
  6. 6. Creating a Task If a task is effort driven, then the assignees will be able to log their effort against the task as it progresses. A task is a to-do item. Set the due date, priority, and assign it to the right people.
  7. 7. Task View Task view shows all fields of a task. Use the Edit icons in front of individual fields to edit their values. Log shows task updates (in black) and work logged (in blue). If the task is an effort-driven task, then a clock icon is shown. If you are an assignee, then you will be able to click on it and log work against it.
  8. 8. Adding Work Log to a Task A user assigned to a task adds work log to it. It involves entering the description, actual time taken and % progress.
  9. 9. Search Results The search is made across all the messages and tasks under the projects to which the user has access.
  10. 10. User Profile Editing one's own profile and preferences.
  11. 11. Adding a Project (Admin only) A Project may be considered as a Communication room, where Users assigned to it can inter-communicate.
  12. 12. Adding a User (Admin only) Admin can add a user to the Communication Tracker, and set the user's profile and preference information.
  13. 13. User Assignment (Admin only) Assigning a user to project gives the user access to all the communication that happens in the project. The role that the user will play in the project is identified. There is no differentiation between internal or external user. All roles are functionally equal – except the Project Manager role, which has special permission within the context of the project.
  14. 14. Settings (Admin only) These settings have effect across the instance (site). The logo and the header text may be changed for branding. Control over whether email alerts get only the hyperlink to the message or also the message contents.
  15. 15. Email Alerts Alert Types  User alerts (go to the user)  New user  User updation  Discussion alerts (go to everyone in the project)  New discussion  New message  Message updation  Task alerts (go to assigner and the assignee)  New task  Task updation  Task completion  Task getting past its due date Email alerts are automatically sent out from Communication Tracker. Each alert contains the link to the corresponding item, and optionally the full item description (depending on admin settings).
  16. 16. Thank you  Sales:  Order:  Feature request/ Support: Acism Software Private Limited